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Jan 22 2016

Whether you’re a local or here on vacation, you’ll notice that there is an abundance of great restaurants and local eateries in Sayulita. While in Mexico, we definitely recommend that you try the local fare and experience the flavors of Mexico. But what happens when you’ve had your fair share of tacos, burritos, and quesadillas? This column has been created to share the healthy options available in some of our favorite Sayulita restaurants.

Keeping up with your diet and eating consciously is difficult to do when you’re meeting up with your friends for a drink. Beer, margaritas, burgers, and fries are a staple to most bars, and this is no exception for Aaleyah’s Nachos & Wings. Aaleyah’s is located just one block from the downtown plaza on the corner of Revolucion and Ninos Heroes. This place is a definite Sayulita local favorite to catch a game, meet friends for a cerveza or two, or grab a quick bite to eat. At first glance it may seem hard to believe you can find a healthy alternative at your local watering hole, but fear not- Aaleyah’s has you covered.

The fajitas are the perfect balance of savory, rich, and filling. This dish caters to everyone with a delicious vegetarian option, grilled chicken, steak, mahi-mahi, or shrimp. An array of sizzling onions, garlic, green and yellow bell peppers with your choice of meat arrives to your table with a side of rice, a healthy portion of guacamole and black beans. Fajitas are a dime a dozen in Sayulita, but Aaleyah’s has a secret condiment that no one else has. Like it hot? Ask your waiter for a side of some special salsa. The recipe is a family secret, but the main flavors that arise are jalapeno, onion, garlic and cilantro. This salsa is thick and creamy and a great addition to any meal. For a healthier low carb option, ask your waiter to hold the side of tortillas. Be sure to bring your appetite when enjoying any of these fajitas, as the portions are very generous and will be sure to please all of your senses! Aaleyah’s fajitas prove you can consume healthy food without having to compromise on the taste.

The vibe of Aaleyah's is synonymous to Sayulita: very laid-back and casual. The restaurant caters to families (perfect for families with children), large groups, couples, and will gladly accept your furry, well behaved, four legged friend. Delicious food at a fair price, cold cerveza, one block from the plaza and beach, and a fun atmosphere – what’s not to love?