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Jungle Hair Design in Sayulita


John and Graziella
European trained Hair Stylists

At Jungle the basis to a perfect haircut and colour is excellent technique.We are trained to a high standard, we have a comprehensive knowledge of head shape, hair texture and hair structure to achieve meticulously crafted looks to suit your own personal image, timeless, classic or fashionable.

We never concoct styles that just wash out, but cut a shape that stays in the hair, making it quick and simple to recreate every day.

John and Graziella have been hairdressing in Europe the U.S, and in Mexico for over 20 years, including a 4 year British Apprenticeship in London. They have brought their European training, and their European feel to their Salon in Sayulita Mexico; specializing in alternative and classical cuts and color with an avant-guard feel.

Working with International Fashion Magazines, Movie Productions, Professional Photographic Companies, large and small Wedding Parties, and people just like you. John and Graziella bring years of expertise to your next great look.


Graziella will work with you as a bride, understanding your individual personality and creating your wedding day dream. Before the wedding day, Graziella will take the time to get to know you and your bridal party, creating a “trial run”, assuring that on the wedding day you have the look of your wedding day fairytale.

Jungle Hair design can also bring a full-service salon to you and your Sayulita wedding party, including hair, nails, and more.


Jungle Hair design offers a full range of professional hair care products, featuring  Wella,  Brazilian blow Acai, Sebastian product lines. Products range from shampoos and conditioners, hairsprays and gels masks spray and shine , and a full line of sun protection.

The Salon

Jungle Hair design offers a modern and professional Salon in Sayulita.
Services include:

  • Cut and Color with modern coloring techniques
  • Hair treatment bringing moisture and balance back to the hair
  • Color Retouch
  • Hair Painting
  • Color Slices
  • Semi-permanent color revitalizing your color in 20 minutes
  • The Brazilian blowout smoothing treatment , just in 90 minutes.

"Hola Graziellla,

By the way....that haircut you gave me weeks ago......I think it was the best one of my life....for real....I keep getting all these  compliments......I  just tell them its the magic of Graziella and her scissors....For I just sit back and watch the magic happen. All I know is that when you work hard...and its a great service.....people should be complimented. So thank you Graziella....your dedicated service to sayulita, is much appreciated.  For I feel pretty dam lucky to have a cool stylist in Sayulita."

Be Well



"Hi Graziella,
I had the best night of my entire night last Saturday!  Thank you so much for making my hair look so beautiful!  I have never gotten SO many compliments!!!  It was amazing!!!!!!!  I am looking forward to coming to Sayulita again soon!
See you then!"

~Paige G. Willard


For Sayulita Wedding photograpahy we really enjoy working with Arruda Photography

For Wedding Planning Services we recommend  Sayulita Dream Weddings.

Reviews for Jungle Hair Design
4.9 out of 5 (based on 29 reviews)
Annelie is the BOMB!!!!
My hair is very thick and difficult to cut. Annelie is always up to the challenge and I get so many compliments on my hair. The cut and color is always perfection! Jungle is a great place and great people!
Read more..
Best haircut I've ever had!
During our recent vacation to Sayulita in November I had the good fortune to have been referred to the Jungle Salon. Annalie cut my hair in November and again on a subsequent visit this March. I have never in my life received such amazing cuts! My only wish is that she would come and live in rainy Vancouver so I don't have to travel so far for a haircut. She didn't seem to think the move sounded appealing. Too bad for me! Very talented lady! Highly recommend her! Gail Wilson West Vancouver BC
Read more..
It has been wonderful finding a hair salon and a stylist who understands my hair like my hairdresser at home. THANK YOU Annalea for a wonderful haircut. We have chosen YOU as our family hairdresser of Mexico!!! Everyone in the salon is very friendly .
Read more..
Changed my life!!!
Annelie, changed my life, or better gave me my life back. I'm so grateful for her experience in changing my hair color. She did an amazing job. unfortunate , that I live in Aspen and not Sayulita,Thank you so muchÖ..
Read more..
Loyalty is Gold!
I have challenges with my hair, like everyone, some things I like and some things I struggle with; I have naturally curly and really fine frizz that requires a clear understanding of how curly hair needs to be cut. Annelie is a Master Hair Stylist and Colorist Ė she has cut and colored my hair for three years now. When I arrived to her very capable hands, I had to begin to repair a lot of damage that was done by over processing which is a mistake that can occur quite commonly here, and in other places as well. Annelie has a gift, she truly listens to your concerns and preferences, and then actually cuts and colors the style you want to have. Completely professional, wonderfully entertaining and fun, and most important, never a tearful next day and inner dialogue that ďitís only hair and it will grow backĒ. That is my past experience with hair salons and stylists but Annelie is unique and One of a Kind. Iíll follow her wherever she goes! Iím completely loyal to her for the reasons Iíve listed above.
Read more..
Best color I have ever had thanks to Annalie
I am visiting Sayulita and desperately needed some attention for my hair. I heard about Jungle through a friend and walked in and immediately felt comfortable going to someone whom I have never met. Annalie took 10 minutes to simply discuss what I wanted and she listened extremely well. She ended up giving me the best highlights ever without damaging my delicate hair. I am very picky with who I use for my color and can honestly say, this experience well exceeded my expectations. Go see Annalie!!!
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Amazingcut from Annelie! Highly recommend!
I was obsessed with getting a short pixie cut, others wouldn't do it for me so I got nervous. I met Annelie and her energy and excitement about going for the short hair was so inspiring that I went for it and it's the best cut I've had in years! We spent a few minutes discussing first which made me very comfortable but Annelie is so talented and has such a good eye that she knew exactly the right shape/cut would be best for me. I love it! Go see Annelie!
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Great cut and color! Wondeful experience!
I had a great cut and color while in Sayulita! I had heard of Jungle and its great reputation. It is all true! The only thing that is disappointing is that I am not in Sayulita more so that it can be my regular hair salon!
Read more..
Graziella was met with a true challenge. I have very fine hair and it would need a miracle to make it look lovely for my wedding day. She was patient and truly affordable given the amount of time (two days including the trial) it took to make it happen.
The result was amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to make it perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

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Treat yourself to a Graziella haircut!
I knew I was going to be due for a color during my stay in Sayulita so I emailed Graziella via the Sayulita life website to book an appointment well in advance. She responded promptly and we set it up. After reading her great reviews I decided to also get a cut...and I'm so glad I did. She's amazing and both cut and color were brilliant. Plus, she's great fun to spend time with. So, do yourself a favor and book an appointment with her before you go...you'll be so glad you did!
Read more..
4.9 out of 5 (based on 29 reviews)