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Dec 11 2015

In the years I have lived and had my computer store, Sayulita PC, there are two problems and concerns I address almost daily. One is Sayulita’s high humidity, combined with the heat and salt in the air. The second is dust. It is very high, and buildup within a computer's cooling system causes computer overheating. I personally lose one or two computers a year due to the Sayulita climate. So, how do we keep our PC’s and MAC’s safe and functional against Sayulita’s harsh elements?

Humidity can cause computers to rust, reducing conductivity, or worse, short circuit. For long-time residents of Sayulita, we see rust on many of our electronics. Unless you see the moisture inside the computer, a burned spot, or water residue, this is a stealth killer, and impossible to determine exactly what happened. The heat generated inside a computer can cause humidity to condense inside.

High concentration of salt in Sayulita is an enemy as well. It is a natural conductor in addition to attracting moisture. Not only in Sayulita, bringing in a computer from a hot or cold environment, inside to a different environment can cause condensation. If you live in Sayulita where it is hot outside or part time in a cold climate, let your computer adjust to the temperature before you turn it on.

When in Sayulita use your computer in an air conditioned room. Air conditioning is a natural dehumidifier. Use a dehumidifier. Not a common item around Sayulita, but they can be found. For those who can not afford either of those alternatives, a small fan blowing on the computer creating airflow can help. Keeping the computer raised to allow airflow into the vents can help. You can also buy an inexpensive fan platform that sits under the computer that helps with cooling. Never put your computer on a bed or cloth that blocks the vents.

Keeping your computer clean and free of dust is another big part of a healthy computer. Most computers cool by airflow. Air is drawn in intake vents, a fan blows the air over copper, and exits through an outflow vent with “fins”. These fins are where dust often accumulates and inhibits the airflow, causing overheating. Salt can accumulate amongst the dust and cause many connectivity problems as well. If you live in Sayulita year-round, or only during high season, your computer should be cleaned every six months to a year. You can find online tutorials or take it to a professional.