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Nov 25 2016

La Vega Cigars & Rum, which opened just five months ago, brings a unique experience and a taste of Cuba to Sayulita. From the minute one steps foot into the inviting air-conditioned space, sees the impressive humidor, and are greeted by the friendly faces of the managers, Maria Castro and Canek Sosa, one feels right at home. From a truly impressive selection of cigars and rum to making exceptional mojitos to teaching newbies how to smoke a cigar, this is one place that’s worth checking out. Maria sits down with El Sayulero to share about this not to be missed spot.

There’s no other place like La Vega Cigars & Rum in Sayulita. Will you tell me about this concept?

We want to give people an experience and bring a piece of Cuba to Sayulita, rather than just serve customers a drink. People can come in here, enjoy a beer, rum, or cocktail, and ask for certain cigars you otherwise would only be able to get in Cuba.

Why bring La Vega Cigars & Rum to Sayulita?

Well, the owner is Cuban, but has lived in Mexico for a very long time. He really likes Sayulita and for about the last six years, has lived in Guadalajara, which isn’t too long of a drive to Sayulita.

Will you tell me about your cigar selection? Cuban?

We specialize in Cuban cigars, but also Nicaraguan and Dominican Republic cigars. We even have certain Cuban cigar labels that are very rare (limited regional editions), but we have a license to sell some of them here.

Are customers able to smoke indoors?

Yes, customers can smoke cigars indoors. We have a purification system to clean the air.

Will you tell me about your rum selection? 

We have 38 different rums and 13 to 15 of them are from Cuba. We also have rum from the Dominican Republic, Panama, Guatemala, and a few from Mexico.

What are your price points for the cigars and rum?

Cigars range in price from 40 pesos to 1,500 pesos. A shot of rum ranges in price from 60 pesos to 650 pesos.

Do you offer a liquor selection other than rum? 

We have a big selection of whiskey, including Johnnie Walker XR 21-year. We also have vodka, gin, tequila, and mezcal.

You also offer pairings. Will you tell me more about this?

We offer recommended pairings, such as specific rums, whiskeys, or espresso, that go with specific cigars. It’s like when you go to a restaurant and they suggest specific wine with the food.

What has been most rewarding about working at La Vega Cigar & Rums in Sayulita? 

I think that it’s the satisfaction of offering an experience to the people of Sayulita. It’s rewarding to see how you can give someone an experience and read the pleasure of it on his or her face. Like smoking a cigar they never had before or trying a drink they never had tasted before and then seeing the customers come back again.

How would you describe your typical Sayulita customer? 

A lot of our customers are American and Canadian tourists, and also the majority of locals that come in are Americans and Canadians. Our customers generally range in age from their early 20’s, smoking their first cigar, to experienced cigar smokers in their 70s.

What is your suggestion for someone who has never smoked a cigar, but wants to give it a try?

Go for something mild and easy to smoke. We will show you how to light it and smoke it. You want to puff on it, but you don’t want to inhale the smoke.