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Emergency Phone Numbers for Tourists and Residents in Sayulita

No one wants to think about an emergency situation in Sayulita, but it's better to face that possibility than to be caught unprepared. Whether you are a resident or visitor, the best time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens, so we have put together a list of important phone numbers so you will have them when you need them. IMPORTANT: Please see our dialing instructions page here for assistance with calling from landlines, cell phones and International cell phones. 

Emergency Phone Numbers for Sayulita

Emergency number for Protección Civil. This is the best number to call for the Ambulance, EMT's Firemen and Lifeguards:

01 800 830 2185

(322) 113-3255

Police and Fire Services:

Dial 911 for emergencies. It is answered in Puerto Vallarta, but they dispatch out from Bucerias, Valle de Banderas, Jarretederas, etc, depending on the need for service, such as police service, fire service, medical service, etc.

Dial 080 from Mexican cell phones. (Dialing 080 will NOT work from U.S., Canadian, or European cell phones). Please dial 01-329-291-0049 from foreign cell phones. Program this number into your cell for any emergencies. This call goes directly to the office in Valle, 24 hours a day.

To report suspicious activity in Sayulita, please dial 045-322-141-5994.

Policia Valle (from Sayulita) 291 0049 or 291 0666
from MX cellphones 01 329 291 0049
from a foreign cellphone 011 (52) 329 291 0049

Municipal Policia Sayulita Mx cellphone to cellphone 322 104 8540
from Mx land line (045) 322 104 8540
from a foreign cellphone 011 (521) 322 104 8540

Local Municipal Policia (Sayulita cellular): 322 104 8540

For break-ins, robberies, threats, assaults, suspicious activity, violations, and also for noise bylaws (loud parties or music), drinking on the street, littering, turtle egg robbing, call local cell phone number that is passed between Muni police shifts. THIS MAY GET THE FASTEST RESPONSE, BUT CALL ONE OF THE ABOVE TOO, SO THEY ARE DISPATCHED.

State/Tourist Policia (Sayulita Station): 329 291 3890

Local Sayulita Delgado, Hector Piña (9am-10pm+): 322 182 1266

Vigilantes Ambientes: (322) 172-1325

If there is lack of police responsiveness or effectiveness in Sayulita, call: Bahia de Bandaras Presidencia Municipal (9-5):329 291 1870.

Fire Department: 01 800 830 2185

For Traffic problems, to remove abandoned cars, parking problems, call Transito (9am-8pm): 01 329 296 5225

Report all crimes to

Ambulance Services & Hospitals
HospitalPhone Numbers
Ameri-med Hopital01-322-226-2080/01-322-221-0023
C.M.Q. Hospital01-322-223-1919/223-0878
Cornerstone Hospital01-322-224-9400
Cruz Roja Ambulance01-322-226-1014
Global Ambulance01-322-226 1014
I.M.S.S. Hospital01-322-224-3838
Medasist Hospital01-322-223-0444
Red Cross Ambulance01-322-222-1533
Regional Hospital01-322-224-4000
San Javier Hospital01-322-226-1010
San Pancho Hospital01 311 258 4229
Unimed 24 hours Emergency (Located by PeMex)322-205-9118
La Cruz Walk-In Clinic
Call forPhone Numbers
Emergency cellular for doctors(329) 295-5437, (322) 116-9295 or 135-0449
Pharmacy delivery service(329) 295-5437

Carretera Punta de Mita – La Cruz
169 Norte Local 2
La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
Hours M-F 8:00 am - 10:00 pm. Weekend, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Credit Card Companies
Company NamePhone Numbers
ConsulatesPhone Numbers
American Consulate:(322) 222-0069 or 01-333-268-2145
US Consulate- Puerto Vallarta - Kelly Trainor(322) 222-0069
Liason for US Consulate (Sayulita) - Heather Murray322-141-5994 cell
or emergency 24 hour line (Guadalajara Consulate)(333) 268-2145
Canadian Consulate:(322) 293-0098
Canadian Consulate- Puerto Vallarta - L. Benoit(322) 293-0098 or (322) 293-0099 24hrs. 1-800-706-2900
Local Doctors
Doctor NamePhone Numbers
Dr. Jose Luis Chavez:322-109-4179 (speaks English)
Other Important Numbers
NamesPhone Numbers
Animal Protection01-322-221-0078
CFE Electricity Company071
City Hall Bahia de Banderas329-291-0818
Consumer Protection (PROFECO)01-322-225-0000
Cruz Roja322-222-1533
GIRRSA Garbage Pick-up329 296 5454
Immigration in Bucerias329 298 14 42
IMSS in Mezcales329 296 5140
Ministerio Publico01-322-222-1762
Municipal Services01-322-223-2500
National Telegraph01-322-224-7970
Policia Federal de Caminos (Highway Patrol)01-322-221-1065 / 01-322-221-1527
PROFEPA329 298 1608
Secretaria de Medio Ambiente SEMARNAT322-222-0703
Social Security329-296-5140
State Transit01 311 213 5711
Telmex in Bucerias329-295-1686
Tourist Information01 800 523 0160
Tourist Protection01-322-223-2500
Transito in Bucerias329 298 1614
Water Company SEAPAL01-322-223-1516
Soni Gas329-296-5213
Global Gas322-290-1010

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