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Jul 21 2017

Jorge Mercado was born in Puebla, Mexico, but has been living in the Puerto Vallarta area for 20 years. Very passionate about photography, particularly wedding photography, he has been capturing memories of weddings for about 12 years. With over 500 weddings under his belt in the Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita area, Jorge, the owner of Jorge Mercado Photography, is a top-of-the-notch wedding photographer.

From where did your passion for photography develop?

Well, I guess I could say it developed while I was in college. I was studying Multimedia, which includes everything from communications to photography and videography. First, I made my own short films, and then I started getting passionate about photography. While I was still in college, I started working as a photographer for a big touristic company.

How would you describe your style of photography?

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a traditional photographer. Rather, I consider myself a wedding photojournalist. I always look for the true, the real, the authentic moments. I’d say 80% of the photos I take are “real” moments, with only about 20% of the photos being staged. I consider myself a storyteller, capturing true feelings and emotions out of wedding stories.

What is it about weddings that make you want to photograph them?

It’s all about stories. I love them! I’m also an occasional writer and used to write my own short film scripts. I’m kind of a romantic guy, and I particularly adore love stories. So, I love weddings and telling couples’ stories. Every wedding has a different story if you really look into it.

What do you like best about being a wedding photographer in Sayulita?

I specifically like the type of people who come to Sayulita for their destination wedding. They are generally relaxed, authentic, and very free.

What sets Jorge Mercado Photography apart from other wedding photographers in the Sayulita area?

I’ve seen a lot of my colleagues focus on mostly photography, which is great, and normal, because they are photographers. But, I focus more on the people and the human factor of photography. When I’m shooting a wedding or doing a photo session, I’m focusing on how the people react, feel, and move. For me, this is much more important than the experience people are living in front of my camera, and in the end, that´s what gives me the right photograph.

What can one expect if they hire Jorge Mercado Photography?

One can expect unique photos of their wedding day and my heart on every photo. The couple will see their wedding story from my particular point of view. It’s not just a photo or a collection of photos. It’s a storyline. The real emotions that were lived that day will be captured, and my clients will be able to live those moments and feelings again through the images. I tell my clients, especially the brides, my main goal is for them to look back on the photos 10-20 years later and be able to go back to their wedding. I want the photos to enable them to remember what they were feeling during the first dance, remember what their new husband whispered in their ear, the music in which they where dancing. I don’t want them to remember the photographer behind the camera. I simply want them to go back and relive those beautiful moments again.

I’m very passionate about photography and am very committed to taking the best possible photos. I’m always looking for ways to do a better job and improve my skills, and I’m continually attending classes / workshops. I make delivering photos to my clients in a timely manner a huge priority, and I deliver them within one week of the wedding.

You’ve received some awards for your photography. Will you tell me about this?

Well, I am a member of three of the most recognized online international wedding photography organizations, which feature most of the best photographers in the world. One is FearlessPhotographers.com and I won a Fearless award with one of my pictures. Four times a year, they have photo contests and approximately 10,000 photos are submitted, of which only about 2% are awarded. At this point in time, I don’t think there is a higher recognition for wedding photographers than a Fearless award. I’m also a member of MyWed.com. Out of more than 46,000 photographers, I am currently ranked 22nd in the world on this site. I also just joined ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers). This is a big deal because not just anyone can join. They have to accept you based on your experience and quality. Also, there´s a chance to participate in wedding photographer contests there.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I truly believe that I’m a guy with a little time machine in my hands, and it is only useful to go back and relive beautiful moments. So, therefore, I feel the responsibility to honor those special moments that are going to be lived again.