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Jan 16 2015

When one steps foot into Artefakto in Sayulita, he or she is instantly transported into a world of bright, bold colors, and beautiful handcrafted arts, crafts, and home interior items. The owner, Stephen Dabrowski, sources the majority of the items, which are made by indigenous people, from culturally rich regions within Mexico. “I try to bring in items that represent Mexico. Not in a commercial way, but in an authentic way that illustrate the history and beauty of this country,” shared Stephen.

Stephen grew up in Mexico City and often traveled on the weekends with his mother, a commercial interior designer. They would scour various locations for Mexican art pieces and other interior decorations. “My appreciation and love for well-made items that date back in Mexico’s history evolved from this childhood experience,” Stephen confided.

The majority of items that are sold in Artefakto are handmade. For instance, organic hammocks made from hemp-like string are brought in from a small town in the Yukaton. These are 100% handcrafted, including the washing and brushing of fiber to make the string and utilizing natural dye for coloring. “Very few families still make these and I like to do my best to support them,” shared Stephen.

One will also find shawls, made from black sheep wool, traditionally used as skirts. This item comes from a small town in Chiapas. “This shawl serves a functional purpose, but can also be reoriented to something in a decorative sense,” remarked Stephen.

Other items sold at Artefakto in Sayulita include Huichol bracelets and bags, bronze jewelry from Oaxaca, agave fiber bags from San Cristobal, bamboo sunglasses from Mexico City, eco-motion sculptures by Jane Maroni Organic  Design Studio in Lo De Marcos, and charcoal drawings created by an artist in Puerto Vallarta. A few items, such as textile pouches, are brought in from Peru due to the incredible fabrics that are used.

“I want people to see and experience Mexico in a new depth when they come into the shop. I want them to see what the people of Mexico are capable of creating. They are extremely creative, using nature in their livelihood, implementing beautiful colors, and they tell a story with their work. I think a lot of the great artists take pieces of ancient Mexico and recreate them in their own vision. To me, that’s the heart of Mexico,” said Stephen.