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Sayulita Fishing Paradise: All Things Fishing (Tours, Charters & Species Info)

fidel banner

A vacation to Sayulita just is not complete without a morning or entire day spent fishing for sport fish off of the Sayulita coastline.  There are many different ways to fish in ocean and bay waters just off of Sayulita.  You can also fish from the beach, from the rocks, or even in the estuary in the summer after a big rain.  Surfcasting rods from the beach can yield an excellent catch of snook, jacks, and skipjacks.  A small rapala or crocodile is recommended.  The best fishing is in the morning or late evening when the waves are small.

Captain Pablo Banner

Panga Fishing:

One option is to go fishing in Sayulita Mexico in a Mexican ponga (open-bow fishing boat with outboard motor) which offers Sayulita visitors a great day of excitement as well as a chance to view the village and surrounding jungles and beaches from the Pacific. Success is almost always guaranteed and some of the more common fish include dorado (mahi-mahi), sailfish, marlin, tuna, red snapper, rooster fish, and bonita.  (See entire list below)  The Sayulita panga is usually covered to protect you from the sun.  Most captains provide ice chests and cushions.

The going rate for a small beach-launched panga is about $40 USD per hour for up to four people with equipment, gas and boat captain included. Make sure to bring a camera as you will most likely encounter whales (Nov-April), dolphins, turtles, and abundant bird life.

Fidel Ponce, Blue Marlin Fishing Tours (pictured top/center) just got a brand new fishing boat, motor and the best equipment in Sayulita. He is from Sayulita, knows all the secret spots, and will even clean/fillet your fish for a small propina (tip.) Ask for him around where the fishing boats are parked on the beach.

Professional Charters:

Another option for Sayulita fishing is to charter a professional fishing boat out of Punta Mita, Puerto Vallarta, or Nuevo Vallarta.  These charters usually start around $150 USD per hour but offer a different (more luxurious) experience.  The boats are usually much for comfortable to ride in and with bigger motors, can get you out to the deeper/better fishing spots faster where you can catch GIANT game fish.No matter what your budget/appetite allows, a fishing charter or fishing trip from Sayulita Mexico will surely add to the perfect vacation.


What can you catch?

  • Sayulita roosterfish


    Hard fighting and beautiful looking inshore species, can grow to well over 100 lbs. World record-114 lbs (Mexico)

  • sayulita pargo snapper


    (Big Cubera Snapper)
    The pit bulls of the snapper family. Inshore and offshore- be ready for a fight, can grow to an astonishing 120 lbs. and more

  • sayulita pacific sailfish

    Pacific Sailfish

    They get big (200+ lbs.) and put on a spectacular show or aerobatics and are found inshore and offshore

  • sayulita mahi mahi

    Mahi - Mahi

    (Dorado)Brilliantly colored in blue, green, and yellow - stubborn acrobatic fighters and can grow to over 80 lbs

  • sayulita wahoo


    These speedsters can hit your bait doing over 50 mph! Hold on tight and don’t try to stop them! Can exceed 180 lbs. World record 187 lbs (Mexico)

  • sayulita blue and black marlin

    Blue and Black Marlin

    Big and majestic - these beauties grow to well over 1000 lbs and will pull off 600 yards of line in less than 60 seconds!

  • sayulita yellowfin tuna

    Giant Yellowfin Tuna

    These waters regularly produce “cows” to over 300 lbs! “It’s like hooking a freight train so be prepared for an offshore tug-o-war!” Have a blast with schools of 60-120 lb. “schoolies” . World Record – 388lbs. (Mexico)

  • sayulita broadbill swordfish

    Broadbill Swordfish

    These ocean gladiators are not specifically targeted

  • sayulita amber jack

    Amber Jack

    The photo below features an Amberjack. They are only caught in this region, and are a rare catch at that. They make great eating and an exciting sport!(Mexico)

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