Mar 13 2015

toe reading sessionUp until a few months ago, I had never heard of such a thing as toe reading. Prior to my session with Angela Wieland from Sayulita Clarity Alternative Therapies, I joked with friends that she couldn’t possibly predict that I would have four children because I’m simply too old. However, I was wrong in my assumption that toe reading has anything to do with fortune telling.

Angela came to my house for an hour-long session. Even upon her arrival, I was still in the dark as to what toe reading, aka sole or soul coaching, is all about. I assumed that she would be touching my feet, but again, I was wrong, though she did mention it's been known to happen from time to time. After asking that I put my feet flat on the floor, we began with setting an intention for the session. Angela explained it could be something I wanted to work on within myself, something I may be bothered by or curious about, or a perceived obstacle in my life.

After determining that I am right handed, I was given a general explanation of what each foot signifies. (For left handed individuals, the feet are switched.) For me, being right handed, I learned that the toes on my right foot represent masculine energy, my past, and external, worldly concerns, while the toes on my left foot relate to my feminine side, my internal world (including those things hidden, secret, or spiritual), and the present.

Each toe also represents something different. The big toe, also referred to as the Ether or Destiny Toe, is about how one interacts with the outer world. It also speaks to spiritual connection and how one is progressing along one’s own path, or not. The second toe, the Air Toe, is about communication, intuition, and creativity. The third toe, the Fire Toe, is the action toe, and relates to how one moves forward in the world, the actual steps taken so to speak. The fourth toe, the Water Toe, is the relationship toe.  For right handed people, like myself, the right toe is representative of one’s relationship with others and the left toe is about one’s relationship with himself or herself and one’s higher power. The baby, or Earth Toe, on right handed people is about abundance and prosperity, and the left is about trust.

Angela explained that the toes give a glimpse or snapshot of what’s going on with a person, taking into account what has happened in the past, characteristics of one’s personality, and how one has processed his or her experiences. It is an assessment of “right now” that can be used to open the doors of communication to make changes in one’s life, in order to get back on path, and I was amazed to learn that one’s toes change constantly, in relation to shifts in perspective, throughout life.

After looking at my toes, Angela begin asking me a series of questions based on her observations relating to the size, shape, length, spacing, direction pointed, lines, nails, etc. ("Everything is something" she told me), which led to a lot of self-reflection on my part. Throughout my session, Angela was very professional, yet also made me feel comfortable as she revealed what my toes were saying by way of her questioning, which offered me an opportunity to consider and address what my toes were communicating. She had a way of eliciting honest and open answers from me. She made me want to open up to her, never once making me feel uncomfortable or judged.

At the end of our session, Angela took me back to the intention we had set, and asked that I consider incorporating a change in my life to get me closer to attaining that goal. I gave it a little thought, agreed to make a simple, yet highly beneficial change, and felt really good about our session. It was a unique and revealing experience.

If you would like to experience toe reading for yourself or are interested in hypnotherapy, life coaching, or destiny cards, contact Angela at Sayulita Clarity Alternative Therapies