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Dec 23 2016

I am always looking for the perfect fried red snapper dish and, Eureka, I found it at Alas Blancas. First of all, look at the colorful presentation! The chef is an artist for certain.  

The fish is jumbo size, which means that the skin can be very crispy, but the inside is tender and moist. Perfect—and that’s just the way I like it. And, the fish is as fresh as can be.  he little specks on top are nicely sautéed garlic—that, with some generous squeezes of fresh lime, makes this a dish fit for Neptune. The fish should be eaten with fingers -- it's easier and you can pick out the bones since the red snapper has many. An ice-cold Pacifico is the proper accompaniment. Even the side dishes were delicious. I am coming back to Alas Blancas for this item very frequently. I am also going to try the seafood soup, also one of my favorite dishes. Everything that I saw coming out of the kitchen is done with care, taste, and artistry.

The restaurant is right on the beach at the end of Delfines, so you get a great view of the ocean along with great tastes from the ocean.  There are several tables right on the sand, a perfect place for some sunset cocktails and dinner. The margaritas are splendid; the staff is very friendly and helpful. Be alert to the fact that Alas Blancas has a menu that is 99% fish, so don’t be looking for chicken and beef dishes.

Also note that the check included a 15% service charge, so take that into consideration.