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Tim B Photography & Google Views

360-degree “Virtual TOURS" allowing potential customers visit the interior of your business
Specialized photographic equipment and Street View technology
operating successfully in the US and Canada for six years
6 years of experience in US
Ability to publish Business Views to Google's servers
Additional 10 high-quality, professional still images, and a listing on Google Maps

Google Business Views is an exciting new service that lets potential customers visit the interior of your business from their computers, tablets, and smartphones. With specialized photographic equipment and Street View technology, we create 360-degree “Virtual Tours” like the one below of Cori Jacobs Gallery on Avenida Revolución:

The Google Business Views program has been operating successfully in the US and Canada for six years, and is in its first year in Mexico. Tim B Photography is one of twelve agencies in Mexico that has earned the certification of “Google Trusted Agency” and one of only two operating in the states of Jalisco and Nayarit. As a Google Trusted Agency, we have the ability to publish Business Views to Google's servers to boost your presence on Google Maps, Google Search, and other programs, all of which helps more customers find you.

In addition to the Virtual Tour, when you book a shoot with Tim B Photography, you get 10 high-quality, professional still images, and a listing on Google Maps. We will help you administer your Maps listing and help you put the Virtual Tour and photographs on your website, Facebook and/or other social media.

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Professional Service Skills
Put your business on the map! Google Virtual Tours are a 360 degree improvement over the videos and photos we have been seeing for years. And, along with Tim's state-of-the-art technology and extensive experience with Google, he also serves up gracious manners and reliable customer service.
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Experienced: May, 2015
Quality advertising
My business is experiencing an increase from this advertising. I saw results within a few months.
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Experienced: May, 2015
Cool views!
The best way I know of to find the place where I want to vacation in Sayulita! It puts you right inside the house, gallery, or store. Almost as good as being there!
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Experienced: May, 2015
Love it!
Tim did a fantastic job with my virtual tour (Cori Jacobs Gallery shown above). He was punctual and thoroughly helpful in walking me through all stages of the process, from the initial photo shoot, to the integration of the tour into my website and on Google. He was quick to respond to any questions with knowledge, experience and patience, and followed up to make sure everything worked seamlessly. He offers a great service!
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Experienced: November, 2014
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