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Phone and Internet Communications in Sayulita, Mexico

INTERNET: Internet service and WI-FI hookup is available at a variety of locations in Sayulita. Internet cafes charge about $20 pesos per hour. Many Sayulita vacation rental houses provide phone lines and wi-fi. One of the locals favorites is Libreria Sayulita, the village's local bookstore (pictured).

LAPTOP CARDS:  Telcel has launched a new type of high-speed Internet card that you can plug into your laptop and receive Internet access from anywhere in Mexico that has cell service.  This is a relatively new product and details are limited.  The cost is only about $15 pesos ($1.50 USD) per day.

PAYPHONES: Payphones were installed in Sayulita in 2003 and use phone cards that can be purchased in most of the stores in $30, $50, or $100 peso values; ask for a Telmex phone card for public phones as opposed to a Telcel cell phone card. Calls to the USA or Canada from Sayulita are $5 pesos/minute.

BEWARE: Phone cards sold in the USA or Canada rarely work here in Mexico.

CELL PHONES: You will need to special order international (Mexico) service for a USA/Canada cell phone before arriving in Sayulita Mexico. Visit Sayulita's TelCel office webpage for all Sayulita cell phone information.


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