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Wildmex surf holidays and adventures in Sayulita Mexico

Surf lessons for all levels in Sayulita and Punta de Mita
Customized Surf Camps and Surf Trips
Incredible knowledgeable and skillful staff
Quality surfboard rentals
Complimentary use of wetsuit tops when needed

Wildmex surfing, Sayulita`s prime surfing outfitters, is a company offering its guests authentic and real surfing experiences. Wildmex and its instructors are recognized by publications such as New York Times, Outside Magazine, National Geographic Explorer and 5280 Magazine and are proud to offer a wide range of services that can fit any surfing level and leave its guests asking for more!

This passionately run business offers a wide variety of options from individual surf lessons to multi-week surf and camping trips; all under the direction of a fun and knowledgeable staff. Wildmex is more than a Surf School, it is a growing family happy to see its members back season after season. The Wildmex team´s incredible staff is eager to share not only their knowledge of surfing skills but also their experience with the local scene and surfing lifestyle.

Wildmex offers the best rental equipment in town with the support of Global Surf Industries and Surftech. It is also the only surf school that provides complimentary use of wetsuit tops for its guests when needed. Combine this with a great beachfront location and excellent customer service and you´ve got your decision made for you.

If your main reason for visiting Sayulita is to surf, Wildmex offers weeklong SURFCAMP packages including different accommodation options, weeklong equipment hire, surf instruction in Sayulita, guided surf trips to other breaks in surrounding areas and airport transport.

Wildmex is the only surf school in Sayulita that outfits Surf Trips to the beautiful surf breaks in Punta de Mita and Platanitos, promising incredible sessions, beautiful sandy beaches and uncrowded waves.

If during your stay in Sayulita, waves are not adequate for your skill level (either too big or too small), the Wildmex surf school will scout out better surf breaks and outfit a surf trip that will best suit your skill level and satisfy your expectations.

Come join us, we promise you´ll return home raving about your wonderful experience and looking forward to your next trip with us.

Wildmex - Experience surfing at a different level!

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from 47 reviews
Not supportive of local people or businesses
Wildmex is all about the money and has not been good to local people or other local businesses. There are so many excellent local surf guides and board rental companies. Please consider spending your vacation dollars elsewhere.
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Experienced: November, 2017
Surf La Lancha was beautiful and fun!
We had a surf lesson at La Lancha. It was very fun, and beautiful there. We were able to get lots of good drone videos too! Would highly recommend Wildmex for the surfing!
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Experienced: July, 2017
Response from Owner/Manager on 07-11-2017
Hey Nikki, thank you so much!
[Read more]
Highlight of my trip to PV area
I was treated with utmost respect in La Lancha. The gentleman who helped me out there was super cool, and totally helpful. I appreciate that he let me borrow a rash-guard, too. I felt like I owned the joint. Rented a decent board for a couple hours in paradise: countless & endless big warm soft fluffy waves! I honestly had the time of my life. THANK YOU to Wild Mex / La Lancha!!!
[Read more]
Experienced: October, 2016
Response from Owner/Manager on 12-12-2016
Thank you so much for the incredible review. Hope to see you back soon!! The Wildmex Team
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You can't lose!
I was treated with utmost respect in Sayulita. Everyone there was super cool, and totally helpful. I felt like I owned the joint. Rented a decent board for an hour; came back and traded it in for a different board for another hour. I wish I lived here!
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Experienced: October, 2016
All around wonderful!
My girlfriend and I took a couple of surf lessons here. Everyone was so nice. Our instructor was a saint. Very patient. And the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. This was already my go-to SUP place, but had never surfed with them. I'll be back! Thanks, guys, for everything.
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Experienced: September, 2016
Response from Owner/Manager on 09-28-2016
Hi Jessica!

Thanks for your review!

We hope to see you again soon :)
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“The greatest experience!!”
I had an amazing time surfing and going to the marietas islands with wildmex. The staff is super friendly and the instructors are amazing. i had a blast and they were really accommodating. they will definitely go above and beyond to make sure that you have a great time. highly recommended!!
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Experienced: June, 2016
“Simple, easy and good to go”
My husband just *had to* get a surf trip in to the La Lancha surf break before we left. Unfortunately he picked up a particularly nasty gastro intestinal bug for over a day and that really jilted some of our plans.

We heard about this break and that wildmex has a little rental shop across the path that takes you to la lancha. We committed to hitting this break and the only time we had was before our 1330 flight back to the US. We pulled right in (right next to the EXXO station but be sure not to park in the EXXO area) around 0930 and told them we were pressed for time and they got us a rental board very quickly and we were on our way to the path that takes us to the beach.

Hubby was very satisfied with his board (he's 6'4 and needs a proper board that can accommodate his build) and had fun at the break. I watched a few of the instructors with tourists teaching them how to surf and it seemed like they did a pretty good job because everyone was eventually able to stand and ride in several times....and everyone looked like they were having fun.

Returning the board was quick and easy as well. They are attached to a cute little coffee shop with clean bathrooms and cute local t shirts. I know they offered coffee, smoothies and juices but not sure what else as we were in a rush.

The beach was very nice, there was some shade for me to hang out in while he was out. Despite the other beach down the point having Portuguese-man-o-war stinging jellyfish the day before, this beach had none of them at all.

We'd recommend them again!
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Experienced: June, 2016
“Thank you WildMex!”
We visited their both La Lancha and Sayulita shops several times during our recent two weeks stay in the area and each experience was extremely positive. Everyone was really friendly and helpful. Great assistance was offered, together with advice and information on everything we would ask about, often not even related to surfing. Girls in Sayulita shop, petite photographer lady (sorry, forgot your name!), different instructors and especially Mauricio from La Lancha (thanks for everything again, man!) all went out of their way offering invaluable tips whenever asked, which made our stay and surfing experience truly blissful and exciting. And all this whilst we didn't even get surf lessons from them and only rented boards!
Keep up the awesome work guys, this is what surf shop people should be like.
[Read more]
Experienced: June, 2016
What a great experience!!!! I came to Sayulita not knowing anything about surfing so I decided to try it, I'm so happy I choose WildMex cause they were so patient and happy to teach me until I finally catch my very first wave, it was great, also they have very nice board and equipment.
The crew here is the best, franky was always willing to help me with any information and her dog Liam is the cutest lil' thing you will ever see!
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Experienced: June, 2016
“Friendly staff and lots of water sports!”
I had a tab going with them so I didn't have to even bring my wallet with me when I wanted a surf or paddle board. They're right next to the beach so you can just swoop in and pick one up anytime throughout the day. The staff was very friendly and sometimes I'd just hangout out in the air conditioned area and watch surf videos. Next time I'm on Sayulita I'm definitely going here!
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Experienced: June, 2016
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Hours of Operations:
8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Our headquarters in Sayulita is located right next to the river, only steps from the beach! Visit
USA/Canada Telephone:
1 877 904 39 74
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
Mexico Telephone:
(52) 329 291 37 26
(Please mention Sayulita Life)
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Credit Cards
Group/Private Classes
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