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Sea of Dreams Wedding Coordinator in Sayulita Mexico


Sea of Dreams...

Sayulita's tropical breezes, sumptuous food, and the beautiful Pacific Ocean provide the perfect backdrop to your dream wedding. Whether you’re looking for a simple beachside ceremony or a spectacular reception event, Sea of Dreams makes your dreams a reality.

We specialize in elegant, romantic Sayulita destination weddings with a touch of fun. Steeped in the traditions of Mexico, our weddings make the intense flavors and colors of "real" Mexico come alive for you and your guests.

Seven years of combined wedding experience in Sayulita, Punta de Mita and San Pancho means that we know the “hidden” local vendors and broker the best deals for you.  We work only with the best of the best, so that your wedding day is flawless. Our in-house designer guarantees that your wedding is completely unique… from rich textures and perfectly styled vintage pieces to flawless cool and white, your wedding day will reflect you.

Working exclusively on destination weddings, we also understand what it’s like to plan something from afar.   We know how important it is to be responsive, answer your questions promptly and completely, and keep you informed every step of the way. 

Sea of Dreams handles every detail of your welcome party, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception with passion, creativity, and the utmost professionalism.

Our previous brides say it all…Check out our reviews below!

For many, many more testimonials from happy newlyweds, please check out "Yazmin" or "Sea of Dreams" on the Sayulitalife.com Forum.

Reviews for Sea of Dreams Wedding Coordinator
4.91 out of 5 (based on 65 reviews)
Reynolds In Paradise!
Having a wedding planner first of all made our lives so much easier and less stressful. Having a wedding planner like Yazmin made our wedding unforgettable. She is so sweet and her attention to detail made our wedding so special and personalized perfectly for the two of us. Our wedding was at Teitiare Estate which is a private beach with breathe taking views and we felt like our wedding was a paradise fairy tale.

Thank you so much Yazmin!
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Yazmin was ON IT and made sure everything was perfect for us!
Yazmin was absolutely amazing! She went above and beyond to make sure our wedding week was perfect. She coordinated everything from the welcome party, wedding, rehearsal dinner, pool party and food the day of. She even drove us 45 minutes to Costco to make sure that we had what we needed for our stay.

I was not stressed at all because she was able to take care of everything for me!

She was so incredibly nice and accommodating and we are so happy that we hired her for our wedding week!
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You couldn't ask for better
Yazmin did an amazing job with our wedding and I can't thank her enough! I told her more or less what I wanted, showed her some images and she made it all become reality without me having to be specific. If you're planning to get married in another country you have to let go of some control and trust it will all be fine and she made it more than fine - she made it beautiful and great. She ran around on the day of making sure everything was perfect. She even drove our drunken guests home at the end of the night when their cab was late (I'm SO sorry and thank you!!). She takes her job to heart and loves what she does and it's so apparent. She also helped us with a welcome party and a breakfast after and was so helpful. She's amazing and laid back, but still gets everything done - even the small details you mention in passing. Thank you again and again Yazmin!
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Day of coordination good. Communication before really poor
We read so many great reviews prior to engaging Sea of Dreams, so were confident our decision would be a great one, but we were left feeling pretty underwhelmed by the overall experience. The coordination of the set up on the wedding day itself though was great (apart from a couple of elements flagged below) - Yazmin and her team really did a great job on the day. I had just wished that the planning element matched this level of service... it really felt like my wedding wasn't important and they didn't care prior to this...

1) communication was really poor - I would ask the same question multiple times without getting an answer. I don't think we were contacted once pro-actively, it was always us following up.

2) negotiations - we were told that they would negotiate on our behalf with vendors, but it felt like prices were being inflated/no proactive negotiations were taken place (e.g. we asked how much it would cost for a handful of leaves to be used in the centre of table as decoration and I was quoted $50USD per table!! - nearly the cost of my bridesmaid bouquets).

3) Minimal information - Information came in piece-meal style, it was very frustrating getting complete information or being presented with different options... One example was when I asked if there were any florists in Sayulita that I could get some extra flowers to use sparingly throughout the venue I was told there wasn't... yet I drove past one as I came into Sayulita! And instead of suggesting I went to the neighbouring town where there were two, no suggestions were made... I ended up spending less than $50USD and getting tons of additional foliage and flowers to use across the venue.

4) Lack of attention
- We had hoped to get married in Mexico legally. Yazmin reassured us on multiple times that the process was really simple and she would guide us through the whole process (as noted in the contract), but a few weeks prior to the wedding, I wanted some extra reassurance and checked we hadn't missed anything - there was a fundamental document I would need as a British Citizen that I could only get after 10 days being in Mexico, or from within the UK. I was getting married 5 days after arriving in Mexico, so neither option was possible. We were devastated as it hadn't been flagged to us... when we told Yazmin, her response was just 'OK'...

- We had planned to meet Yazmin at our venue after arriving in Mexico - she didn't turn up. She sent the owner of the venue instead, despite the fact we had never even met or spoken in person and it was a couple of days before the wedding and we hadn't discussed set up or anything. The owner of the venue asked us whether we still wanted to talk to her, and if so he would have to call her over.

- When my bouquet arrived, it looked exactly what I had envisioned, but it looked partially dead (my mum even pulled a dried up branch out) - by the ceremony and photos, my flowers were falling out everywhere. My husband's button hole had completely died before I walked down the aisle (it looked so bad we had to take it off for photos). I sent shots of the type of arrangements we were hoping for, but I assumed flowers would be selected and stored in a way suitable for the climate... I was hoping some quality control was in place before giving me dead flowers.

- As part of the contract, we were told they would write us a budget. Despite knowing our budget, they sent us one that was nearly 3 times what we had told them.

5) Coordination
- I gave Yazmin my vowels to pass onto the celebrant before I arrived... she didn't give them to him. Luckily I had a spare copy that I brought with me in the car when I arrived.

- At the end of the night, I was told I had to take my cake with me... in a white dress, on a golf cart and after celebrating... no heads up, I just got it put in my hands!

Overall, I found our interactions with these guys really stressful - having not planned a wedding before, and being out-of-country I was relying on these guys to help reassure and guide me through the process. I reluctantly didn't escalate the above points throughout the planning period, as I didn't want to set a negative tone prior to the wedding, and after sending full payment.
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Response from Owner/Manager on 05-12-2016
Dear Vicki ,

Thank you so much or your feedback about our work, i really appreciate that you take the time to write this review, we read it carefully and we want to first apologize because you didn't have the experience that you was expecting, at the same time we hear very careful all the points and as you mention i want to get back to you in each point , why because we work so hard as a team to plan a beautiful day for you and all your guest, and i think if you use this forum we will use the same forum to get back to you and i think is fear to people know our point of view

We really apologize for this situation, sometimes part of the information we don't know the answer and we depend from another vendors so thas why takes longer from me to reply , but , now for the new weddings we have more staff to reply our clients faster so i really appreciate your advice :)
2.- Negotiations - You want me to reduce the prices that the vendors was providing to me , you have a proposal in the beginning and you know the prices , but you don't want to pay their fee or their prices because you think they are expensive ( Sayulita is a destination spot ) and all the prices are more expensive compare to another venues in Mexico ) not our fault and you don't want to pay for their work thas why you decide to cut flowers from the houses in town
3.-3) Minimal information, We work with our team our dj , florist , cater , musicians , but you want options , i was very clear i feel comfortable working with my vendors why because i know they are super professionals , they are always on time and we can trust them , thas why , when someone want to work with us we really have our team ,but for you Mexico was always super expensive :( but you know that , because you live in a destination town and you know prices are higher again nothing to do with us
) Lack of attention You say that i only answer in the email , when you mention the legal marriage , and i say ok , why i found this email and this answer from you say that you and George decide that you don't want to be stressful here the emails, i don't understand why you are not saying the true

Hello Vicki ,
I spoke to the government to the lady who is in charge about the legal marriage and she say is not any problem that you can get arried here and if you need to apostille your doc is fine you can do it , but your marriage will be legal for sure :)

About the flowers Why you say that George didn't use the boutonniere I'm attaching you the photo where George is wearing his boutonniere and your bouquet you are not saying the true again

Why you say i didn't arrive to our first meeting , yes i was late 10 minutes but i send Alonso ( part of my staff ) to show the place and after 10 minutes we went to don pedros to have lunch george order a fish sandwich remember George was going to the airport was that day i don't understand why you are not saying the true :(

About the cake was 5 slices of cake and i never see a bride caring his dessert you want to take it that night, a lot of couples decide to leave it at the venue , but you decide that you want to take it so no one touch your cake , i don't know if you remember, i pack all your stuff i was caring your heavy luggage because you don't want to carry your bag

I cant only wish you all the best, i hope you find the happiness that you are looking for :) all the best

Sea of Dreams Weddings
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Above & Beyond!
I first met Yazmin at a good friend's wedding 3 years ago. Have you ever been to a wedding and remembered who the wedding planner is..? I hadn't, but her professionalism, amazing creativeness and kindness made her stand out. So, when my now husband and I got engaged and we decided to get married in Sayulita, we absolutely had to have Yazmin as our wedding planner. Long story short, ever since day one she was very attentive and extremely helpful. She took our vision and created an absolutely beautiful wedding so far beyond our expectations. Everything flowed flawlessly! At times it felt difficult or seemed difficult for us to plan a wedding from afar, but Yazmin proved that we had absolutely nothing to worry about! We have had so many of our family and friends say that our wedding was the best wedding they had ever been to and we owe much of that honor to Yazmin and Sea of Dreams! Thank you!
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Wow! We are without enough words to describe how amazing Yazmin was!
Yazmin and her crew were absolutely incredible! We had never been to Sayulita but knew that we were in hands we could trust. Every picture we had seen of events she has organized, designed, and thrown previously were enough to let us know she was going to be perfect for us! We knew we wanted to limit the pressure of wedding week by hiring a coordinator, and I cannot recommend Yazmin enough. Everything went off without a hitch (except for us getting hitched, of course), the bride and groom got to dance the night away, and everyone got home (or to the after party) by taxis that she arranged from Don Pedro's Palapa-it was wonderful to have a local, connected, helping hand throughout and we couldn't have done it without her! We could not stop telling her how amazing and beautiful everything turned out all throughout the night and everyone was in awe of the wedding! Muchas, muchas Gracias, Yazmin!
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Hire Yazmin!!!! You won't regret it!!!
I can't say enough about Yazmin, her sister, and Sea of Dreams weddings. First of all, they are so sweet, relaxed and accommodating. Really just great people. Second of all, Yazmin has an amazing sense of design as I'm sure you can see by her Facebook. I was pretty nervous going in, as I had never met her in person, nor had I ever even been to Puerto Vallarta! Yazmin went and visited the venue and checked out everything for us. From the flowers (which were beautiful and super inexpensive compared to US prices), to the food, late night tacos and donkey, eve thing was amazing!! Seriously! Hire her. She not only makes things beautiful and elegant... Even on a super tight budget... But she is also able to capture ur unique style... You won't get a cookie cutter wedding like you would with a resort. Great people, great company, great result! We truly consider Yazmin a friend, that I hope will visit us in Chile!
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Yaz and her team are Wizards!
Yaz is amazing. She really is a marvel of organization and style - the perfect mix for any couple trying to plan a Sayulita wedding from afar. She is indispensable as there literally would have been no way for us to plan it from Canada where we live. What I loved about Yaz (besides her style and class) was her willingness to accommodate us - nothing was impossible, and it was never too late to add in something or make a last minute change. I loved that - the afternoon of our wedding we decided to add in a Fireworks show - and of course, she made it happen with a flick of her hand! I would hire her again in a second and recommend her to anyone looking for a stylish, elegant, perfectly-executed wedding in Sayulita!
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Outstanding! Everything was perfect
We couldn't have done our wedding without Yaz. She went over and above and just made everything happen perfectly. The service level was amazing and she just took care of everything so that we didn't have to worry about things. We could not have been happier and we would recommend her to anyone!
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Such good reviews here but didn't have a great experience :(
Hi everyone! I read such great reviews on this site about sea of dreams but my experience was completely different. I had a hard time just getting them to email me back. The first time I emailed nobody responded for a couple of weeks. I tried again and heard back after a week. The second time around it was during the holiday season so I can understand it may have been a busy week but still felt unprofessional. Their response finally was that they (Yazmin) weren't available but that they would set me up from somebody from their team to explain to me the process. Waited for another couple of weeks and nada. Sent another email and waited another month later.....and well here i am still with no email or any response. I hope this is one of those off character times but from my impressions so far I would not recommend this company. Wish you all soon to be hitched the best and congratulations!

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4.91 out of 5 (based on 65 reviews)