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Apr 29 2016

Craft beer AND healthy dishes in a tropical outdoor restaurant just steps from the beach in Sayulita? Yes. It exists, and the amazing restaurant/beer garden is called Palmar Trapiche located on Av Palmar across the bridge on the North end of Sayulita. The restaurant is a concept which started at Cervecería de Colima Brewery. The main philosophy behind Palmar Trapiche is to fully enjoy good, fresh, local food with a native flair and of course, to be paired with delicious craft beer. The menu is true to their humble beginnings, with half the menu featuring ingredients and dishes from Colima, while the other half of the menu highlighting ingredients, dishes, and local fish from Sayulita and surrounding beach towns of Nayarit.

For a refreshing take on a barley salad, enjoy this dish that has a nice balance of citrus and savory components. Unexpected elements such as fresh raspberries and slices of green apple give the salad an additional layer of sour, without being overpowering. The barley adds a nice toasted flavor to the green salad and leaves you feeling satisfied. An all time favorite dish amongst the locals in Sayulita is the Pescado Zarandeado. The recipe comes from the head chef’s father, from Tepic. The dish is a unique and delicious grilled fish dish that is traditionally made Mexico’s Pacific Coast – and wildly popular in Nayarit. The recipe uses a chile and garlic-based seasoning paste. Orange-infused rice is accompanied with a bed of fresh lettuce. Chopped tomatoes, onions, pineapple, and cucumber are added on top which gives the dish a pop of color and refreshing flavor.