Feb 19 2016

Kim Frank, the owner of Magical Lighting Landscape, originally hails from Missouri, but has called Mexico home since 2006. While his office is in Bucerias, over the years, he has done many commercial and residential projects in Sayulita and the surrounding areas, and offers a unique and creative approach to outdoor lighting.

Please describe your services.

Magical Lighting Landscape designs and installs low voltage landscape lighting. All of our installations are now energy saving LED systems. I believe that properly designed and installed landscape lighting is very important as it gives an extension of the nighttime living space. A well designed landscape lighting plan is as important as the interior design of a house. Why have beautiful gardens in the day and not at night? With different lighting techniques and a well thought out design, my goal is to create beautiful, magical lighting.

How long have you been doing this kind of work? How did you get into it?

I have been doing landscape lighting for 18 years. I owned a landscape company in the United States and offered landscape lighting as an additional service. I wanted my landscape projects to be enjoyed at night as much as in the day so I made the decision to offer landscape lighting. It soon became a passion of mine, because you can be so creative, which is what I love.

Tell me about your design process.

My initial visit is to listen to the client as to what they are wanting and their expectations. I show them samples of the lights. From there I start the designing process and often will visit the project multiple times before finalizing my design. I love input from my clients because I want to make sure their expectations are going to be met.

What do you like best about what you do? What drives you?

Night shot of Magical Lighting in SayulitaI like the artistic aspect of the landscape design. It is not just placing lights around in the landscape. The most rewarding time for me is when the landscape lights come on the first night and the client says, "I had no idea it would look this good".

What do you like about working in Sayulita?

I have done several projects in Sayulita for individual homeowners, including Punta Sayulita. I enjoy working in Sayulita because of the laid back environment and the natural beauty of the area.

Why should someone hire you?

Landscape lighting is my specialty and passion. This is all I do. I am involved in the project from the design to the installation. I am at the project doing the installation, to assure it is done properly. No project is too small. I treat each project as if the project was being done for me. I want the project to look its best and have the "WOW" factor.

What sets you apart from competitors?

Like I said, I take an artistic approach to lighting the landscape. I want to make sure it will be even more beautiful than my client's expectations. Most of the landscape lights I install come from the United States with 10 year to lifetime warranties. I believe in offering good quality and good service. In the end everyone is happy.