July 1, 2019 Aanya 0Comment
This month’s recipient of the Sayulita Life $5,000 donation is the Mar y Vida camp, run and organized by the local organization El Centro Creativo. The Mar y Vida camp is a five day camp for local youth, to be held on July 1st, 2019, through July 5th. The camp includes five days of fun, exploratory and learning based activities, such as art, surfing, and science experiments. I spoke with Risa Machuca, one of the leaders of the camp, about the Mar y Vida experience, and how Sayulita Life’s donation will help impact and benefit the camp and the local youth attending.
June 26, 2019 Aanya 0Comment
Achara Restaurant has made quite a name for itself here in Sayulita in just the short time it has been open. Due to its use of immaculate, traditional Thai ingredients, the fair prices, and quality service, it has gained a stellar reputation, along with the fact that it is unique in being the only restaurant in town serving this type of cuisine. I speak with owner and head chef Samuel Frances about Achara Restaurant, and what has made it such a hit.
June 13, 2019 Aanya 0Comment
Taking a trip to Mexico was on my list of things I wanted to do and one of the top places I wanted to visit. Recently, I was inspired by someone who was at one time a big part of my life; her experiences in seeing the world on her own was, as she described, something of an eye opener where she discovered not only foreign places, but found out new things about herself. This is what led me to discover the must-visit town of Sayulita.
June 13, 2019 Aanya 0Comment
Business Transport Sayulita makes getting around Sayulita and its neighboring areas easy and stress free. When booking your transportation or travel needs, it can be hard to know what option may be best for you and your itinerary. Tino Avalos, owner and operator of Business Transport tells me about his family owned company and how he can help with your travel plans or transportation needs in the Nayarit area.
June 5, 2019 Aanya 0Comment
Many initiatives have been taking place in Sayulita recently to reduce our consumption of single use plastics. For example, numerous restaurants have banned the use of plastic straws, or found sustainable straw substitutes made of paper, metal, or bamboo. Furthermore, thanks to the efforts of local environmental groups like Ser Su Voz and Las Mujeres de Sayulita, many of our tiendas now offer reusable canvas bags or charge customers for plastic bags. Additionally, more and more restaurants now have biodegradable to-go containers or use paper bags instead of plastic. While all of these measures are great progress for our Pueblo of Sayulita, the entire state of Nayarit will now be joining the cause, and according to recent news, all of Nayarit will be plastic free by the year 2021.