March 23, 2023 Natalia Reca 0Comment

Full Name: Irene Navarro Gutierrez


Age:  84 anos


Where are you originally from? Guadalajara

How long have you lived in Sayulita?  50 years

What initially brought you to Sayulita? 

I had come to Sayulita for a vacation, I remember it was the most beautiful pristine beach. My husband had the opportunity to purchase a plot of land and so we would visit often. During our visit, a captain we had met invited us to his small adobe house and gifted us some fish, I have so many wonderful memories of this time.

 This beach had quickly become a favorite of mine, and some years later I opened a clothing store on the land where the Hafa hotel stands today. Over time, I diversified my business, selling refrigerators and televisions. Eventually, my husband and I decided to make Sayulita our permanent home. He bought another plot of land and opened a beer depot while also purchasing a ranch with cows and goats.

What are the biggest changes you have seen in Sayulita over the years?

Sayulita has changed drastically from earlier when it was just a small town with “ejido” houses. The land was untouched, with very few people, and there were no cars back then. Sayulita was virtually unknown to those in Guadalajara and Vallarta.

Can you recall fond memories in Sayulita?

When I was younger I enjoyed dancing and attending parties where often a whole cow would be slaughtered to prepare a large “birria” dish. There was always lively music and a band. Along with this, I was very fond of the beaches, where we would spend full days playing in the ocean and enjoying the sunshine. During our trips, we would also stop by Tequila, Jalisco, and return with up to 30 gallons of tequila.

A good friend of mine, Zacharias, was always there to assist us in unloading our belongings whenever we arrived in Sayulita and he would welcome us with a beautiful poetic verse. Once, he even slaughtered a pig to extend a warm greeting to his guests. During the Day of the Dead celebrations, Zacharias would organize the "mojiganga"; street performances, which featured oversized puppets, dancing, and music. His efforts to bring people together were truly remarkable, he always put together the festivities and gathered the entire community.

Some wise words?

​​Time is a precious commodity that should be treasured.