Sayulita Mexico: The ultimate fitness playground! (Yoga, Personal training, & More)

The Ultimate Fitness Playground to Get You in Shape and Keep You There!

We all know there's a part of Sayulita that mandates the enjoyment of ice cold buckets of beer on the beach, fried coconut shrimp as big as your head, and a way of life that tends to slow things down to the point where "manana" could easily mean next month.  But a quick look around is all it takes to realize that there is another side to Sayulita, as an increasingly large number of locals and visitors are finding health and fitness all around them in the many Yoga & Fitness classes in town.

Simply put, Sayulita is a fitness playground boasting a huge variety of exercise opportunities for all ages and all abilities, perfectly complimented by a quickly growing assortment of healthy restaurant options, fresh fruit smoothie bars, and organic produce market options. This could be one of the best places on the planet to have your cake and eat it too! In Sayulita it's easy to feel like you're having too much fun to get in shape, when in reality you're doing both.

A walk along the beach admiring a sunset or sunrise is a vacation from your day. Next time you need groceries for dinner, pass on the golf cart for a walk into town. Once you've made all your stops, carry the bags home to help build upper body strength. You will have to make frequent stops to say hi to friends and neighbors, making the whole experience a healthy time of socialization and practical activity. If walking around town is not your cup of tea, there are many back roads and jungle trails to wander about. So be forewarned, the Sayulita playground can be highly addictive…

Surfing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding

With professional instructors at your service, national champions next to you in the line-up, and several super accessible breaks, each producing waves of varying difficulty, this total body fitness experience is a must. Spending a day on the water surrounded by waves and sky never feels like exercise and yet it's the most effective fitness around.

Have you ever seen a fat surfer?  If the idea of riding in on a wave is too intimidating, give paddle boarding a go.  After an hour with a trainer, you'll be on your way.  With gentle movements, this is a full body work out with amazing results from head to toe. Sayuilta has plenty of Surf instructors and Stand Up Paddle shops and lessons.

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga

Yoga has many benefits from strength and posture, to mental well being. But in Sayulita, yoga becomes part of the vacation life. You may be shrinking your thighs, but your focus will not be on burning muscles. It will be on the sounds of the waves crashing on shore, parakeets churping in the palms overhead, or candlelight flickering off glowing tropical flowers.

So take a break in your day to center your mind, relax your soul, and rejuvinate your body.  Exercise never felt so good.  Options include stunning locations, professional instructors from all over the world, and group classes or private instruction for everyone, everywhere, at almost any time. There are plenty of options for Yoga & Fitness in Sayulita.

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Private Personal Training

For the gold standard in fitness, be it Pilates, physique transformations, rehabilitation, pain management, or wedding preparation, Sayulita proudly offers a host of professional fitness, health and wellness professionals at your service for in-villa, on-beach, on-water, through-jungle, or at-facility sessions. When sitting all day on the beach with friends and a bucket of beer is an actual reality, it can be difficult to remember that gym membership.

A personal trainer can give you the focus you need. Whether you're targeting a problem area, needing direction to get the shape you want, or simply need the motivation, a professional can give you the guidance that's needed.

Jungle Hiking and Mountain or Road Biking

Through the lush, tropical jungle that surrounds Sayulita, along the coast, up the Nansal, to Punta Mita and back, walks and rides abound from flat to furious. Trails wind through under an umbrella of green, lined with glimmering coastal flowers, directing your steps to private, white sand beaches. Bike rentals are easy to come by, and expert guides will ensure your destination. The options are plentiful whether you want to go on a tour filled with expert knowledge of plant life, birds, or jungle life, or if you want to take off on your own speeding down paths on a mountain bike. The Nayarit coastline is filled with treasures that will never make you feel like exercise, and your physique will reap great rewards!

Group Exercise Classes

From Zumba to Power Ropes (a no impact version of TRX), from Salsa to African Dance, you're always invited to show up, turn up the intensity, and move that body the way it was born to move. So maybe fitness is never far from your thoughts in life or on vacation. Sayulita provides a plethora of yoga, yogalates, aerobic, and meditative group classes.  For others Power Ropes offers an unbeatable workout made for every level and body type. No matter what your fitness buzz is, Sayulita will have someone here that wants to burn those calories off too. So grab a friend and start your group trend.

Water Fun

Swimming, snorkeling, surfing, or just playing in the waves, running or walking the white sands, playing frisbee, or building a sand castle, Mother Nature has provided it all. Who can call it fitness when your imagination is the limit? A day or a lifetime spent in Sayulita is a time when life becomes centered around the sun, the waves, and Mother Nature's playground we call home. Choosing to splash around in the waves, toss sticks for the dogs, jump in a local beach volleyball match, or walk the shore at sunset, these are not exercise. These are the essence of all that is Sayulita, Mexico. These moments not only tone our bodies, they shape our souls. Fitness is as easy as breathing.

Arguably one of the best places in the world to get in shape, and stay in shape, Sayulita is not just the ultimate fitness center, but it's also nature's most perfect playground.  It's a place where fitness is fun.  The way it should be.  So choose your flavors, pick your speeds, and enjoy earning your margaritas!

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