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Z Galeria in Sayulita Encaustic Paintings by Zoey Pierce

Big variety of encaustic artwork
Pieces are inspired by the colors of Mexico, nature, and the ocean
Mixture of wax, damar and colored pigments
Workshops in studio at the gallery AVAILIBLE

Z Galeria in Sayulita, located on Revolucion on the north side of the bridge, displays a variety of encaustic artwork created by artist Zoey Pierce. The encaustic medium is a mixture of wax, damar and colored pigments. These beautiful pieces are inspired by the colors of Mexico, nature, and the ocean. Artist Zoey Pierce has established herself both as an artist and art teacher. She offers encaustic workshops in her studio at the gallery.

About the Artist:

Zoey attended Boise State University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking and a minor in Psychology. She holds a Masters Degree in Art Therapy and Counseling from Southwestern in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Prior to coming to Sayulita for the first time in March of 2012 and then deciding to make Sayulita her full-time home, Zoey was an art teacher at a private school, Community School in Sun Valley, Idaho.

It was in October 2013 that Zoey officially made Sayulita her home. Zoey opened Z Galeria and it has been well-received in the Sayulita community as people grow an appreciation and desire for more contemporary art in their homes. When Zoey is not in her gallery, she is either on the water or learning Spanish.

What is encaustic painting?

Using heated wax, which can be beeswax, carnauba, paraffin, and microcrystalline combined with colored pigments. Zoey will use a combination of waxes in her art. The wax combination depends on what type of appearance Zoey is striving for.

How old is the encaustic technique?

A visual display of encaustic painting has been linked to the fourth century B.C. The most famous artist of contemporary encaustic begins with Jasper Johns in 1954.

Will an encaustic painting melt?

It would take severe direct heat to harm a painting approximately 120-150 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, extreme cold temperatures can cause the wax to become brittle and lead to cracking.

Tips on taking care of your encaustic piece:

Gently wipe your piece with a soft cloth as necessary to remove dust or bloom. Avoid touching the piece because the surface is vulnerable to scratching. Be mindful of putting your piece in extreme heat or cold. Most importantly enjoy your encaustic piece.

Gallery Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11 AM -until she feels like closing
Sometimes on Saturday
Sunday surfing!

+ More
from 30 reviews
Extraordinary Art
Picked up a couple of nice pieces from Zoe. Can’t wait to hang them. She is so delightful and talented. Took a private lesson on encaustic art. I am hooked.
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Experienced: May, 2018
Fun class and an excellent instructor
Both my wife and I decided to take Zoey's class during our recent trip and we had a blast. We both created some nice pieces too. I have to say, Zoey was excellent. Her explanation of what we were going to do and taking us step by step through the process was awesome. This was an excellent break from our usual stay from beaches, shopping and eating. We highly recommend Z Galeria on your next visit.
[Read more]
Experienced: January, 2018
Incredible artwork
I recently had my wonderful friend Zoey commission some art for me with money that was gifted to me from some special friends for my birthday.Zoey was nothing but 100% professional, extremely patient and had an attention to detail throughout the entire process, until I got exactly what I wanted.This piece will truly always be treasured.
[Read more]
Experienced: November, 2017
The artist featured here, Zoey is also the talented owner. I was not familiar with encaustic (wax) painting before. Zoey educated me all about the process and even showed me her art studio, which is connected to the gallery. Zoey teaches encausitc worksho
The artist featured here, Zoey is also the talented owner. I was not familiar with encaustic (wax) painting before. Zoey educated me all about the process and even showed me her art studio, which is connected to the gallery. Zoey teaches encausitc workshops and they look really interesting. I would highly recommend visiting this art gallery anytime that you are in the area. Her artwork is vibrant and unique.
[Read more]
Experienced: November, 2017
So glad we chose this activity on our honeymoon!
My wife and I spent 9 nights in Sayulita for our honeymoon. With the variety of outdoor adventures available it was great to find something a little more low key that was still so fun and stimulating. I would say my wife is the creative one in the relationship (I am definitely not an artist). But we both thoroughly enjoyed the lesson on encaustic from Zoey, plus her ongoing input and encouragement to just go for it, and the freedom to expirement with her waxes/paints and play with the tools in her studio, most of all the BLOWTORCH! My wife and I expressed ourselves with completely different styles on the canvases Zoey provided. We had so much fun. Highly recommend! Thank you Zoey!

Bonus... we came away with self made pieces of art as souvenirs.
[Read more]
Experienced: November, 2017
Terrific art class at Z Galeria!
I was drawn into the Z Galeria by the beautiful art in the windows. The artist, Zoe,
told me about her encaustic art process and her pieces on display. I was so inspired by
her enthusiasm that I returned a few days later to take a beginning class.

What a fun day and memorable experience it was. I was able to paint with the hot wax
and use the torch to finish my two most wonderful souvenirs from Sayulita!
[Read more]
Experienced: March, 2017
While wandering the streets of Sayulita, the brilliantly colored works hanging on the walls pulled us in to the small gallery - Z Galleria. What serendipity! I knew immediately it was encaustic, an art form using melted wax I had loved and wondered about for 30 years. Zoey came out of the back workshop, and we proceeded to chat with this delightful and engaging artist about her amazing art and career. We learned she gave classes, and immediately signed up!

In the 2 hour class, the two of us (her limit in classes is 3) learned a brief history of encaustic, then basic materials and techniques. On a hot plate before us was a smorgasbord of about 15 tuna cans filled with the yummiest colors imaginable; we got two wooden boards each, and with that, just like in Where the Wild Things Are, we let the magic begin! I've rarely been so excited when learning something new! With Zoey's guidance, ongoing instruction, and encouragement to experiment with colors and techniques, we were like kids in a candy shop. The two hours passed like a flash! When we left we each had two unique, fantastic pieces of original encaustic!

Besides being an amazing artist, (I wanted to buy EACH piece on the walls!) Zoey is full of enthusiasm, friendliness, and openness! It was such a JOY to have the opportunity to meet and learn from her. Because of her background as a teacher, her instruction methods were right on - not tedious but not skimpy; oriented toward self-discovery and having fun. For us, she was certainly the highlight of a week in Sayulita! Do not miss her!!
[Read more]
Experienced: March, 2017
Vibrant art and artist
At a charity auction in Sayulita we bid on a beautiful piece of Zoey Pierce's art and we won! We stopped by her studio where she put a protective wrapping on it for the trip home. It now hangs in our entry and serves as a colorful reminder of the ocean and Sayulita.
[Read more]
Experienced: February, 2017
Beautiful Art Travels from Sayulita to Colorado!
After a year of dreaming about Zoey's art we found a piece we loved on our trip down this year and brought it back to Colorado! We were worried about bringing the piece onto the plane but everything went smoothly. Zoey helped us wrap the art piece (1'x5') in cardboard and bubble wrap. Southwest let us know that you cannot take wood through the security screening so we had to check the art. We felt pretty good about how well we wrapped it and Southwest was awesome about putting over 10 Fragile stickers all over it and then they walked it down to the airplane for us! When we arrived in Colorado, the art piece was located in the oversize baggage area and in one piece! We were thrilled and thankful that Zoey helped us wrap it so well. We are excited to have a piece of Zoey's beautiful ocean wave pieces in our bedroom to remind us of the Sayulita beach we love! Thank you!
[Read more]
Experienced: February, 2017
The best art class!!
I had the best time creating art with Zoey! It didn't feel like a class, but girls hanging out and getting creative! Zoey's energy guides your creativity out of your head and onto something tangible that is yours forever. Time flew by with lots of fun and laughs. Highly recommend this!
[Read more]
Experienced: January, 2017
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