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The 9th Annual Auxiliary Lifeguard Training was held on March 13th and 14th. It was a HUGE success! The class consisted of 43 men and women aged 11-40. It is estimated that over 200 people have now been trained in the Bahia Banderas. Instructors from the municipal Lifeguard Program trained participants in water rescue skills, CPR, spinal management, both in and out of the water, and endurance. The weather was perfect both days, with just enough wave action to make some of the workshops challenging.
March 1, 2018 sayulitablog 0Comment
La Patrona Polo & Equestrian Club is set in a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of jungle-covered mountains in San Pancho, just 15 minutes from Sayulita. The Polo Lounge is three levels (lounge, restaurant, and terrace) and has a feel of luxurious exclusivity without the pretentiousness. I felt relaxed, yet excited as I arrived at La Patrona for their weekly Sunday Polo Brunch.
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We have all been that clumsy person, desperately working hands and feet immersing ourselves into a new culture, thus conversation with the locals. Needless to say, learning a new language can be a real challenge. How do we improve our day-to-day Spanish, in a fun and playful manner? Today, Radman Stone, from To the Streets with Spanish in Sayulita tells us about his innovate and fast track way to learning a new language. Radman, you were born in Hawaii and have lived all over the world before settling in Mexico. How did you go about learning new languages, and what challenges arose?…