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Why rent via Sayulita Life?

Security Tech, security installations for Sayulita, Mexico


Security Tech offers clients an integral security for their home and family, with the latest technology in electronic systems, optimal quality backed by high level technical support and professional ethics that our clients deserve.

Since 1995 Security Tech has been searching for quality products, the lastest in technology and the latest security and surveillance systems. Security Tech now offers this great service in Sayulita and surrounding area. We are here to protect you and your Sayulita home.

Security, vanguard, design and experience, are the concepts that define our company and its products.

Sayulita Security

We are offering basic packages to Sayulita homeowners that allow you to adapt to the specific needs and budget of each house

  • Alarm with monitoring
  • Closed circuit of TV with alarm video-verification
  • Electric Fence connected to the alarm and monitoring service
  • Neighborhood Security: Monitoring from our headquarters and neighborhood homes.

Contact us for Package details.

Our client list includes: Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico, Vallarta Adventures, Galarias Vallarta, Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, Grand Velas, Holiday Inn and Teatro Vallarta.

Reviews for Security Tech
4.75 out of 5 (based on 4 reviews)
Quality product, quality service, and peace of mind!
We contacted Security-Tech, David de la Mora, and two other security companies to give us options for protecting our newly built property, Villa Yerbabuena, and the property of the renters we would accommodate. David was the most responsive and complete in his proposals and presented us with various scenarios and price estimates. We opted for a number of cameras in strategic locations and alarm system. All this was done over the phone and by e-mail. David speaks and writes English very well and so does Alex, who remotely helped us install the software on our computers in the States. Both David and Alex were extremely responsive, easy to work with, professional and service oriented. When unforeseen costs occurred David had already taken care of it before we had a chance to e-mail and question him about it. And we were not billed for the extra expense. We highly recommend Security-Tech to anyone who wants a quality product, quality service, and peace of mind.
Thank you David and Alex!

Iris and Thomas Buchanan
Villa Yerbabuena, Sayulita
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Great operation!
David is a great person to work with. His team is professional and very smart. At first I was reluctant to trust anyone. David earned my trust and they did a great job. The attention to detail was very much appreciated. I will be working with David for a long time- I hope you will also!!
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Security Tech personnel and service have always been very professional.
Since the property had electronic security and cameras installed in November 2010, we have not had any break inns. I highly recommend Security Tech. We are very happy with the equipment and services offered to date.

Luisa Viteri
Property manager
Villa del Oso
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Peace of Mind!
I highly recommend Security Tech. David and his crew were were helpful and patient with all our questions. There were a few glitches in the beginning--there always are. At least one of which could be attributed to user error. Regardless, David and the guys responded as quickly as possible and straightened out the problems. We had two break-ins soon after we left Sayulita last August. Nothing was taken but a lot of damage was done. The worst part was the realization that we had been targeted. One of the unexpected benefits of having our security system installed was the general peace of mind it provides. I hadn't realized how conscious I was of the possibility of a break-in until it actually happened. Renters also like knowing the system is there. Thanks David, for a job well done.
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4.75 out of 5 (based on 4 reviews)

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