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Flora Amor For Sale By Owner in Sayulita

Price: $17.5K USD
Bedrooms: 0
Bathrooms: 0
Vacation Rental: N/A
Parking: N/A
Age: 4
View: N/A
Furnished: no
Approx Land: N/A
Approx Building: N/A
Well established business
The opportunity to work in paradise
Ever-growing client base
Opportunity for growth
Owners will assist through the transition
Additional Listing Information

Flora Amor in Sayulita is an opportunity to acquire an established, respected business with an ever growing client base. Sayulita is a premier destination wedding location in Mexico, and Flora Amor has been providing exquisite floral arrangements for brides from all over the world who come to Sayulita to say "I Do". Besides the ever growing wedding business, keep in mind Flora Amor also delivers Birthday Bouquets, Gift Baskets for all occasions, Miss You Bouquets, Holiday Bouquets and more. To view our business ad which has many great reviews click here

Are you looking for a way to make an income and live in this magical place? Do you have a dream to move and work in paradise? We are offering you a fabulous chance to do just that.  Check out our website.

Flora Amor has been in business for 4+ years in Sayulita and the surrounding area. Everything you need to start today is included with the sale. (See list of inventory below).  All the hard work has been done for you. No searching for floral wholesalers, glass wholesalers, lists of resorts and contacts, hotel and restaurant contacts, lists of wedding and event planners, etc. It’s all done for you.

 We understand you will need help with the transaction, Susan will be here to walk you through it. Denise and Susan will be available to you for questions and concerns for an agreed amount of time. We want you to succeed and keep Flora Amor alive.

If you love flowers, sharing your artistic talent, and the best part...The smile and happiness you bring to a client when they open the door and see a beautiful bouquet designed just for them. Flora Amor may be the dream business for which you have been searching. The opportunity to provide your personal touch to this business while working in paradise is the ultimate bonus!

Inventory List:

9 Large Oval Glass Vases
7 Wooden boxes
Large Round Pot (bouquet or for plants)
Large Rectangle Pot (bouquet or for plants)
8 12 inch handblown cylinder vases
9 small hand painted Mex clay pots
5 extra large vases
6 sm clay pots
Misc large baskets
50 mix sizes tins
10 Mint julip cups
3 x large vases
Decorative Pottery - large pots
Several Bottles, Vases, glassware
12 Medium Oval Glass Vases
Small Oval Glass Vases
14 Hand Blown Cylinder Vases (22”)
4 glass cylinders (20”)
5 Large Size Misc. Glass Vases
4 Medium Size Misc. Glass Vases
11 Ball Jars
20 Ridged Glass Bottles
15 Tequila Glass Bottles
13 small blue jars with handles
Green Blown Vase (20”)
Misc. Jars
7 Jars (blue ribbon)
10 Small Jars (yellow ribbon)
8 Misc. Apathocary Jars
Misc. Vases
9 ruffled edge small vase
10 tall bud vase
10 vases (fussia ribbon)
4 Fish Bowl with a lip
6” cylinder glass vases
6 Square Misc. Galss
16 Rectangle Hand Blown Vase
12 small Square Hand Blown Vase
6 Green Glass Bottles and Vases
2 8x8x8 Hand Blown Vase


Floral Design Books
10 LED Lighted Branches with timer
Hanging wire/vine hearts -5
Glass Hearts
Oasis Hearts - 2
30 Candles/Votives
Potted Plant covers in asst. colors
Water tubes assorted sizes
Floral Tissue assorted colors
Oasis Trays - 2 cartons
Garland Oasis
Foam Wedding Bouquet Holders
Wooden Flower Girl Baskets
Satin Flower Girl Basket
Floral Paint
Burlap Rolls
Colored Rock
Sea Glass
Glue Dots
Corsage Pins
Bouquet Pins
Greeting Cards
Glue Guns
Glue Sticks
12 Buckets
Air Cond.
1 Table