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Burrito Revolution in Sayulita Mexico

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Burrito Revolution is now located on Calle Jose Mariscal, just around the corner from the Sayulita Church in the center of town.

Burrito Revolución in Sayulita Mexico is like none other in Mexico (and perhaps the world!)  The incredibly delicious burritos are handmade from the freshest ingredients and served hot off the grill to waiting customers.

Because each burrito is prepared fresh for you, most likely, you will have to wait in line to get your custom burrito.  But hey, the person in front and behind you, probably waited in line the day before and they are back for more.  The tastes are simply out of this world.

"Revolution is what's for dinner tonight"

Sayulita’s Burrito Revolución offers a variety of custom created menu items.  Here is a sample of the fair we offer:


Our burritos are outstanding but our three sauces will blow you away.  Patricia makes them fresh every morning and you are certain to find a favorite.  Orange, green and red.  They range from mild and fresh to delicious and spicy.

Burrito Revolución is truly on the “must-eat” list of Sayulita restaurants.  Try one, and you will be back for more. Guaranteed!

Summer Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM Closed Mondays.

Visit both locations:

Now also open in Puerto Vallarta Basilio Badillo #156 Tel: 322-223-0438

We look forward to serving you one of our famous burritos soon!


Puerto Vallarta location is closed from August 15th through October 10th

Sayulita location will be closing August 22nd through October 10th

Recommendations for Burrito Revolution
Rating: 4.9 out of 5 (based on 42 reviews)
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delicious burritos and charming owner

Get a burrito here for either dining there or take out

Recommended by: Randy and Mary (Northern California)
On: 03/19/14
|Date of Stay: March, 2014
Best tacos we have had in Sayulita!

This place has the best tacos! Great price and cold beer, what more could you ask for? We probably haven't tried all the tacos in town but have been to a lot of places in Sayulita and Burrito Revolution has been the best so far. Delicious! You won't regret the visit.

Recommended by: Don and Patty (Abbotsford, BC)
On: 03/18/14
|Date of Stay: February, 2014
Killer burritos!

This was by far one of my favorite meals in Sayulita. My only regret is that I didn't try it earlier on my trip. Really delish, fresh and full of flavor, the salsa verde is yummy!

Recommended by: Cynthia (California )
On: 01/22/14
|Date of Stay: January, 2014
The Best Burittos in Sayulita, no question about it! We love every item on the menu!

We returned to Sayulita after a 3 year absence to find out our favourite resaurant had moved, but, the Burritos are still the best that we have ever tasted. Whether you choose, fish, meat or vegie, each and every burrito is made to perfection. As I am writing this recommendation, I feel hungry for a Burrito Revolution burrito.

Recommended by: Principal Donna Herringer & Associates Donna Herringer (White Rock, BC, Canada)
On: 12/27/13
|Date of Stay: December, 2013
Best Burritos. Period.

Antonio and his son (and possibly the odd Aztec virgin) make the best Burritos bar none. I always eat the Mahi Mahi burrito because I can't get enough of them. Their sauces are to die for- (they need to mass produce and sell their Chipotle sauce - it would fly off the shelf)! I can't really say enough about how perfect these burritos are..you'll need to find out for yourself!

Recommended by: Effie B (Squamish, BC, Canada)
On: 12/16/13
|Date of Stay: December, 2013
Really great place

Vegetarian is my favorite

Recommended by: Brenda (Coquitlam, B.C. Canada)
On: 04/10/14
|Date of Stay: November, 2013
Not that great

I do not recommend Burrito Revolution eww!!

Recommended by: SayulitaSweetie (Florida)
On: 12/06/13
|Date of Stay: November, 2013
My mind has been blown!

This place is, simply put, amazing. I am pretty sure that I would die happy if I could eat this every day for the rest of my life. It is THAT good. The owner and his son are extremely nice, friendly and just all around good people who go out of their way to treat guests well. On top of the incredible food, I had an awesome conversation with the owner about life, war and politics. I can't think of a better way to enjoy my burrito. Viva la revolucion!

Recommended by: Indira (Seattle, WA)
On: 11/04/13
|Date of Stay: October, 2013
Best Food in Sayulita

This restaurant is not your typical restaurant in Sayulita. Of course it has charm, yes it has delicious burritos (you cannot go wrong with any combinations), but what Burrito Revolution has that no other place has are Antonio and Fabian. The two of them form a great father/son relationship over their burritos and they share that warmth with their customers. We are in the middle of our honeymoon here in Sayulita and have eaten at Burrito Revolution three times (and will easily make a fourth trip before we leave). Coming from San Antonio, Texas (land of burritos and Alamos), we have had our share of burritos. These are none like any other we’ve ever had. The ingredients are so fresh, from the tortillas to the hot sauces, everything here has been perfected. We have also had the most genuine conversations with the staff and have listened to great Jazz infusion music, argued whether the Beatles or the Rolling Stones are best, and even learned a lot about Mexican heritage and all things revolution-inspiring (yes, even the burritos). The staff is so friendly and even opened their kitchen to my husband and I to make us a late-night burrito and beer. They are exceptional. You do not want to miss out on the great food, great conversations, and great atmosphere. A definite MUST on your list of TO DO in Sayulita.

Recommended by: kokelcl (San Antonio, TX)
On: 10/27/13
|Date of Stay: October, 2013

Best BURRITOS we've EVER had ! Try the chicken burrito and make it SUPER (avocado, sour cream, cheese)! Service was EXCELLENT! Very clean and Nice little restaurant! A MUST while in Sayulita!

Recommended by: MARIE (Canada)
On: 08/11/13
|Date of Stay: August, 2013
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Burrito Revolution


Antonio & Patricia


322. 117. 5142


Jose Mariscal #10 Sayulita Centro


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