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Amigos de Sayulita

Contact Information

Name: Heather Murray
Email: heatherinsayulita@hotmail.com
Telephone #1: 045- (322) 141-5994

April 20, 2009

Hola Amigos,

     What a super great day this has been.  I have been blessed with so many people helping in so many ways.  This is a wonderful way to spend my time and life, and to be in beautiful Sayulita as well just makes it that much better.  I have a couple things to report, so please read on.

     We recently received a huge donation of a new refrigerator to the Daycare in Tamarindo, and I can't even put into words how grateful and excited the Senora and her staff were. Not only is the refrigerator new, but it is almost twice the size of the old one and will make their daily lives much much easier.  Thank you so much to all those who helped to make this happen, your generosity has tripled the wonderful feeling in this place for children.  They are still in need of a few napping mats, diapers, and some plastic shelving, so keep that in mind.

     The Drop Center for Amigos de Sayulita has also moved. It is now located at the Bookstore on Calle Miramar. They are open daily, and will remain open throughout the summer.  If you should bring anything to the local community of Sayulita, please drop it off there with Patty and Michael, and they will be sure to get to those who need it most.

     I am leaving for the summer to handle work and business in the States.  I will for sure miss the town, the weather, and the sense of community I feel when I am here.  I thank all those who have offered to help in my absence, and look forward to seeing you all when I get back.  Happy Sayulita Trails this summer, and continue to be good to one another whether that is here or anywhere else you should be.  Thank you as always for allowing me to be of service to this fabulous community.





April 3, 2009

Hola Amigos,


     Welcome to Semana Santa and all that comes with this Spring holiday. I am writing to let you know we have received some wonderful donations to the Primary School in the past couples of weeks, and the children are loving it. Thank you so much to all those who broughts items down, or purchased items here and delivered them.  What a treat for them and for us.

     We do have a current need though, and I would like to address it in this message. The local daycare located in Tamarindo has recently moved to a new house because they needed more room. This new location is two levels and is a beautiful, wonderful space for the 60+ children that attend daily. Yes that is correct 60+ children are cared for at this center, which is primarlly funded by the government (which means there isnt much money given to these hard workers), and depends on the help of local people.  The parents of children who attend pay when they can, and put in labor and efforts for other things.  They have some real needs right now though and I know many of you want to know what is most needed here.

So here is a small list and most of these items can be purchased locally, at Mega, Walmart, etc:

1) Small plastic tables and chairs

2) Small mattresses or napping mats

3) Shelving of any sort- book shelves, tables, and other furniture to place items on for the children

4) Books, all kinds for small children, all languages

5) Toys for children under 3

6) Art supplies for children 4 and under- pens, crayons, colored paper, etc.

7) Diapers, rags, blankets, and other baby items


     I hope this gives you all a sort of idea as to what is needed here in town right now. The schools are becoming better supplied through our help, and the aid of the government when they can. The Salud has been well supplied this year as well.  Thank you as always to all that read this section and send out such a good energy for us all.

     If you would like to give something to the Daycare, please send me an email and let me know when you will be here. I will do my best to help with that donation or find someone who can in my absence.



March 26, 2009

Hola Amigos,


     Welcome to Spring, and it is so beautiful right now. We are so spoiled with the warmth and beauty of this place.  I want to thank all those who have recently donated supplies to the Primary School.  There has been such an awesome influx of pencils, pens, paper, rulers, and more. This rime of year the children often need new stuff because they are in school until July, and the December supplies are running out.  Cant tell you what a help all of this is.

     People asked about winter clothing recently, and yes we would like it.  We will hold on to it and donate it out when the weather asks for it. There are many new babies in the village and they will want to be warm this winter.  Clothes for all ages of children and adults in welcome too.  If you have it and dont need it, believe me someone here does need it and will use it.

     I hope this portion of 2009 is treating you nicely, and you are finding your way through any negative vibes coming your way from up north.  Remember to give is to receive, even if you think you dont have much to give, all the better for yourself.  Thank you as always for allowing me to be of service, and I will send out more soon.





February 22, 2009

Hola Amigos,

     We have been enjoying beautiful weather, wonderful culture, and a blessing of many donations to our local community this year. Thank you so very much.  We have received many drop offs of winter clothing for the people in town, as well as some families in San Ignacio.  These people are so grateful and warm from this generous action on your part.  I know times are tough in parts of the world, and the giving you have extended here goes a long ways in the hearts of many.

     We recently received a list of supplies needed at the local public schools and I wanted to pass that on to you and anyone who may be coming down soon.  School is in session until July here in Mexico, and supplies are needed at this time of year.  Anything you can do will help, and aid in the education of these beautiful minds in Sayulita.  Below is the list:

For Teachers: Board markers, markers, white paper, highlighters, pencils, blue and black pens, sharpeners, rulers, erasers, notebooks

For Students: Pencils, blue and black pens, notebooks, rulers, erasers, coloring pens, crayons, paper---and for younger children: scissors and wood rulers.

     If you would like a more extensive list, please send me an email and I will forward it on.  Thank you for allowing me to be of service to my community and may you have a wonderful March.




January 12, 2009


     Bienvenidos Amigos to the New Year!  I hope everyone had a great holiday season and is well underway into 2009.  I want to express my gratitude to the people who have donated over the past couple months.  We received a number of donations for children and were able to make sure that many kids got gifts not only for Christmas, but more importantly here in Mexico for King's Day.  We also received a huge donation of school supplies that have been disbursed to the two public schools in Sayulita. Perfect timing, as many students needed some of these new supplies at this half way point in the year.

     We of course are still open to donations for the Salud and the Daycare facility here in town.  It is winter time and many folks do not have proper blankets and jackets, especially the elderly.  If this is something you have extras of, by all means please bring them and they will warm someone up this season. 

     I am on a search for a new refrigerator fo the daycare in Tamarindo.  The woman who runs it is doing an amazing job with the children and the space she has to work with.  We have given them many new toys, books, and food at times. They prepare two meals a day for the children who attend.  They are in desperate need of this new appliance though.  If you see one at a good price and in good condition, please let me know.  If you have one and want to rid of it, send it our way. 

     A reminder that our "Drop Center" is located at the Campesina Multicultural, next door to the new Senior Center on the main road.  It is generally open and some really wonderful people are there caring for it when it is not is use for the art classes and other festivities.  Remember when the going gets tough for you, be generous with your time and spirit.  It will come back to you in return much bigger than you give out.




    November 25, 2008

Hola Amigos,

     I have such good news to report!!  The new location for the Amigos de Sayulita Drop Center is the Campesina de la Cultura, which is located between the Salud and the Senior Center on the main road coming into town.  It is basically open to the public daily and you will usually find someone there painting or remodeling for now.  Below are some of the needed items, and should you be able to donate them, please drop them at the Drop Center!

     Mario has generously agreed to allow us to have the location there, as it is perfect for all that we are about with our simple group.  It is a great central location for people to conveniently drop donations, it allows many people to see the wonderful happenings at the Campesina and maybe meet/greet some of the local society involved.  So boost up on yoru Spanish and really become a part of Sayulita.  At this location it will possibly enable people to participate in the many things that are going on there, such as children's classes, adult classes in art and music, live music, art exhibition, and more.  Most if not all of these classes are free of cost.

     Mario is operating this project on donations of time and materials for remodeling. Then donations of his own skills as an artist and teacher.  The classes will be taught by various local and foreign artists who are donating their time as well.  If you would like to contribute to the materials for the many upcoming workshops in December, please do.  Right now they are in need of dye for tye dye, which can be purchased at local fabric stores or art shops.  When I have a more clear list of what is needed for more workshops, I will pass it on.

     I spent a great deal of time talking to the "Maestra" at the local daycare facility in Tamarindo.  Boy has she worked wonders with just about nothing.  She has cleaned, remodeled, and created a space so serene and colorful for the many children that attend daily, it is truly miraculous.  Her and a few local women work there for very little money provided by the government, and a whole bunch of love for the local children not yet old enough to attend the Primary School.  They are still in need of things though, and I told her I would pass that on.  They need some small pillows and blankets for "nap time", books, coloring books, and coloring supplies, and toys to be ridden outside (tricycles, etc).  They always need food, as they provide breakfast and lunch daily to these children while their parents are working.  Eggs, cereal, milk, and produce welcome anytime.  If you would like to help, please let me know and I will help you set that up.

     I know some recent donations have been made to the local publics schools, as well as a huge benefit event put on by Gina and Lalo Portillo and the parents of the Primary Schools students.  We have some spectacular contributors here in town, and I want to thank everyone who has helped in some way.  Whether it be by donating items, money, or time.  I haven't been to the Salud to speak to them about any current needs yet, and will pass that info on as well to those who like to give to that entity.

      With December coming up, there will be events galore and my hope is that we get as many Amigos as possible to join the local flavor/culture.  I will post any volunteer positions open as I get them, and if you can think of a way to assist the local community or already have something going and would like Amigos de Sayulita to join, please let me know.  Thank you in advance, and as always thank you for allowing me to be of service to this wonderful community.



Amigos de Sayulita


November 11, 2008

Hola Amigos,

      Happy Holiday Season to you all, beginning with Dia de los Muertos and moving into all the other days of celebration here in beautiful Sayulita.  The weather is fantastic, the humidity has lifted, everything is so green, and more and more people are coming to town.  I have received several emails asking about what is needed here in town, and how people may go about donating their time as well this year.  Wow, how great is that??!!  We will find things for you to do, no worries.
      There is a Primary School Fundraiser coming up in November, the daycare facility can use food, and the Salud is shy on several basic needs as well.  We will have a full list of items you can bring very soon.  Please take a look at it when it is up on the link we have on Sayulitalife, and keep monitoring for the changes we add as the season goes along.
     The Drop Center has moved a few times in the past few months, with summer here, and different people and businesses moving around.  If you came down with something to give and found problems, I apologize for that.  Not everything can go as smoothly when we are not here to help.  But there are so many people here right now that are involved with Amigos de Sayulita, and I know will be available for the things we need in town this year.  Plus we have added several new residents who want to take part, contributing their time, efforts, and talents.  What a lucky group of people we are here in Sayulita.  If you have an idea for a new location for the Drop Center, please feel free to let me know. It needs to be centrally located (more or less), open to the public most of the time, and in a place that wont be vandalized or stolen from.  I will be able to pick up the items dropped off, and then to disburse them to the places that need them most.  This is a really important thing and we need to get it back out there for the community as soon as possible.  I am open to your feedback on this one.
     I am also ready to hear about your ideas for the community and what we may be able to do this year to be involved, give back, and participate in general.  May you all enjoy entering into this new season as much as I am. 
Gracias a todos,
Amigos de Sayulita





July 25, 2008

Request from local daycare- please read and help if you can

hi heather, i just wanted to send everyone some info on what was happening with caritas daycare.It is a daycare program developed to help give needy working families daycare assistace.  each family is evaluated to find out how much assistace they need and the government then pays a portion of the daycare costs accordingly.  some families pay as low as $400 pesos a month for full time daycare and 2 meals and a snack for the children.  unfortunatly even with this low cost some families have been unable or unwilling to pay and has left the daycare at a loss.  there is need for this service here in sayulita and we dont want to lose it. the daycare cannot continue at a loss.  it needs families that are interested in the program. please let people know about the program, or have employeers let their employees know.  if it closes it will be harder for sayulita to receive daycare assistance in the future. also for anyone that can help... the roof to the patio collapsed with the heavy rains.  the government will not pay for a new roof.  the families that attend the daycare are planning various fund raisers to help with the cost.  we have asked for 3 estimates. so far only one person has gotten back to us.  enrique bejarano at most $28000pesos or $23000 pesos for the cheapest material. this includes material and labor.  i will try to inform you of upcoming fundraisers. thank you, virginia  libreriasayulita@yahoo.com.mx



June 22, 2008

We have moved the Drop Center for the summer. It is located Mexikoo, on the corner of Calle Miramar and Manuel Rodriguez.  One block north of the baseball field, and two blocks inland from the trailer park.  Bret, Chris, and Patricia will be working there all summer, and have agreed to accept any donations brought into town over the summer.

We appreciate all the supplies brought into Sayulita from everywhere, and we are able to give them to many families and people in the area that are in need.  We always need clothing, blankets, school supplies, items for our local daycare, and items for the Salud.  If you have a question about something specific you are thinking of bringing, please feel free to email me, and I will answer anything I can.  Thank you again for your support and participation in this community.





June 17, 2008

     We received a huge donation of about 10 bags of clothing, belts, shoes, back packs, and more today.  It came from Bill from Palm Springs, California, who drove down last week and it going to spend much of the summer here in Sayulita for the first time.  What a wonderful way to start of your time here in this town.  We thank you so much Bill!! 

     These clothes will go to so many of the families here in Sayulita, and some of the outer areas as well.  This time of year can be difficult for many families as the high season has ended.  The work is less and they begin spending any savings they had on basic needs.  What a perfect time to be able to give back to the locals who work so hard all year round.





Hola Amigos, 

     I am writing to update you all on Maria Elena and her health in the recent weeks.  She has just returned from Guadalajara and seeing the eye doctors that have so graciously given her excellent medical care.  Due to her consistent care of herself and taking the eye mediccations paid for by the community, her vision has healed enough to not have surgery.  It will continue to heal more as time goes on, and as long she follows the directions.  That is her plan, and she is now able to go back to work to provide for her family.

     In the past month she hasnt been able to work at all, and with food and clothing donations, she has been able to feed and cloth her family.  Maria Elena thanks everyone involved, and has a more open heart after all of this. The event she experienced was traumatic, hugely negative, and had her pretty closed off from the rest of the world.  But with the assistance she received monetarily, spiritually, and emotionally she is again living a full and useful life.  Gracias a todos!

     The children thank everyone as well, and have been shown a wonderful example of coming together for strangers.  What a gift to be a part of all of this.





     I want to update you on a couple of school needs that have come up.  The computer teacher at the Secondary School has requested a donation of two used hard drives for her class.  They are working on getting enough computers for all the students to be working at the same time.  They are in need of two hard drives to use with Windows XP, as that has been a problem for some of the outdated equipment they have.  If this is something you would like to give please let me know.

     We have a double baby stroller to give away, and I would like all of you to check with the local Mexican families in your area.  Perhaps someone knows of a family that could really use this item.  I appreciate your reach out to the community in this way to connect and see what you can do.

     Thank you in advance and I cant wait to hear back on these creative opportunities for service :O)



Hola Amigos,


     Hope this email finds all of you well today in the many locations on this earth you may be found.  I am writing to let you all know that we now have our own web link on www.sayulitalife.com and it is located under "Community" in the menu section.  I will be adding updates when needed, and any feature causes that come up in the year.  If you have any feedback or would like me to add something please let me know.


     We would very much like to thank Ian and Kerry Hodge for this support and help in getting the word out to so many.  Sayulita's community has benefited in so many ways from this program and it's communication between everyone involved.  It is the link between Mexican locals and foreigners, both living here and afar.  What a fantastic way to live and be in this gem of a place we call home.  As always, thank you for allowing me ot be of service.



Amigos de Sayulita




Amigos de Sayulita update for May 6, 2008

Hola Amigos,

Buenas Tardes a todos! I hope this email finds everyone well today and enjoying this beautiful Spring weather. It has been a while since I have written and wanted to catch you up on the happenings here in our little beach town.

We have recently accepted several bags of clothing that were immediately donated to the some local families in need, and more to a family who is selling clothing to pay for some medical bills in Guadalajara. One of the family members (a local Sayulitan) was in a terrible car accident, and is in the hospital. The clothing sales are really helping to finance the healing process. Thank you to all who have given so much.

I have checked in with the local woman who was beaten by her husband a couple of months ago, and she too is well on her way back to wellness. With the monetary contributions given, we have been able to pay for her medications and other minor things, as she stays off of work waiting for an eye surgery. The surgery is soon to happen. This surgery and medical care are being provided by very generous doctors and medical staff in Guadalajara. She has yet to have the surgery, but is following exactly what they tell her and will soon be seeing much more clearly. Some of you donated money and put it on the books at Mi Tiendita, and the money has been used to buy perishable groceries for her and her six children. They continue to share their appreciation and gratitude for all that has been shared and given.

Our local Salud had a major downfall lately. Some water pipes broke underneath their building and they have been forced out due to the water problem. They are currently operating out of a small room in the new Senior Center, but it is not what they need. We are urging the Government and Obras Publicas to make this a priority, as the Salud is the only means of healthcare to many locals, children and elderly. We are hoping they will step up, and speed up the repairing process before the rains come. I have written to the US COnsulate asking them what we can do to help, or to become involved in the actual process as used here in Mexico. I delivered some medications that were donated by some folks who live here, and they were received with huge smiles and thanks.

As always, we can use more donations if you have them to give. We need clothing (especially childrens), school supplies, medications, and blankets. There is still a Drop Center located inside the Ejido Office on our main street, Revolucion. Or you can bring items you would like to donate to my office across from Choco Banana. The books are open for Maria Elena at Mi Tiendita (corner store on the plaza), should you want to give to that cause as well. The money is going to feed the children while Maria Elena is not able to work.
Thank you all for the gift giving and sharing that you do. It is a pleasure to watch the local peoples lives change as a result of your generosity. As always, thank you for the opportunity to be of service to this community I live in.

Amigos de Sayulita


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