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The 9th Annual Auxiliary Lifeguard Training was held on March 13th and 14th. It was a HUGE success! The class consisted of 43 men and women aged 11-40. It is estimated that over 200 people have now been trained in the Bahia Banderas. Instructors from the municipal Lifeguard Program trained participants in water rescue skills, CPR, spinal management, both in and out of the water, and endurance. The weather was perfect both days, with just enough wave action to make some of the workshops challenging.
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A dedication ceremony for the new Sayulita Lifeguard Tower was held on Monday Feb. 26th, the 5th anniversary of Mark Stoneberg's drowning. Mark’s wife, Nancy, and 19 family members and friends from Minnesota were in attendance. Approximately 50 people from our pueblo were in attendance, as well as Brian Singleton of Firefighters Crossing Borders and Citlali Darany López Souza, the new Director of Proteccion Civil. Jack Jones, president of Pro Sayulita, opened the ceremony welcoming all attendees. Janice Parker, Pro Sayulita’s Beach Safety Program Coordinator, introduced Brian and Darany, who then spoke to us regarding the commitment of the government to our Beach Safety Program. As partners in this program with Proteccion Civil, Bahia Banderas, and Firefighters Crossing Borders, Pro Sayulita has agreed to fund and build three more towers. A special thanks was given to Cyd Viator of Phoenix AZ. He designed and built the tower himself, using 100% recycled plastic. Written by: Janice Parker
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For those who have traveled to, or call Sayulita their permanent home, it’s easy to see why it is such a desirable place; the sense of community, the fresh food, the ocean breeze and jungle sounds, it truly is a tropical paradise. At, we do our best to bring you up to date information on how to support local organizations and establishments. By supporting the local community in Sayulita, you are ensuring a future that flourishes for everyone. Below are a few reasons why Sayulita is such a strong and thriving community. Community Based Organizations There are many community-centered…