Sayulita Shopping: A savvy shopper's paradise

Over the past several years Sayulita's shopping scene has changed drastically. Sayulita Sol Jewelry, the first jewelry store, opened its doors over ten years ago when Calle Delfin was still an unpaved dirt street. Today it is a palm-lined promenade hosting a plethora of shopping boutiques! Sayulita has become a beautiful, bustling downtown with an incredible selection of shopping opportunities. Where else can you find 45 locally-owned shops offering a diverse array of hand-selected merchandise within a four block radius? Often people ask us what is there to do in Sayulita? Shop!

What is the best part of Sayulita's shopping scene?

We would have to say the diversity. There is a distinct style found in each Sayulita shop that can't be found anywhere else. Another great part of Sayulita shopping is the central location of all the boutiques. The majority of the stores are located within 4 blocks of each other, making Sayulita a great day-trip shopping destination. Vistors certainly do not need a car to shop in Sayulita, and most of the sidewalks are handicap accessible. One can visit almost all the best stores in a 2 hour shop-a-thon, with time for lunch and a margarita to spare.

Here are answers to FAQ about shopping in Sayulita, Mexico:

Are there any jewelry stores in Sayulita?

There are at least five stores selling just jewelry. Most carry jewelry handmade by the owner. The jewelry designs are unique and inspired. Most shops in town carry some jewelry together with their other merchandise. If you like shopping for jewelry, Sayulita has a great jewelry selection.

Can I buy Mexican-inspired home décor in Sayulita?

There are several great home décor shops in town. The owners personally travel around Mexico to purchase their unique merchandise. There are all different styles of hand-painted pottery, ceramic sinks and tiles. Lots of handmade hammocks are available in many sizes, styles and weaves. You can purchase handwoven bedding and embroidered pillowcases in colorful Mexican prints. Often times the owners design their own Mexican-folklore inspired products, the kind of stuff you can't find anywhere else.

What kind of souvenirs can I shop for in Sayulita?

T-shirts sold in Sayulita are designed with creativity and passion for style. There are various stores stocked with small souvenirs for every budget. Many stores carry souvenirs they made themselves or designed locally. You can find all sorts of interesting gifts browsing the shelves of Sayulita's souvenir shops.

Are there surf shops in Sayulita?

Sayulita has many surf shops located in downtown. You can rent or buy boards, take a surf lesson, buy clothing, rash guards, flip flops, swimwear, and other surf gear. Surf shops are also a great resource for day trips to other surf breaks.

Are there any clothing stores in Sayulita?

There are many clothing stores to shop in. Clothing for women, men and children is available for sale. There is a wonderful selection of designer fashion for every style. You could come to Sayulita with an empty suitcase and shop for a whole new summer wardrobe! Silk sundresses, embroidered cotton blouses, hip beachwear, unique one-of-a-kind prints, and sexy crochet bikinis are just some examples of the fashion available in Sayulita.

Can I buy art in Sayulita?

There are several art galleries in town. You'll find indigenous Huichol yarn or bead paintings, paintings done by modern Mexican and international artists, sculpture, pottery, and more.

Does anyone sell leather goods in Sayulita?

We have some amazing leather smiths working with natural Mexican leather. High fashion handbags are designed and sewn in town. Leather woven bracelets, Mexican leather sandals, simple leather wallets and more can be found in Sayulita shops.

Is there a bank in Sayulita?

Yes, there is now an Intercam bank in Sayulita, located on Calle Revolucion, on the right as you come into town on the new boulevard, across from the fire department. All shops accept Mexican pesos. US Dollars are commonly accepted in many shops but the rate is not favorable, it is better to use pesos. Credit cards like Mastercard, Visa and American Express are also accepted at some of the larger boutiques in town. People often say to me they left their wallet at home because they didn't realize how amazing Sayulita shopping is. Don't make the same mistake!

Are there any open air markets in Sayulita?

Sayulita hosts "El Mercado del Pueblo", a local farmer's market each Friday of the high season, November through April. If you happen to be in town on a Friday it is a great way to buy fresh local produce, flowers, locally prepared specialty foods, coffee, honey, hand-made body care products, chocolates, fresh baked bread, desserts etc. Also showcased are a group of select artisans who live in Sayulita and make their own handicrafts. There is often live music or entertainers at the market and it is a great place to have lunch.

The level of design, fashion, and artistry found in Sayulita rivals what you could find in a hip city center. If you are new to the area or haven't been back to Sayulita in awhile we highly recommend coming back to visit. Whether you visit for a few hours or weeks it's worth the trip!

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