Aug 19 2016

For the last six years, Posie Carroll and her husband have spent four to five months in Sayulita each winter, and live in the San Francisco area the rest of the year. “We feel - and are - so incredibly lucky.  What a special place Sayulita is,” shared Posie, who has given back to the community by creating a touching video featuring SayulitAnimals.

What is your involvement with SayulitAnimals?

Before making the video, I had no involvement with SayulitAnimals and -- dare I say this? -- wasn’t particularly passionate about animals, other than my own.  Of course it’s hard to be in Sayulita long without learning what a dog/cat-centric place it is and what a positive impact SayulitAnimals has on the community.  But, it was through MexiFit, where I take fitness classes regularly, that I met Shelly Yogev, one of the directors of SayulitAnimals and learned more about it.  You can’t be around Shelly for long without some of her passion rubbing off.

Are you a pet owner?

Over the years, we have had dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, chickens, ducks, fish – you name it.  At the moment, we have a cat who stays in the Bay Area while we’re in Sayulita.  (We don’t leave her alone, I promise.)

What compelled you to make a video about SayulitAnimals?

Shelly asked me if I would make a video she could use for fundraising.  I was looking for a new project and it sounded like a good challenge. 

The video is very touching. How did you decide what to include and what not to include in the video?

I was trying to provide some history of SayulitAnimals and a glimpse into how it works.  The first draft was over an hour long, so the challenge was cutting it down.  Some favorite moments ended up on the cutting room floor, as they say. 

The really fortunate thing was that we were able to capture Reina’s story from heartbreaking start to thrilling finish.  Jenny Gayfer, who adopted Reina in Canada, provided the final footage, which I am very grateful for. 

What does this video mean to you?

My favorite part of making the video was witnessing up-close-and-personal the dedication of the volunteers. That was a new world to me.  People so dedicated to dogs and cats that they spend countless hours taking care of them, with such skill and sweetness.  I was enthralled, and still am. 

Are you a professional videographer? If so, what and who influences you (cinematography, etc.)?

Haha, I’m hardly a professional… and I do know that’s pretty obvious.  But I’m learning.  I think it’s probably authenticity rather than technique that’s my strong point.

Documentaries have always been a favorite of mine. 

You’ve made a few other Sayulita related videos. Will you tell me a little about these?

My first video about anyone other than a friend was about Victoriano the artist.  He had always intrigued me.  Then I did one about the “Cake Lady”, who intrigued me for different reasons.  Last winter Paula Gignac asked if I could document the JXMP clean-up during Semana Santa. That was inspiring! 

How do you hope this video will help SayulitAnimals?

SayulitAnimals is such a well-organized, hard-working, worthwhile organization. I hope the video produces a lot of donations.