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Towns Near Sayulita - San Pancho

view toward san pancho from sayulitaA short five kilometers from Sayulita, Mexico, is the charming village of San Francisco, locally known as San Pancho. Home to art galleries, restaurants and unique shops, San Pancho is a nice, relaxing place to spend the day. It has a quiet vibe and a nice beach. You can easily catch a taxi from the Sayulita plaza that will take you to San Pancho for around 100 pesos. If you prefer to prearrange transportation to and from San Pancho to allow for a day of activities, try our transportation page. Here you will find plenty of transportation options for day trips from Sayulita. San Pancho has a popular, annual music festival, and is home to several fine dining restaurants, including Bistro Organico. San Pancho and Sayulita are popular destination wedding locales so be sure to check out Vida Bonita Wedding and Event Planning


statue of san panchoOne of the town's plazas is located right on the beach, and is built around a giant banyan tree. Here you will find a statue of the patron saint of the town, San Francisco (St Francis) This shaded area is a great place to buy handcrafted items, such as jewelry. Stepping off the plaza, you are on the sandy beach. Here you will find restaurants with shaded tables, and friendly waitstaff to offer you cold drinks and food.





surfer in san panchoSan Pancho has a nice beach, with restaurants offering shaded tables. The waves can be large here, and tend to break heavily on shore, which can make it not the best area for swimming, but surfers usually can catch some good waves.

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