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Jan 30 2015

At Costa Verde International School, Secundaria students have initiated a project to reduce plastic use here in Sayulita. Currently as a community we use plastic bags and bottles too much when we should be using reusable bags and bottles. By doing this, we would avoid contaminating the ocean, the land, the river, and animals with garbage and harmful chemicals.

In our Environmental Science class we have talked about how many people unconscientiously throw plastic garbage in the street and the river, and then when it rains it is washed down into the ocean. We also learned that in the Pacific Ocean there are five plastic islands floating around. Recent studies reveal the discovery of micro plastic (small particles 5mm in diameter) in remote marine habitats. Marine biologists have found plastic in the stomachs of animals such as fish, birds, turtles, and other marine animals. The catastrophic thing is that due to the plastic pollution many animals are in danger. It is terrible how animals can get confused and eat plastic thinking it is food!

In class we are working on a campaign to try to change the amount of plastic that is used here in Sayulita. After learning about the chemicals in plastic we understand what the problem is, and we have an awareness about the amount of plastic being used and that plastic takes years to biograde. Now we are planning an awareness campaign to inform people about using reusable bags and bottles instead of plastic ones.

We care about the environment and as a part of our campaign we are also working on making ashtrays with recycled garafons to try to keep the beach clean.

I want to invite you to learn more about the plastic problem and to find ways in which you can reduce plastic use here in Sayulita. Tell others about “saying no” to plastic use. Let´s start setting the example and educating everyone about it, especially the little kids because they are the future.