August 13, 2019 Aanya 0Comment
The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” still rings true today and stands the test of time for a reason. Photos have the magical and beautiful ability to preserve memories, tell a story, or capture moments that are fleeting; in essence, photos make all aspects of this impermanent life, permanent. Jenn Farmer, professional photographer in Sayulita, offers a wide range of photography services, whether you are a local business that needs brand photos, or you are visiting Sayulita and you want something to remember your time here, or you’re a family that wants to capture your love and moments together. Jenn is extremely experienced and very talented at what she does; I talk with Jenn and she tells me more about her passion for photography and the types of photos she has the most expertise in.
July 30, 2019 Aanya 0Comment
Art has the unique ability to transcend us into alternate realities and spaces; it can tell stories, remind us of our past or of loved ones, and can open our eyes and inspire us to see something we’ve never thought or dreamed of before. In essence, art creates a shared connection. In Sayulita, we are lucky to have a thriving community of diverse artists, and our beautiful, colorful pueblo magico truly reflects this sentiment, as it is normal to see bright, vivid paintings all over town. Antonio Hernandez is a local muralist, whose stunning work you’ve probably already seen on Sayulita’s walls and buildings. I speak with Antonio, and he tells me about himself and his passion for painting murals in Sayulita.
July 29, 2019 Aanya 0Comment
This month’s recipient of Sayulita Life’s $5,000 donation is Sayulita’s Campamento Tortuguero, or the turtle camp. Campamento Tortuguero in Sayulita is a voluntary community project in its new location on the north end of the beach across the street from the Pajaro de Fuego condominium complex. The goal of this Sayulita organization is to relocate sea turtle nests in order to keep them safe, as well as to educate locals and visitors on how to protect them from poaching. For the last seven years, the Sayulita turtle camp has been dedicated to preserving the native sea turtles that come every year in large numbers to Sayulita’s beaches to make their nests and lay their eggs. The donation from Sayulita Life will help the camp by purchasing materials needed for the creation / reinforcement of the nests, such as mesh-metal pieces and wooden stakes. Furthermore, the donation will go towards helping to purchase materials (such as wood planks) needed to re-enforce the nesting camp from the back area in order to better protect the nests; when Sayulita experiences heavy rains, sand can get trapped on top of the nest camp, putting the nests in danger.
July 24, 2019 Aanya 0Comment
Tim B. Photography in Sayulita specializes in helping businesses gain more online attention in Google searches through Google Maps / Street Views and Virtual Tours, thus contributing to more online visits, more sales, and more profits for those businesses. His passion for both technology and the artistry of photography combine to make him a skilled and unique photographer in the area that can help boost the success of a business. I talked with Tim about his background, his passion for photography, his expertise in Google Maps and Virtual Tours, and how this could help a local business’s success.
July 12, 2019 Aanya 0Comment
Tranco’s Carniceria in Sayulita recently got a remodel, and along with that, an upgrade to the types of specialty items they carry in their store. Being a local family-run and family-owned business, Tranco’s Carniceria takes great care in the products they carry, as well as the service they provide to our community. I can say from my own personal experience shopping at Tranco’s, that it is clear that they take pride in the relationships they have with their customers. Every time I enter the store, I am greeted by name. It is not often that a business takes that much personal interest in their clients, and it definitely feels special. I talked with one of the owners, Lourdes, about what’s new in the store, and what customers can expect with the recent remodel.