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Sayulita Scuba: Diving in Mexico's Top Pacific Sites

Dive in Protected Marine Parks!

Sayulita is the perfect spot to enjoy some great diving, with a variety of local Sayulita dive shops. Sayulita is close to the Marieta Islands National Park, and as a diving location, these islands are considered to be among the best in the region. Sea turtles, manta rays and dolphins are not difficult to spot any time of the year. Home to an abundant marine life population, you will encounter a wide range of tropical fish. This is Sayulita Scuba diving at its finest. This is a protected and fragile ecosystem, so please consider using an eco-friendly, reef safe sunscreen while participating in water sports in Sayulita.

The Marieta Islands (La Islas Marietas)

The Marieta Islands are a great day trip from Sayulita, and feature underwater mountains with several large caves to explore, offering a range of diving settings, perfect for Sayulita scuba divers of all levels.

Professional PADI Courses!

If you are new to diving, a vacation in Sayulita can be a great opportunity to learn to Scuba dive . A whole range of PADI courses are offered by our local Sayulita diving companies as well as referral classes. For the more adventurous and certified divers who don't mind to go further into Banderas Bay but still close enough to Sayulita, here are a few special scuba sites of which to take note:

El Morro near Sayulita

Six miles west of the Marieta Islands, on the edge of Banderas Bay, it consists of a series of rock pinnacles extending above the water. A great dive with cave exploring and wall diving.

Los Anegados

Halfway between the Marieta Islands and El Morro, the highlight of this dive is the chance to see giant manta rays. Sayulita Scuba diving can be a wonderful experience on your Sayulita vacation! Contact local Sayulita dive shops to arrange a great trip and enjoy your explorations!

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