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Sayulita Dream Weddings in Sayulita Mexico


Five Steps to Having the Best Wedding Ever:

1. Find Soul-mate

2. Fall in Love

3. Get Engaged

4. Hire Sayulita Dream Weddings

5. Show Up, Get Hitched, Have the Time of Your Lives

At Sayulita Dream Weddings, we believe that planning a wedding should be fun – a time of much joy and little stress. We believe that your wedding should be a unique reflection of you, your love, and your style. Above all else, we believe in Love. And we love weddings. This is what we do:

Planning From defining the tasks and the timeline, to tracking every detail of the big week's events, we've got the logistics covered.

Communication We speak your language, and we mean more than English. We know firsthand how critical it is to have a partner who gets it, who responds clearly and quickly, who gives you clear options and listens to your needs. We provide our clients with the highest level of service - our reviews below speak for themselves.

Design It's all about you – letting your love shine through the perfect filter of color, texture, light, and details, details, details. We work with you to design events that are uniquely memorable. Collaboration + Inspiration = Perfection.

Budget Management We manage all of your wedding-week expenses under one easy-to-read budget. Budget management is: getting you the best price for the services you want; making and tracking the payments for goods and services; keeping your budget on track.

Execution You're finally here, the decisions are made, and you're ready to hit the beach with your crew. Relax, we've got you covered. Our team moves into action, bringing your vision to life. We're there at each event, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch (except the hitch you came here for), and keeping the pre-wedding stress at bay.

Reconnaissance We'll organize the details for your pre-wedding visit so you can get the most out of your time. Location scouts, food and cake tastings, vendor meetings, live music – we'll prep your itinerary, then give you the insider's tour once you're here. Can't make it down before the big week? We'll provide all the info and photos you need to make decisions from home.

Consultation  Not looking for a Full Service Wedding Planner, but need some extra help? We offer custom consultation services tailored to your needs.

Ready to get started planning your dream wedding?  Please use the Contact Information form on the right to drop us a line 

I can't wait to hear from you and get started planning your Sayulita Dream Wedding!

Andrea Villarrubia

Reviews for Dream Weddings
5 out of 5 (based on 42 reviews)
My dream wedding
Andrea was the best decision I ever made!! We could not have done it without her, but most of all, I wouldn't have wanted to. She allowed us to fully enjoy our celebration without worrying about a thing. I am a very detailed oriented person, so I was skeptical of a planner meeting my expectations. Andrea and her team impressed me every step of the way. She really took the time to understand us as a couple and created a 4 day event that our friends and family still say is the best wedding they have ever been to. From helping us find the perfect venue to hustling the last minute tents because of the ominous weather forecast, she anticipated everything we wanted and even some we didn't know we needed. She was a constant calming presence and persistent perfectionist. Her professionalism is evident in how well she works with the many vendors that helps create our dream wedding. She is truly great at what she does.
Andrea, we cannot thank you enough for making our wedding weekend so unforgettable.
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Response from Owner/Manageron 01-23-2017
Dear Jessica & Michael,
Thank you so much for your wonderful review! You were both such a joy to work with and your friends and family were a truly memorable and fun group. Thank you for being so flexible and easy-going about the stormy weather, and for knowing what you wanted all through the planning process - executing your vision was a breeze! I hope to see you back in Sayulita again soon!! xo, andrea
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Incredible execution, great taste
My (now) wife & I have been coming to Sayulita for years, and my family has been here for quite some time. When we got engaged, Sayulita was the only place we really considered. We came into our wedding with a strong sense of the big picture events (i.e. day to day schedule), but definitely needed someone to help with details, ideas and on-the-ground execution. Andrea WAY exceeded our expectations in all regards, especially given the pretty complicated multi-day nature of the event. She had a strong sense of what we wanted, a great taste in design, awesome ideas (and willingness to back down if we opposed them), and was great on the day of. She dealt with our weird mishmash of traditional and non-traditional, as well as our chaotic families, with grace.

Our wedding couldn't have gone better. Thanks so much Andrea for an amazing weekend!
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Time Stopped in its Tracks and it was pure Magic
We wanted our guests to have an experience and not simply attend an event. With Andrea and Gabbi leading the way they created something that none of our friends and family will ever forget. The four day affair was planned and executed splendidly. Everything from our guests airport travel, accommodations and an epically memorable excursion to the most beautiful day of our lives.

After a picturesque ceremony with our guests adorned in all white, we partook in the most delicious and authentic food the region has to offer. We danced the night away without a care in the world with a panoramic view of the ocean as our backdrop.

Time stopped in its tracks and something truly magical took place.

Thank you for the most stunning and idyllic wedding. You have our love and eternal gratitude.


On a business side; Andrea was prompt, attentive and warm. When we had our initial discussion she asked us to describe our ideal day. Throughout the process she was honest and communicative about how our decisions impacted not only our theme but also the budget. She was on point with everything from day one and never let up.

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Highly, highly recommend Andrea! Our event was absolutely perfect!
We hired Andrea to plan two events to celebrate our 2oth wedding anniversary parties in Sayulita. Andrea got a quick sense of our style and vision and brought forward so many creative ideas to make our events special. Her resources and connections made our events so perfect - from flowers, to food, to the welcome bag ideas, table settings, music, you name it. When we needed something last minute, Andrea was responsive and calm. I didn't want any work on my plate for these events and Andrea made it so easy for us to enjoy ourselves. She's a consummate professional and I'd hire her again without hesitation.
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Response from Owner/Manageron 04-18-2016
Thank you so much Christine & Tate! It was a pleasure working with you and fun to plan a party celebrating 20 years of marriage! You are an inspiration! Thanks for being so easy going and fun to work with!
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Beyond anything I could have imagined - truly incredible.
Andrea helped us plan our wedding that took place in late February 2016. She was nothing short of incredible throughout the entire process. My (now) husband and I have been together for many years (decade plus), and when we finally decided to get married, we were focused on making it a fun long weekend for our close friends and family. However, we didn't have a clear vision of what we wanted the wedding to be like. Andrea was not only fun and warm and positive, but she managed to take our vague ideas of what we wanted the weekend to be like and turn them into a perfectly delivered package that exceeded all of our expectations. I mean it very sincerely when I say I can't imagine our wedding without her.

One of the most remarkable things about planning a wedding with Andrea is that she takes the time to get to know you, and learn about what's important to you, and then she comes up with endless ideas for different ways you could pull those elements into your wedding. She focuses on translating the "you" into the wedding plan, and is creative and talented and knowledgeable enough to do so. If you have a theme, she'll come up with creative ways to infuse it into the celebration. If you just have a feeling in mind, she'll suggest different touches that will help evoke it. For every part of our wedding, she helped think up different options, which she would then explain to us so that we could choose the one that felt best. Then she managed, tracked, and monitored the execution from start to finish. We ended up with a wedding that was everything we hoped for, but couldn't have come up with on our own - amazing food and great drinks (her recommendation), fabulous music both live and DJed (her suggestions), gorgeous and elegant decor and setup (her designs), and countless little touches that everyone noticed and commented on. I can't tell you how many little things she added that, day of, made the difference between a nice event and an extraordinary one. This was true of the rehearsal dinner as well.

I also have to emphasize how fantastic Andrea is to work with. She's incredibly responsive - I was the only cause of any slow-downs in our planning, she always (I mean it, always) responded to any email (no matter how long) within a day. She's extremely organized - she managed ALL of the details of planning, all of the communications with vendors and such, and all the payments before, during, and after. She offered suggestions and recommendations, but was never even remotely pushy. As I mentioned above, she is a fabulous blend of warm, supportive, talented, and exceedingly creative. She's also funny and kind and delightful to hang out with. She made the wedding planning process enjoyable, fun, and stress-free, which after asking around, seems very much the exception!

I don't ever plan on getting married again :-) but I am already thinking about what sort of reunion or anniversary events we could plan. And if/when I do, the very first thing I'll do is see if Andrea is available to help. I can't (or don't want to) imagine what our wedding would have been like without her.

I very sincerely think Andrea is truly exceptional, and that you'll be lucky to work with her if she's available for your event. Regardless of how much you're spending, you want your event to be the best it can be, and she's incredible at making that happen. I can't thank her enough for making our wedding out of this world.

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Response from Owner/Manageron 04-27-2016
Thank YOU so much, Jordan & Alex!! You were both truly fabulous and wonderful to work with. I feel so honored to have been a part of a truly unique and fun celebration and to have gotten to know you both during the planning. Hope to see you back in Sayulita soon!!!!
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Amazing! We didn't worry about a thing and our wedding was magical!
Andrea is a consummate professional and put together amazing flowers, lighting, music, and a gorgeous venue for us. There were extra touches that we weren't even expecting that made our day exceptionally special. I would recommend Andrea and team to anyone, even someone who doesn't think they need a coordinator. Truly remarkable.
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Wedding in Paradise!
Andrea was AMAZING. My husband and I do a great deal of entertaining and choosing a wedding planner for our daughter's wedding was important. Andrea exceeded our expectations. First it was great she is English speaking, then she also had all of the connections in Sayulita to get the best vendors. Her recommendations for food, flowers, hair and music could not have been better. She helped with welcome bags, golf carts, decorations and countless details.
She also fully took on the welcome party and rehearsal dinner making them memorable parties. She is not only organized but really really creative. Her extra touches make the events truly special for your guests. We will never forget the excellent job she did in making the wedding the special event for a special couple.
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Best decision we ever made! You are one high quality lady Andrea!
We would recommend Andrea and her team to anyone planning a wedding or any special event! Being detailed and efficient is extremely important and Andrea is both. But, when planning a wedding I believe it is more important to find a true partner and someone that is 100% invested in your day, your memories and your experience. Andrea does all of this and more. She is skilled at picking up on the pieces of your wedding that truly mean the most to you and highlighting those moments. She was quick to think on her feet! When our original ceremony location needed some major clean-up she had ideas for back-up venues as well as a plan in place to get the original spot cleaned and ceremony ready in less than 24 hours. It was absolutely beautiful when we walked into it on our wedding day!! I had no doubts and always felt good about leaving things in her very capable hands. I knew she would make decisions with our vision and wishes as her priority. Andrea was always thinking ahead and making sure that every detail was covered. Our family couldn't stop commenting on how wonderful her and her staff was! Thank you so much were amazing!! I was not disappointed in any of the vendors she recommended and our reception would not have been the same without our unbelievable bartender Miguel!
Andrea, Thank you for surrounding yourself with such high quality, amazing people. And speaking of...If you are lucky enough to have Gabbi officiate your ceremony you will be nothing short of blessed. He was a true hero for us.
We cannot thank you enough!!
Erin, Trevor, Charlie & Payton
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The best!!
Andrea and her team are amazing! They're organized, experienced, so easy to work with and they do incredible work! I would highly recommend Sayulita Dream Weddings to any Sayulita bride + groom.
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Amazing Wedding Perfection.
I came across Andrea and Sayulita Dream Weddings via some online research. I had been to Sayulita a handful of times prior to deciding to hold our 70+ person wedding in this amazing pueblo- but never had a chance to actually tour the wedding location sites. Andrea did an amazing job with everything from helping me decide on the venue for the wedding, reception and welcome party to organizing transportation and accommodations for myself and guests. She went above and beyond in helping bring our (quite specific) vision for our wedding day to life through the detailed selection of flowers, tables, chairs, photographer, food, lighting, DJ, live music....the list goes on. I would have been lost (or gone crazy) if it weren't for Andrea and her incredible staff. Her communication is professional and timely and her presence warm. I feel she really got to know me through the planning process and by the time the big day came around- she blew me away with how truly beautiful and warm the event space looked. I can't recommend her and her team enough! My guests can't stop talking about all the little details that sometimes get lost in destination weddings and how welcome and taken care of they felt the entire time.
If you are looking to hold a small event in or around Sayulita- or haul friends and family from all around the world to watch you get married in paradise like I did- Sayulita Dream Weddings will help make the process seamless. Both my husband and I agree that if we had (got) to do it all over again, we wouldn't change a thing....

Many thanks to Andrea and her crew!
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5 out of 5 (based on 42 reviews)