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Sayulita Summers: A Mexican Paradise

The Sayulita Summer Secret - It's beautiful and hot!

A Sayulita Summer vacation is perfect for the intrepid traveler. The word has gotten out the Sayulita is the top vacation spot, and is now considered a year-round tourist destination, although the number of tourists in the summer and fall months are less.

When you visit Sayulita in the summer, you can play in the hot summer sun and retreat to your air conditioned vacation rental for a comfortable night's sleep. The magnificent tropical thunder storms are not to be missed. Most of the rains occur in the late afternoons or evenings, and at night. The lightning out over the ocean is especially beautiful.

Enjoy the summer season benefits of lush, green tropical scenery, beautiful beaches, one of a kind restaurants, and low-priced vacation rentals which means you can have more cash on hand to enjoy the benefits of local yoga instructors, spas, and the surf scene. Some say the weather is too hot, and the rain showers too sporadic. But for us who are here year round it is the perfect mix.

 sayulita summer clouds view town   sayulita town horses locals   sayulita beach traditional music


Summer Deals & Weather Tips

If you are concerned about hot weather and the rains, be sure to book a vacation rental with a pool and air conditioning, at least in the bedrooms. The nightly rain showers are soothing and refreshing to sleep to, but it won't cool down much at night, so be sure to get A/C! Taking a swim in the ocean to cool off can also be a good way to beat the heat. Summers in Sayulita are undoubtedly the best time for DEALS & SPECIALS on beachfront, luxury vacation rentals that you can not find during the high season. Also, Sayulita is known for its bohemian boutiques, and fashion. If you're a solo travler on a budget, or a family that likes to be frugal and economically conscious about their summer vacations, Sayulita is a great place to visit. 


Sayulita Summers

It's no secret that Sayulita has become a year-round tourist destination. That doesn't mean there aren't any perks to traveling to Sayulita during the summer. Instead of visiting Sayulita along with the huge crowds of November-March, paying the high-prices, and dealing with the hustle and bustle; come when it is quieter, with fewer tourists, and the vacation rental prices are so low, that you can add in other luxuries, such as private fishing trips and exclusive sailing adventures. There is no better time to visit Sayulita than when the seasonal crowds lessen and the weather warms. 

We wouldn't miss it if we were you!

-Team SayulitaLife

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