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Nov 21 2014

When I lived in Chicago, I loved attending physical fitness classes at the gym. There’s something about the energy in the room, the instructor’s encouragement and instruction, and the incredible feeling of strength and accomplishment following a great workout.  However, after moving to Sayulita, I focused solely on running. That is, until now, when I discovered MexiFit.

The first class that I attended was YogaLates, taught by Shelly Labovitz, one of the owners of MexiFit. This class is an integration of yoga and pilates, with a special emphasis placed on connecting breathing to movement. The abdominal muscles are a central focus of this class, and when I do the movements correctly, a nice burn is felt.

The Power Ropes Fusion class, also taught by Shelly, is designed to challenge your entire body and hit all of the usual trouble spots, like the abdominals, buttocks and thighs.  This non-impact, suspension training workout, incorporates the use of Power Ropes, and is sure to result in a beach body with regular attendance. Alignment and isolation of muscle groups are key, and the squats, lunges, planks, and other exercises, leave my muscles shaking and burning.

The Your Yoga class, also with Shelly, focuses on the yin side of yoga, and incorporates slow, deep stretches. The importance of alignment, breathing, and correcting imbalances in the body are all central to this class. Shelly emphasizes that this is not just a physical practice and intends that you leave feeling refreshed on all levels.

With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Shelly has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her goal is not to simply kick your butt, but also to have you learn about how you move and how to take care of yourself better.  She has a MD and Masters of Public Health from Northwestern University Medical School, is a certified personal trainer, and also has certifications in Mat Pilates, YogaLates and Yoga.

Shelly places a special emphasis on safety and injury prevention, always beginning each class asking about injuries or recent surgeries. She also stresses correct body alignment and posture during class to prevent injuries. Based on fitness level, she offers several modifications of each exercise, and encourages everyone to move at their own pace.

Shelly is a wonderful instructor. She always has a smile on her face, and immediately makes me feel comfortable as she greets the class. She offers great analogies, with a sense of humor, as she explains how to properly do an exercise.

All of the MexiFit classes in Sayulita take place at Palapa Brisa MarDon Pedro’s wedding palapa, overlooking the ocean, and offering a breathtaking view. The open palapa allows a gentle breeze to flow through, and is the perfect location to get sweaty during a workout.

I have yet to take a class from Josh, Shelly’s husband and co-owner of MexiFit, who is currently teaching classes in Punta de Mita and opening a private studio. However, I have heard equally amazing things about him.

If you would like to experience one of these MexiFit
 classes for yourself, simply show up for class or sign up for personal training. Learn more about other services Shelly and Josh offer on their website.