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Turtle Camp at Playa las Tortugas

Contact Information

Name: Gordon Godfrey
Telephone #1: 011-52-322-101-6265
Address: Playa las Tortugas, Platanitos, Nayarit, MX

In 1997 the developer of Playa Las Tortugas sponsored a study to promote environmental conservation and protection of endangered sea turtles. Embraced by veterinarians and biologists of Mexico’s National Commission of Protected Areas (CONANP), we have obtained support for conservation at the Federal level. Decades of commercialized hunting of the now endangered sea turtles for meat, eggs, and shells, have seriously diminished the number of surviving turtles. There are few creatures on earth that experience such low survival rates – a mere 1% to 2% normally reach adulthood. The Platanitos Sea Turtle Camp at Playa Las Tortugas is committed to improving the odds.


The dedicated work of a few individuals has profoundly improved the sea turtle population, and provided new information on their biology and status on many fronts. We are maturing to an organization that attracts volunteers from around the world, raises funds for development and addresses sustainable development issues.


The success of the Platanitos Turtle Camp depends on volunteers, both national and international, who donate their time and physical labor to help preserve the endangered sea turtles that come to nest at Playa Las Tortugas every year.

The primary volunteer duties are carried out at night when the sea turtles leave the ocean to lay their eggs. This includes patrolling the beach, even in stormy weather, collecting turtle eggs and bringing them back to the camp for incubation. As the turtles begin to hatch, volunteers help
remove them from the nesting boxes in preparation for their release. Just before sunset is the big event where hundreds, some nights even thousands, are released on the beach and scramble across the sand and through the waves to their new life in the ocean.


With your help we will see the Turtle Camp become strong enough to protect the surrounding natural resources and create a reserve that will attract more volunteers, teaching staff, and scientists in concert with healthy sustainable ecotourism.

The donations we collect are spent on camp improvements, programs, and education. Every donation makes a difference. Please help the Turtle Camp by making a donation today.

Web site: www.seaturtlecamp.org


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