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With over 15 years of experience in the insurance services industry, Jason Wagner and his team at West Coast Global Insurance Services have every way to help assist you in your insurance needs, whether you are traveling or living in Sayulita, Mexico. Jason explains exactly why his insurance company has everything to meet your individual and family’s insurance needs.
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This month’s recipient of Sayulita Life’s $5,000 donation goes towards the 2019 Virgin de Guadalupe Festival in Sayulita, or the “Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe”, a popular religious holiday and festival all across Mexico. Every year in Sayulita, the Sayulita Catholic Church and other volunteers organize a variety of activities and traditional celebrations for this festival. Sayulita Life’s donation of $5,000 pesos will go directly toward helping to fund this year’s festivities, such as the musical performance from the Mariachi band “Los Caporales”, as well as decorations and other items needed for the celebration.
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Quiverito Surf Shop in Sayulita is a mindfully curated boutique surf shop located on Calle Marlin, just meters from Sayulita's main beach & break. A laid-back and charming shop, it is a classic "Mom & Pop" type of surf shop, proudly selling handmade, hand picked items, and often playing vintage vinyl on their record player. Quiverito Surf Shop is an essential shop to visit while exploring Sayulita or looking for surf lessons and rentals. Owners Brian and Cristina tell me more about their shop and what makes it unique, in a surf town saturated with places for surf lessons and rentals.
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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is coming up so soon? I love this holiday because it gives me the opportunity to make one of my favorite yummy desserts! Traditionally, Pecan Pie with Whipped Cream is always on my menu for Thanksgiving. I realize that many people are intimidated by making a pie crust; so I modified my recipe to make it super easy for you! You can make Pecan Pie Bars, with a delicious shortbread crust.
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The verdict is in! I wanted to make a delicious, simple, and easy appetizer that would be perfect for an upcoming home-cooked Thanksgiving meal, or even for a fun dinner party, and I found it! Have you ever made Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms with melted cheese? I have tasted a few different stuffed mushroom recipes, but have never tasted any with chorizo before. I made these stuffed mushrooms last night because I happened to have on hand the three ingredients that are needed for this recipe. All these ingredients are easily available here in Sayulita. How great is that? My husband and I both agreed that this appetizer is a real winner!