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Saint Luke's Hospitals in Sayulita Mexico

Saint Luke's Hospital in Sayulita

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Full range of medical services
Highly qualified and certified personnel
Pre-hospital & Hospital Care
Ambulance Services
Onsite Pharmacy

Saint Luke's Hospitals is a company with over 18 years of experience. Saint Luke's hospital's group with the highest growth and presence in Cabo San Lucas, now available in Sayulita to provide the best medical services to the local community, national and foreign tourists. 

The medical team of Saint Luke's Hospitals is formed by highly qualified and certified personnel, to attend any type of emergency, providing quality medical attention and with a great sense of responsibility, where your health is our priority.

Saint Luke's Hospitals have highly qualified emergency medical doctors in our emergency room, available 24 hours a day to provide the best care in critical cases, where response time is vital.

We have a full range of medical services including advanced surgical specialties, a full complement of inpatient and outpatient services, and full laboratory services and prehospital care. Other general services include preventive medical checks for an accurate diagnosis of your health.

• Anesthesiology and pain management
• Cardiology
• Cardiovascular surgery
• Endocrine surgery
• General Surgery
• Maxillofacial Surgery
• Pediatric surgery
• Plastic surgery
• Epidemiology
• Coloproctology
• Gastroenterology
• Gynecology and Obstetrics
• Critical Care Medicine Intensive
• Aesthetic Medicine
• Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
• Internal Medicine
• Nephrology
• Neonatology
• Pneumology
• Neurosurgery
• Neurology
• Clinical nutrition and obesity
• Odontology
• Surgical oncology
• Orthopedics and Traumatology
• Otorhinolaryngology
• Pediatrics
• Psychiatry
• Radiology and imaging
• Urology

Saint Luke's Hospital's main objective is to take care of your health, so we present the services we provide to meet your needs according to our mission and values that we carry out every day to provide medical excellence with human warmth.

• Land and air ambulance.
• Minimally Invasive Surgery.
• Nursing care at home. Peritoneal dialysis.
• Pulmonary physiotherapy.
• Gastroenterology.
-Low digestive colonoscopy. -Digestive Endoscopy. - 24-hour oesophageal gastritis.  -Oesophageal manometry.
• Hospitalization.
• Imaging.
-Tomography of 32 cuts. -Modern digital -Ultrasound of breast. -Orthophotography. -Ultrasound. - Simple digital X-ray.
• Laboratory and Pathology.
-Haematology and coagulation;   -Blood chemist;    -Hormones (chemiluminescence);   -Serology;    -Coproparasitic;    Elementary microscopic urine;   -Cultures: urine;   -Mycological;    -Kidney stones
• Emergency room. Advanced cardiology service: - Transthoracic cardiocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart); -Doppler color (Carotid vascular ultrasound); -Preoperative assessment for detection of cardiovascular risk; -Electrocardiogram at rest;   - Testing of effort with a band;   -Holter (Monitoring frequency and the heart rate).
• Respiratory therapy services.
• Advanced neurology service.
• Neonatology Services;    -Neonatal intermediate intensive therapy;    -Growth and development
• Pre-hospital Medical Services at home:   -Extracorporeal lithotripsy;   -Percutaneous and endoscopic procedures (Laser use);    -Vasectomy;   -Microsurgery to reverse vasectomy (Vasovasoanastomosis);   -Varicocele.
• Preventive medicine.
• Regenerative medicine;   -Stem cell treatment.
• Odontology:   -Dental implants;   -Oral surgery;   -Periodontics;   -Dental Therapy;   -Endodontics.
• Ophthalmology.
• Physical rehabilitation.
• Medical equipment rental:  -Wheelchair, -Oxygen Concentrators, - Pediatric and adult nebulizers, -CPAP (Equipment for sleep apnea) -Mulets, -Scooter (Electric).
• Critical care unit (ICU)
• Trauma Shock Unit

Please click HERE to see all the National and International Insurers we Saint Luke's Hospital collaborate with.

Send us a message or call with any questions! We are here for you!

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Very compassionate and caring. Thank you
I would like to thank everyone at Saint Luke’s Hospital for their attentive, professional care. After being admitted in pain with a back injury I was quickly made to feel more comfortable both emotionally and physically by all of the staff including the Baywatch Ambulance team, Elena at the front desk, the nurses Hugo and Uzid, and Dr Helios who took the time I needed to explain my treatment options. I am grateful to you all.
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Experienced: November, 2021
Girlfriend went in for an IV for a few hours and found out a couple weeks later we were charged $9,000 USD and that was after putting down a $2000 deposit while at the hospital. Do not go here. They will confused you with endless amounts of paperwork and you will be liable for an absolutely absurd bill!! Complete and total joke of a hospital. A TOTAL SCAM!!!
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Experienced: September, 2020
Amazing service
Went for a pretty bad ear infection, doctor and staff were so nice and helpful and I walked away paying very little money with my medication. HIGHLY recommend.
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Experienced: August, 2020
Great service, great price!!!!
Visited during New year with my husband who stood on a sea urchin and had 10 needles left in his foot. We were told it would cost around 1100 pesos for the consultation, my husband was treated very well, the doctor gave him an injection to numb the area and he removed the needles in around 30 minutes. We were then given an invoice for 15,500 pesos around £650 pounds, we were a bit taken a back by the ridiculous charges but paid up and claimed on our travel insurance. We were told later that it would of been so much cheaper to go to the smaller medical centre in town.
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Experienced: December, 2019
This place is super professional
This place is super professional.
The staff is amazing and super Patient.
If you have any health issues I really recommend you to get there.
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Experienced: April, 2019
Do not go there
It’s a total rip offI had guests that went to the emergencyNo running water. 2 bags of IV fluid. N for 4 hoursDo a couple of blood tests, and without any diagnosis wanted her to be taking antibioticsSt Luke’s tried to charge them 60,000 pesosWhen their insurance company called and asked for the documentation, they waived the cost
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Experienced: April, 2019
We are extremely pleased with the services of the Saint Luke's Hospital
We recently visited Mexico (Feb 2019) my husband had a medical issue..thought it was an old injury(wire left in hip area from previous surgery) the pain made it impossible for him to walk..we reported to the doctor on site at Los Cameron resort in Guayabitos..we were assessed..travelled by ambulance to hospital in Sayulita for further examination(of which I'd like to add..the premises are lovely)then transported to Puerto Vallarta where he immediately recieved a CT scan..a orthopedic surgeon was called and on site waiting in case surgery was necessary ...this was not the case..it was a muscle pinching a nerve which caused so much pain and surgery was not needed..my husband and I were consulted by this orthopedic surgeon and he was then prescribed something to relieve tension...advised of special ongoing exercise instructions to assist (of which both remedies do help)
We were transported back to our resort the same night..altho this did take several hours..the service and response was extraordinary..very warm..friendly and efficient staff..doctors and nurse.
We are extremely pleased with the services of the Saint Luke's Hospital personal and of course the EMS units team as well
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Experienced: March, 2019
Beware! Nothing Short of Stealing
I took my friend to this hospital a few weeks ago. She had been feeling unwell for several days with viral symptoms. Ten hours, one saline drip, a stool and urine sample, a diagnosis of a bladder infection and $4000 US later, I took her home. Yes, $4000. Turns out it was not a bladder infection. Whatever it was remained undiagnosed (probably a viral infection) did not require the over night stay and could in no possible way been worth a fraction of the cost. This hospital also owns the clinic by the Pemex. The company has also been reported from other parts of Mexico for overcharging. No matter how sick you are, it is worth driving less than a half hour south to the wonderful CMQ. Hospital in Bucerias.
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Experienced: March, 2019
Highly Recommended
So happy to have found this hospital during our vacation in Nayarit !! excellent attention from the staff and all was very good .. so recommended ...
Thank you Saint Luke!
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Experienced: February, 2019
Saint Luke's Hospital in Sayulita Mexico
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Saint Luke's Hospital
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24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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Credit Cards
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