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Sayulita Hostels, B&Bs (Bed & Breakfast), and Rooms in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico for your budget friendly Sayulita vacation.

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View Sayulita's most popular rentals
Pajaro de Fuego Luxury Condos
2 and 3 bedroom Luxury Condos at Pajaro de Fuego
Villa Chachalacas at Pajaro de Fuego
2 BR, 2 BA luxury villa at Pajaro de Fuego
Villa Canario at Pajaro de Fuego
3-bedroom luxury penthouse with private pool & ocean view
Villa Alta Mira
3BR/5BA w/office, pool, media, and gated entrance. Privacy!
Casa Parota
Central, North
4 BR 4 BA home great for large family or group
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All B&Bs/Hostels/Rooms Rentals
1BR/1BA suites in secluded setting with breathtaking views
Adults-only small B&B
High season: $175/nt
Low season: $150/nt
Brand new hotel in the heart of Sayulita
High season: $75/nt
Low season: $50/nt
Brand new bungalows in the heart of Sayulita
High season: $75/nt
Low season: $50/nt
Budget friendly 1 BR rooms in the heart of Sayulita
High season: $65/nt
Low season: $49/nt
Hostel with comfortable accommodations in North Sayulita
High season: $35/nt
Low season: $35/nt
Showing 5 matching listings