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Jose Ramos
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Taxi Service to and from Sayulita, Mexico

Call/email us about our Airport to Sayulita Special (Includes drop-off and pick-up at your Sayulita Vacation Rental as well as stopping at local Puerto Vallarta supermarket to stock up on groceries for your stay.)

$140 USD including grocery store stop!!!

This local Sayulita-family-owned taxi and shuttle service looks forward to welcoming you at the airport as well as providing all of your transportation needs during your stay in Sayulita Mexico.

Jose Ramos started his taxi service 5 years ago with one used Chevy Suburban. With dedication, hard work, and great customer service he has expanded his fleet to EIGHT Suburbans/taxis and employs a local staff of courteous and English-speaking drivers.

Simply call or send Jose’s wife Carmen (pictured) an email to reserve your Suburban/taxi and either Jose or one of his drives will meet you AT THE AIRPORT holding a small sign with your party’s name and “Sayulita” written in easy to read letters. The driver will assist you with your luggage and get you to your vacation rental in Sayulita in no time.

At the time of making your reservations, make sure to schedule a pick-up (included in round-trip price) for your departure day. The suburban/taxi will show up at the predetermined time and take you directly to the airport in about 45 minutes.
We look forward to hearing from you.

*Please contact us below and provide us with the following information:

  • Flight information (airline, flight number, arrival time)
  • Departure time
  • Number of passengers
  • Name of passengers
  • Name of rental home in Sayulita


Please Fill Out Form Here:  click here
*Please send back to us with the above information. This is important information to give to airport security.


Recommendations for Jose Ramos Taxi Services
Rating: 4.71 out of 5 (based on 35 reviews)

Super easy to set up. Jose was waiting at the airport for us. We stopped at Mega for groceries and liquor. He also had beers for us to drink on our 45 minute drive to Sayulita. He helped us load and unload the SUV. When it was time to go back home, he showed up right on time. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Recommended by: Roxanne (Denver, CO)
On: 11/15/14
|Date of Stay: October, 2014
Just didn't turn up.....

I booked Jose Ramos based on the recommendations online. When we arrived at PVR, no one was there to meet us. We called the office and were advised they weren't aware of the booking (I had the confirmation email from Carmen with me). No real problem, we had time and he said he could actually have a car there in about 10 minutes as there was one of their drivers that he could call and get him to come and collect us. Anyway, we waited another 45 minutes, and two further calls to the office went unanswered, so we just grabbed a cab. Not really a major issue I have to say, just more of an inconvenience that I thought was worth mentioning.

Recommended by: the.wayno (San Francisco, California, USA)
On: 10/05/14
|Date of Stay: September, 2014

Gave us the low down on safe & good places! Definitely would use again!!!

Recommended by: Sally (Portland, Oregon)
On: 08/09/14
|Date of Stay: June, 2014

I would highly recommend using Jose Ramos's taxi service. I sent one brief email asking to be picked up, on the day we arrived and with the number in our party and I got a confirmation email right away. The driver was standing just outside of security with a sign with my name on it. We drove in a Suburban to Sayulita and he knew where our lodging was immediately and drove us to our door. We had pick up a week later, and the service was prompt and the cars are all air conditioned, which you'll find you want on your way to Sayulita! We will definitely use this service again when we return. Thanks!!

Recommended by: Sue (Hood River, Oregon)
On: 06/17/14
|Date of Stay: June, 2014
Great service, reliable, clean air conditioned cars

This was our first time to Mexico and I didn't know what to expect. I was a little worried because the communication was a little bit difficult (my fault because I could have made more of an efgort to learn some Spanish) but in the end It did not matter because they run their services efficiently and effectively. The driver was waiting for us when we got off the plane and escorted us to an SUV which was Nice and cool and gave us ice cold beer. He drove safely and expeditiously right to our casita and was very sweet and kind. On the way hohome we had a miscommunication - our pick up I said noon but he Thought I had said two. In the end he was there in less than five minutes once I called to inquire. Absolutely great service. Nice small family run business. Professional and courteous. Well priced. I would definately Use them again.

Recommended by: Charmaine (Seattle)
On: 05/19/14
|Date of Stay: May, 2014
Overall good experience

We just used Jose Ramos taxi service for our trip to Sayulita in late April. We had an overall positive experience upon arrival, and so would recommend them. There was on-time pick up at arrival and departure (Though someone else we knew had a late pick up at the airport from them the day before).It was a nice perk to have the Mega supermarket stop included. We had different drivers on arrival and pickup and both were courteous. About 1 hour from the airport to Sayulita but it depends on how long you shop at the grocery store. The only negative aspect in my experience is the difficulty communicating with this company before the trip begins to make a reservation or communicate any changes/questions. The main way to communicate with them is via e-mail with Carmen, and the response time varied from immediate, same-day response, to sometimes there were several days without receiving a reply. I did receive a local number in case there were any issues upon arrival but we didn't have to use it. Guessing that speaking Spanish and talking them on the phone would have been beneficial in advance. The vans they picked us up were 7 passenger vehicles. The driver told us there was a 9 passenger vehicle but it was not available. Trip was $130 USD round trip and our house owner advised 100 peso minimum tip each way.

Recommended by: spectra (USA)
On: 05/10/14
|Date of Stay: April, 2014
Didn't even show up

We hired Jose Ramos to pick us up at the airport and he never showed up. We ended up meeting up with another person from our group on our flight and she had also hired Jose to pick her up. I tried to confirm how to pay them, how much, if they needed my flight number for a week beforehand and never got a response. I emailed them 4 TIMES - never got a response. So i was feeling like they were pretty sketchy before we even got there. Our friends took them the day before and said they were wonderful, stop at the Mega and cold beer included. So I had a little hope. They never asked for our flight details or our telephone numbers, so when our flight was delayed for over an hour, I suppose they just left us to fend for ourselves. I spoke to one of the other private drivers outside and he called Jose - but no one ever came. We waited for almost an hour and gave up and took a regular taxi. This is super disappointing as our friends had a wonderful experience with them the day before. In this day and age, you think you could email or get a flight number to check the flight times. Some sort of communication - even to say "sorry we didn't find you at the airport" would have been nice. When I wrote him an email telling him that he left us there and didn't even bother to pick us up, he was rude to me in his response. I do not recommend this driver service as they are unreliable and impossible to reach unless you have something not so nice to say. Go with someone else or rent a car. Otherwise, your chances are probably 50/50 if he'll show or not.

Recommended by: slittle (Seattle, WA, USA)
On: 04/17/14
|Date of Stay: April, 2014
Reliable, friendly, punctual service

Jose was there to meet us at the airport with our names on a welcome sign. As soon as we got our luggage and selves into the van, he offered us a cold cerveza! Fantastic welcome after a long flight. We stopped at the mega mart for groceries and he took us to our hotel in Sayulita, offering information about the surroundings as he drove. Jose didn't want any money from us, saying we could pay him in full on our return to the airport in 2 weeks. Very trusting fellow. We are returning to Sayulita next March and will arrange our airport transfer with Jose Ramos again. We highly recommend his taxi company.

Recommended by: Kathy (Toronto, Canada)
On: 04/27/14
|Date of Stay: March, 2014

We needed to be picked up and dropped off at a hotel in Puerto Vallarta and this car service went out of there way to make this happen.The driver(who introduced himself) was early for the pick up and dropoff and was extremely friendly.He asked if we wanted to stop at the Megga or Walmart he waited 30minutes.He then drove us to Sayulita(we will be back) to our hotel and said no worries I will be back in 10days, and he was!As a matter of fact we were walking into town the next day and he passed us and beeped and waved,such friendly service.We asked around and the price was comparable to the other companies but our SUV looked like it was new.We recommend this service 100percent.....

On: 04/14/14
|Date of Stay: March, 2014

I normally don't write reviews, but Jose Ramos Taxi Services saved our vacation from becoming a very costly, stressful experience. We had arranged transportation with another company prior to arriving in Sayulita, but at 4:30 AM on the date of our departure, our taxi was nowhere to be seen. After wandering the dark streets for 30 minutes to no avail, we stumbled upon the phone number of Jose Ramos Taxi Services on Sayulita Life. Our driver answered the phone at 5:00 AM (we clearly woke him up), and showed up at our door less than ten minutes later to take us to the airport. Thanks to him, we made it to the airport on time and caught our flight. I canít express my families gratitude enough. We had an amazing driver, in a very comfortable, clean van that made it to the airport in no time at all. I highly recommend Jose Ramos Taxi Services to everyone.

Recommended by: Grace (Portland, Maine)
On: 03/27/14
|Date of Stay: March, 2014
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