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Wildmex - Hiking in Sayulita Mexico

Wildmex Hiking

Hiking trips suitable for all ages and fitness levels
English-Spanish speaking guides, trained in First Aid
All Wildmex’s Hiking profits go towards opening new trails
Available year-round

Wildmex is the #1 Surf and Adventure Company in Sayulita and Punta de Mita area. Not only has Wildmex focused its efforts on providing a high-quality surf experience, but also to encourage people to know the Sayulita area and its natural beauty with plenty of lush jungle, perfect for hiking.

Wildmex provides fun Hiking Trips suitable for all ages and fitness levels. From scenic mellow trails throughout the local jungle, with mesmerizing views of the Sayulita Bay, to more challenging trails through one of the most distinctive landscapes in the area, known as Monkey Mountain that provides a 360º view of the entire Banderas Bay. You will also find several different hidden beaches on the trails deeper into the jungle.

All of our Hiking Trips include a Wildmex English-Spanish speaking guide, trained in First Aid, who will make sure you have an amazing time at your own pace. Also includes water and transportation if needed.

During the hike you’ll be able to enjoy the greatest diversity of species in the area, so take out your camera and keep your eyes wide open.  The flora is also diverse, with over 300 species of orchids and also a large variety of palm trees and other trees like Parotas, Higueras, Tabachines and Primavera, whose wood is used for the manufacture of furniture and construction. For fauna, you’ll find up to 400 species of migratory birds, seabirds and numerous colorful butterflies, bats, reptiles, armadillos, iguanas and insects.

Hiking Guided Trips:

•    Sayulita – San Pancho (All ages, all levels) / 2 – 3 hours
•    Monkey Mountain Hike (Intermediate-Advanced) / 3 hours

Available all year. Morning (9:30 AM) and afternoon departures (1:30 PM or sunset).

Hikes are available for groups (minimum of 2 or more people) and it is possible to pair up single hikers with existing groups.

The Wildmex Hiking Trips are perfect for a little escape from the beach into some of the most overwhelming and captivating views of the lush jungle surrounding Sayulita. 

Come join us for a few hours and share some special moments with your partner, family or friends! It will be one of your favourite Sayulita vacation memories!

* Be aware and look for The Yellow-winged Cacique, the Black-Throated Magpie Jay and The Blue-footed Booby!

*All of Wildmex’s Hiking profits go towards opening new trails in the area as well as keeping the old ones in good shape.

Looking for more fun adventures? Wildmex got you covered! 
Check Wildmex Surfing, SUP and Road & Mountain Biking to find out more!

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from 6 reviews
Great hike up Monkey Mountain
Javier was an excellent guide for this hike with amazing views from the top.
[Read more]
Experienced: February, 2018
“Une belle randonnée en montagne”
Nous avons reçu un très bon service de notre guide pour une randonnée en montagne (la monkey trail). Cette entreprise qui offre plusieurs autres services aux touristes nous a semblé très compétente
[Read more]
Experienced: April, 2016
“Monkey Mountain Hike”
We wanted to hike Monkey Mountain for the amazing views. Mauricio was a great guide. This hike was much more difficult and primitive than I expected, which is a good thing! Make sure you are in good shape, take lots of water, and be ready to be wowed by the views!
[Read more]
Experienced: March, 2015
“Hiking and Biking with Wildmex Adventures in Sayulita”
My wife and I went on 2 excursions with Wildmex in August. We first went on an easy mountain bike ride guided by Alvaro. The ride departed from the center of Sayulita and then went through some rural areas near town. There were a number of uphill and downhill sections but nothing too difficult. We do a little biking at home but this was the first time that we rode on trails like this. Alvaro was very patient and helpful giving us lots of tips to make the ride easier. The ride covered approximately 14 kms and took 2 hours.
This experience was so nice we decided to do the Monkey Mountain hire with Wildmex as well. We were told that since we know Alvaro he would be our guide for this as well. He is a terrific young man and speaks English very well. He has lived in many parts of the world.
We drove south out of Sayulita for 10 minutes and parked in the jungle at the base of the mountain. The start of the hike is very easy, just a slight incline. The further you go the steeper it gets and near the top you have to climb over a rocky section. Alvaro allowed us to set the pace and we stopped several times to admire the views. The best view was from the top. You can see north past Sayulita, south past Punta de Mita and out over the Pacific Ocean. All in all this hike took about 3 hours.
We had a wonderful time with Wildmex and would highly recommend their services. All the staff were very friendly and helpful and Sayulita is a beautiful town to visit.
[Read more]
Experienced: August, 2014
“Hiking in the Jungle!”
I can't lie on a beach everyday for 7 days even if the Sayulita beach is exquisite. The Playa Escondida hotel recommended Wildmex and I went hiking with Luis, an ex mountain bike racer turned surfing teacher and hiking guide. Luis took me on a 2 hour hike from Sayulita to San Francisco (aka San Pancho by the locals) along the beach first and through the jungle. Interesting trees were on the menu, birds could be heard all the time. Luis adapted his pace to mine and after 90 mins we were in San Pancho, where Luis had arranged a pick up to take us back to my hotel. I can't wait to go back outside of the rain season where promising hikes around Sayulita are on offer.
[Read more]
Experienced: August, 2013
“Hike from San Ignacio to San Pancho”
Steve Pomeroy took us on a great hike of 5 or so miles across the mountains behind Sayulita. He was knowledgable, friendly and knew the terrain well, which is necessary in these unmarked areas. Lots of great natural history and many bird sightings. Steve is a well-rounded naturalist and a great guide. We recommend this trip highly!
[Read more]
Experienced: February, 2013
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7:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Pelicanos Street #150-G (next to the river, steps from the beach)
+1 877-904-3974
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+52 329-291-3726
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