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Burrito Revolution in Sayulita Mexico


Burrito Revolution is located on Calle Jose Mariscal, just around the corner from the Sayulita Church in the center of town.

Burrito Revolution in Sayulita is like none other in Mexico (and perhaps the world!)  The incredibly delicious burritos are handmade from the freshest ingredients and served hot off the grill to waiting customers.

Because each burrito is prepared fresh for you, most likely, you will have to wait in line to get your custom burrito.  But hey, the person in front and behind you, probably waited in line the day before and they are back for more.  The tastes are simply out of this world.

"Revolution is what's for dinner tonight"

Sayulita’s Burrito Revolution offers a variety of custom created menu items.  Here is a sample of the fair we offer:

Our burritos are outstanding but our three sauces will blow you away.  Patricia makes them fresh every morning and you are certain to find a favorite.  Orange, green and red.  They range from mild and fresh to delicious and spicy.

Burrito Revolution is truly on the “must-eat” list of Sayulita restaurants.  Try one, and you will be back for more. Guaranteed!

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Closed Mondays).Telephone: 322 104 3354

Visit us in Puerto Vallarta Basilio Badillo across the street from Café De Olla (Downtown)
Telephone: 322 104 3354

We look forward to serving you one of our famous burritos soon!


Reviews for Burrito Revolution
4.89 out of 5 (based on 62 reviews)
Love the burritos but the hot sauces were the best I've ever tasted. Patty, the owner was so friendly and after chatting with her we figured out that we grew up in the same nieborhood in SF. Love this place - it's casual and inexpensive and soooo yummy!! I will be coming back for sure.
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Best Spot In Town
Fantastic. I just wanted to keep going back for more all week long. Fantastic burritos and friendly service. Don't skip this place if you are in Sayulita!
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This is a must stop, great burritos.
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Awesome vegetarian burritos
Nutritious, filling, and sooooo tasty. We ate here twice in one week. The staff were friendly and helpful (my Spanish sucks), and the wait times were reasonable during a busy time of year.
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After 6 trips to Sayulita, this remains our hungry-lunch-go-to. One with the extras will feed 2 average appetites but if you have large sons, as we do, they will down one each, then go light on dinner. Consistently great.
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best burrito EVER
Went recently & had the Mahi-Mahi burrito, 'super' style (with cheese, sour cream & avocado added)....and put the medium salsa on it. Seriously the BEST burrito I've ever eaten, hands down. And I live in Arizona, and have for awhile, and burritos are a staple here. I should have bought a bunch of the medium salsa to bring home with me...or at least one bottle & a few burritos! It was delicious. (And, I'm a bit of a foodie!)
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YES PLEASE! Its been 5 months since I left Sayulita....
....and a day doesn't pass that I don't CRAVE a Burrito Revolution. Best Burritos in Mexico.
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Best burrito
The food was so fresh and the owner was really fun to talk to. We ate there twice and will be back next year.
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Best Burroto
Antonio gave us special treatment while simply providing the best food in town. Our favorite place!
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The best burrito and the friendliest owner.
We had the best burrito ever.
The 3 kind of spicy sauce home made was super.I never tasted any thing as good as that.
The owner was fun , very nice and welcoming.
We will go back.
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4.89 out of 5 (based on 62 reviews)