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Sea of Dreams Wedding Coordinator in Sayulita Mexico


Sea of Dreams...

Sayulita's tropical breezes, sumptuous food, and the beautiful Pacific Ocean provide the perfect backdrop to your dream wedding. Whether you’re looking for a simple beachside ceremony or a spectacular reception event, Sea of Dreams makes your dreams a reality.

We specialize in elegant, romantic Sayulita destination weddings with a touch of fun. Steeped in the traditions of Mexico, our weddings make the intense flavors and colors of "real" Mexico come alive for you and your guests.

Seven years of combined wedding experience in Sayulita, Punta de Mita and San Pancho means that we know the “hidden” local vendors and broker the best deals for you.  We work only with the best of the best, so that your wedding day is flawless. Our in-house designer guarantees that your wedding is completely unique… from rich textures and perfectly styled vintage pieces to flawless cool and white, your wedding day will reflect you.

Working exclusively on destination weddings, we also understand what it’s like to plan something from afar.   We know how important it is to be responsive, answer your questions promptly and completely, and keep you informed every step of the way. 

Sea of Dreams handles every detail of your welcome party, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception with passion, creativity, and the utmost professionalism.

Our previous brides say it all…Check out our reviews below!

For many, many more testimonials from happy newlyweds, please check out "Yazmin" or "Sea of Dreams" on the Sayulitalife.com Forum.

Reviews for Sea of Dreams Wedding Coordinator
4.93 out of 5 (based on 55 reviews)
Such good reviews here but didn't have a great experience :(
Hi everyone! I read such great reviews on this site about sea of dreams but my experience was completely different. I had a hard time just getting them to email me back. The first time I emailed nobody responded for a couple of weeks. I tried again and heard back after a week. The second time around it was during the holiday season so I can understand it may have been a busy week but still felt unprofessional. Their response finally was that they (Yazmin) weren't available but that they would set me up from somebody from their team to explain to me the process. Waited for another couple of weeks and nada. Sent another email and waited another month later.....and well here i am still with no email or any response. I hope this is one of those off character times but from my impressions so far I would not recommend this company. Wish you all soon to be hitched the best and congratulations!

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Response from Owner/Manager on 01-11-2016
Hello Cory ,

Thank you so much for your wonderful review!!! Someone from my family die thas why i was not available to reply your email , i know im not sensitive i should email you let you know that i was a little busy dealing with my grandfather death, i hope you find a wonderful planner all the best always
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Echo to Yazmin's greatness...
I cannot express how overflowing we are with admiration, respect and gratefulness to Yazmin. We were absolutely blown away with the incredible job she did to organize our wedding. Everything from the decorations, to the layout, to the gazebo, to the food selection, to the DJ, the flowers, the attention to detail, her love and organizational skills absolutely amazed us. I can echo everything beautiful that is written here about Yazmin, but no words capture how incredible she is at what she does. We celebrated our wedding in Sayulita in Oct 2015, and it couldn't have been a more perfect day. If you are considering a wedding anywhere in the area, Yazmin is your lady. She will make you feel loved, supported and at ease and will make your wedding unique and perfect for you. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.
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Our Perfect Wedding
Yazmin is the real deal. The months leading up to the wedding, I needed A LOT of attention. She'll never tell me this, of course, because she's the sweetest person on Earth. But I emailed her multiple times a day for months and needed phone dates often. She always accommodated me and made me feel better with just one conversation. When I finally met her in person, I knew I chose the right coordinator. Her attention to detail is amazing. I could tell her 20 things I needed, and without writing it down, she gets to it and gets it done.

On the day of the actual wedding, she really proved how valuable she was. The day was smooth, everything went as planned, and I didn't have to worry about ONE thing. I even gave her some last minute craft projects I couldn't finish before I left home, and she took care of it without hesitation. She helped calm me down and think positively. I worried for weeks it would rain, and even though the day's report said 100% chance of rain during my entire wedding...she just smiled at me and told me she knew it wouldn't. And sure enough, perfect day and night!

Yazmin is like a style mind reader and knows exactly what I wanted with very little supervision. All I did was pin some ideas to pinterest and viola, she created the exact wedding that fit my style and personality. Simple, vintage, and very pretty. Every single detail was perfect, I wouldn't change a thing....except maybe the humidity =)

Yazmin, you were my angel that day. Our wedding was beautiful and memorable because of you. And now all my friends and family are re-living the best day ever through photos. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!

Erica and Juan
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Best wedding ever!
We had visited Sayulita for a couple years before making the decision to marry in Sayulita. We were given Yazmin's name by a contact who managed one of the houses we stayed in. He said she was great and he was right! Without a doubt, Yazmin did an absolutely amazing job. She was so easy to work with. We live in the U.S. and with just one phone call and emails, we were able to plan truly the best wedding ever. I am an event planner professionally myself and she exceeded all expectations. She even stepped in to help my bridesmaids plan a shower for me and came to rescue day of when we had an issue with the food for bridesmaids. All the extra people she/we hired were amazing as well (ie hair/make-up, photog, etc). I would highly recommend her to anyone. On top of it all, Yazmin is an absolute pleasure to work with and feel blessed to have been able to get to know her! Big love for Yazmin and Sea of Dreams.
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Yazmin was a dream
There is literally nothing we would change about the wedding we just had in Sayulita, and it was all because of Yazmin's amazing work. Doing a destination wedding can be really stressful because you're not able to meet with vendors or check out venues yourself - Yazmin allayed all of our fears and went above and beyond to make our wedding amazing. Once we arrived in Sayulita, we had almost nothing to worry about thanks to her hard work. Even though we didn't give her a lot of feedback on decorations or colors, everything at the venue looked amazing and ran like clockwork. Instead of trying to run everything ourselves, leaving things in Yazmin's capable hands let us truly enjoy our wedding with our friends and family.

Yazmin is kind, patient, resourceful, whip-smart, and super stylish. You can put all of your trust in her and you'll never be disappointed.
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Dream wedding come true!
Planning a destination wedding in another country has the potential for a lot of unknowns. Yazmin and her team removed any anxiety I had from the planning process! She took the few inspiration images I had assembled and transformed our wedding space into a version that far surpassed our expectations. She was our concierge for the week, going above and beyond-- organizing excursions for our guests, and doing last minute supply runs when our Welcome Party venue had to be changed because of the threat of rain. All of our friends were always asking how they could help, or what did we need? We needed nothing---Yazmin took care of it all!

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We first traveled to Sayulita in February of 2014 to look at possible wedding locations. Being from a small Alaskan town with a guest list of over 140 I knew first off, we needed a community like our own. Replacing raingear for ponchos and whiskey for tequila. Yazmin took time out of her schedule to meet us, not knowing whether or not we would even get married in Sayulita. She showed us venue options, answered questions, ease any worries or concerns. We ate lunch and talked over venues and emailed her within an hour asking her to be our lady.... she said yes!

January 2015. I married the love of my life and Yazmin was our lady. During the whole week she answered any email I sent within minutes, helped my now mother in law with the rehearsal dinner, made sure we had food at the reception, made sure my parents ate at the reception, checked in numerous times to make sure we had everything and anything we could possible want. She even went above and beyond and arranged everything for my mom's surprise 60th birthday at Don Pedro's palapa two days later.

I feel beyond blessed to have met Yazmin. This isn't just a job to her, she loves what she does and it shows. There are people you meet in your life that make you feel good, that truly care, and that you'll never forget. Yazmin is that kind of person. Genuine.
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We couldn't have pulled off our wedding without her!!
From the moment we met Yazmin we knew that we wanted her to be our wedding coordinator! It was truly a pleasure working with her. She is very professional, responsive (which is so important when planning a destination wedding), and has great vendor contacts. We couldn't have pull off our wedding without her. It was super easy working with her on creating our dream wedding. I sent her a few photos and ideas which generally showed what we wanted the wedding to look like and she took it and ran. It was so awesome to see our ideas come together, and Yazmin added her own touches which were perfectly inline with what we had envisioned for our wedding. She nailed it - our wedding was so beautiful. Yazmin also planned our welcome party and rehearsal dinner, and gave great recommendations for lodging, eats and activities for our guests. We just felt like she was taking care of us the whole week and if she was stressed at all she never showed it. She's simply amazing and really the nicest person ever!
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Beyond all Expectations!
I can't say enough wonderful things about Yazmin. We had never been to Sayulita and took a chance on planning our wedding from afar with Yazmin, and it was the best decision we made!We arrived in Sayulita a few days before the wedding and were finally able to meet face to face, and in that one meeting all my stress melted away. Yazmin handled every detail and I could tell she would make sure everything went smoothly.

I was blown away when I arrived at the palapa for the ceremony. Yazmin had taken my inspiration photos and made them a reality. We had a reasonable budget but nothing crazy and I really feel Yazmin made the most of every dollar. Never pressuring us to go beyond our original budget and finding the best vendors to fit our needs.

I've been in a lot of weddings and I have to say I had the most relaxed wedding day of any bride I've ever seen. Yazmin handled all the interaction with the vendors, the set up of the venue and the breakdown of everything. Our only job that day was to enjoy ourselves and soak it all in.
It was an absolute joy to work with Yazmin and I would recommend her a thousand times over.
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10 out of 10!!!!
Wow...just wow. She was great in her emails and our phone calls and we were very ready to meet her and finalize the details she sent us in advance. My wife and I chose Sayulita without having stepped foot in the rustic Mexican town and were ready for an adventurous wedding week. Yazmin met us with a HUGE smile and a warm hug and from there we were off. She introduced us to her favorite places around town and helped us get to know our bearings. After a few days of relaxing it was time to get serious. She planned a dinner tasting as a nice surprise for us and was gracious enough to have a drink with us as we basked in the glorious food and atmosphere. She had every detail pinned down and ready for us as our questions went flying. Next thing we knew it was the BIG DAY. She was at our villa nice and early and was in full on "this is gonna be the best day of your lives" mode. She had everything set up and getting ready like a well oiled machine with a huge smile.

My wife and I had some spare time before the ceremony and we and our 20+ guests hit Don Pedros for a few cocktails before the big event. When we returned to the villa it was like nothing we had ever seen...to call it beautiful is an insult. Everything was set up and done to perfection. Yazmin was literally ready for anything that day/evening...I mean even when the power went out in the entire town, she was ready for that. We had locked down a mariachi band for our cocktail hour while Beth and I took our photos. Towards the end of the ceremony it was obvious power went kaput as our officiant lost the use of the microphone. As we were pronounced hubby & wife we turned to walk down to what was going to be a special song for us and heard no music. We decided to wing it and 3 steps in we looked up and Yazmin had the entire mariachi band on the balcony ready to go and go they did...they gave us the most amazing music to walk up the stairs to as if it was planned months in advance. THATS excelling at your job. Everything that night was perfect (except the humidity) and even when the entire wedding party (yes...the entire wedding party & guests) ended up in the pool (clothes on) Yazmin joined us and let herself enjoy the moment.

She is forever a friend and now an exterior family member and will always be #1 on our list of people to visit when we return to Sayulita every time. There may be less expensive options out there for a wedding planner, but when comparing apples to apples..why not choose the brightest star? Yazmin is that star!
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4.93 out of 5 (based on 55 reviews)