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SayulitaLife is a community website, and we are always here for you.  If you have something to share or simply want to say hi, contact one of us below, and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

sayulita life founders
Ian and Kerry, Founders, first visited Sayulita in 1998.  They returned from Oregon a year later in a Toyota SR5 with all their worldly possessions including three dogs, two cats, and even a boxspring and mattress, determined to carve out a new life in the sleepy village of Sayulita (it really WAS a sleepy fishing village back then.)  They created SayulitaLife as a simple hobby website designed to show the world how magical the village was and to give everyone in Sayulita an opportunity to advertise their rental or business.  To this day, Ian and Kerry continue to be involved with the community as much as possible in order to keep Sayulita the wonderful place it is to vacation, work, live, and raise a family.

sayulita life business manager

Lindsay, Business Manager, first came to Sayulita in 2003 for a week when her family bought a home here. She was still studying and working for CAA/AAA in Toronto, Canada and had recently finished a semester exchange program in Villahermosa, Tabasco where her love for Mexico, the language and the culture grew. After completing her Tourism college degree in Toronto, she set off to work in resorts in Los Cabos from 2005 to 2007. Still wanting to live in Mexico but tired of the bustle of Los Cabos, she was encouraged by her family to spend a few months in Sayulita. In 2007, she came with plans to stay only one season and has been living here full time ever since. While living in Sayulita, Lindsay has taken online English/Spanish translation courses from the University of Toronto and completed a certification program. In her free time, she enjoys Sunday Fundays on the beach with friends she's met from Sayulita and around the world who visit and live in our small community.

SayulitaLife - A Community Website

At SayulitaLife we strive to offer you the most comprehensive Sayulita information on the web.  This site is for everything that is Sayulita: dining, shopping, activities, vacation rentals, surfing/SUP, local businesses, weddings, long-term rentals, maps, a community calendar and forum, and much more.  We value all submissions, comments, questions, concerns, plus any and all communication that helps the village of Sayulita to share information amongst its residents and visitors.


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“We are grateful to Sayulita Life, who have been doing incredible work advertising our business, making us known among locals and tourists in the last few years. Sayulita Life is a great opportunity for growth in business. Thank you so much to all Sayulita Life staff from us here at the Chicalocca family.”

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