October 2, 2019 Aanya 0Comment
This month’s recipient of Sayulita Life’s $5,000 donation is SayuParke. SayuParke is a park and space where our community’s children can feel safe while playing and having fun, away from the busy crowds of the plaza or Sayulita streets. Run strictly by volunteers and through the efforts of many local parents in the area, SayuParke is often in need of donations and local support in order to maintain and improve its play structures and overall site maintenance. Sayulita Life’s $5,000 donation helped in purchasing a brand new, safe, and well-constructed slide for one of the play structures in the park, which the park desperately needed after the old one broke, and the temporary ladder rotted after some heavy rains.
September 25, 2019 Aanya 0Comment
Florence Events, a family owned, brand-new luxury event venue here in Sayulita, aims to cater to all of your special event needs to make your vision become a reality. With beautiful views, comfortable accommodations, and a modern and clean style, Florence Events is the perfect choice when planning your event here in Sayulita. I talk with the owner of Florence Events to find out why Florence is the right space to choose, and what makes it unique.
September 11, 2019 Aanya 0Comment
In my last column I promised you a recipe for a yummy, Fresh Strawberry Cake. I made it a week ago, and my taste testers said that it was the BEST they had ever eaten! Now if that isn’t a good reason to go into your Sayulita kitchen and bake this up right now, I surely don’t know what is! Fresh strawberries are almost always available at most of the local fruterias in town. Here is the recipe; I am sure that you will love it as much as my taste testers did. This is actually a recipe from my favorite food blogger, Once Upon a Chef, Jenn Segal.
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Mexico’s Independence Day is the celebration of Mexico gaining their independence as a nation separate from Spain, with the holiday focusing on the moment the revolt first began in September of 1810, which years later resulted in Mexico officially gaining their full independence from the Spaniards. Celebrated on September 16th, and often confused with the holiday “Cinco de Mayo” in the United States (Cinco de Mayo commemorates Mexico's victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 during the Franco-Mexican War), Mexicans around the world will partake in celebrations to mark this national holiday with an array of traditions, such as a reenactment of a historic moment from the revolution’s leader, parades, musical performances, traditional food, fireworks, and dances, all which you will see happening in Sayulita’s main plaza.
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This month’s recipient of Sayulita Life’s $5,000 donation is Ser Su Voz, Sayulita A.C. (Association Civil). Ser Su Voz Sayulita A.C. is a local community group which was formally created this past March of 2019. The initial founder of the group is Sayulita local and passionate environmental advocate, Tracie Willis, but the group includes five other members: Erik Luna, Luisa Viteri, Candelario Salaz, Cesar Gonzalez, and Enrique Michel. Along with assisting in local causes related to helping preserve and protect our environment, Ser Su Voz has created several initiatives for our community and in helping our eco-systems. Ser Su Voz received an official new office last month, in July of 2019. This is a huge step forward for the group in order to better function and manage as a proper association, however the office was in desperate need of supplies and materials in order to be proficient on a professional level. The $5,000 donation from Sayulita Life will go directly toward purchasing office supplies and materials to help the group to attain their goal of efficiency and to help them run their association more smoothly.