March 20, 2023 Natalia Reca 0Comment

The annual SUP OPEN event in Sayulita, which took place from March 10th to 12th, was a thrilling spectacle of athleticism and skill on the waves. With competitors from all over the world, the event featured a range of competitions including sprint racing, distance racing, technical races, and SUP surfing.

The competitors showcased their talents in front of an enthusiastic crowd. The warm waters and perfect conditions in Sayulita provided the ideal backdrop for this exciting event, the competition was fierce as the surfers and paddleboarders battled it out for the top spots. From adrenaline-pumping technical and grueling endurance races to incredible aerial maneuvers on the somewhat small waves, the athletes battled it out on the water, showcasing their skills and determination.

Grupo Pro Sayulita would like to officially thank our amazing partners for their support at the ProSayulita SUP Open: Sayulita Surf Club (Fernando Stalla) , Sayulita JR.SUP Team (Rafael Apodaca), and Mirtha Villalvazo, Presidenta de Bahia de Banderas, Jorge Garcia Director of Tourism of the Gobierno de Bahía de Banderas, Thank you!

ProSayulita SUP Open 2023!


Women open técnica

1-Juliette DuHaime

2- Alex Ostrowski

3- Daniela García 

Men open técnica

1- Harrys Henere

2- Fernando Amaral

3- Trace Ostrowski

Men JR  técnica

1- Jack Hodge

2- Oliver Martínez

4- Cohen Rutherford

Women JR técnica

1- Sofía Finer

2- Summer Sage

3- Frida Martínez

Men Máster 40+ técnica

1 -Dan Miller

2-Rafa Apodaca

3- David Deossio

Women masters 40+ Técnica

1-Alejandra Aguilar

Men Long Distance Open

1- Harrys Henerre

2- Fernando Amaral 

3- Trace  Ostrowski

Women LD Open

1- Juliette DuHaime

2-Alex Ostrowski

3- Daniela García

Men LD Máster 40+

1- Rafa Apodaca

2- Dan Miller

3- David de Ossio

Women LD master 40 +

1-Alejandra Aguilar

2- Fara Novelo 


1- Cohen Rutherford

2-Oliver Martínez

3- Jack  Hodge

Women LD JR

1- Sofía  Finer

2- Summer  Sage

3- Frida Martínez

Women open SURF

1. Alazne Aurrekoetxea

2. Kanani Yockman

3. Juliette DuHaime

4. Sofia Finer

Mens open SURF

1. Felipe Rodriguez

2. Felipe Hernandez

3. Jonatas Novaes

4. Harrys Henere

Men JR  Técnica SURF

1. Trace Ostrowski

Womens JR Técnica SURF

1. Sofia Finer

Women's Master SURF

1. Kanani Yockman

2. Kiki Matsushima

Men's Master SURF

1. Jonatas Novaes

2. Elief Esquivel Mendoza

3. Paco Cabildo Quiroz