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Kelly Guenther Studio in Sayulita, Nayarit

Pulitzer Prize winner
Experience in all types of weddings
From traditional to non-traditional ceremonies
Experience in shooting in the area
High quality images and services
Attention to detail

Kelly Guenther Studio in Sayulita, San Pancho, and the surrounding areas, will capture your Destination Wedding memories with her award winning photojournalistic sytle. 

Kelly Guenther Studio is now located San Pancho, just 10 minutes north of Sayulita, and has been capturing love ever since. For Kelly, shooting weddings is not just her job, "It's the secret to living a happy life, the answer to all the things. It's also why weddings are so much fun! The love in the room is contagious. By the end of the night my face hurts from smiling so much behind the camera. I've shot over 300 weddings and as I get older and the couples get younger I appreciate it even more. I get to document love and joy for a living! ". 

Kelly Guenther Studio first opened in 2002, the same year she won a Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography with The New York Times. She was one of a handful of photographers who pioneered the wedding photojournalism style. New York Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings and The Knot have all featured her images and named her as one of the top wedding photographers in NYC. Kelly shoots weddings, events and editorial assignments in the NYC metro area and around the world.

If you're looking to capture all the right moments of your Destination Wedding in a unique, photo-journalistic style, Kelly Guenther Studio is your perfect match! The photo-journalistic style is ideally suited to beautifully capture the little details of the wedding, or any special event. 

Contact Kelly via the form, and let her become a part of your celebration!

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