Oct 13 2017

Villa Valentin, located just a few minutes outside of the Sayulita town center, is a luxurious escape in the midst of the lush jungle. Overlooking the jungle, one can see the ocean and feel a wonderful sea breeze, making this location the perfect tranquil spot both to stay and host your event in style. Katherine Alexander and Conrad Donkin, originally from New Zealand, sit down with El Sayulero to share more about this private event venue in Sayulita. 

Why did you decide to build this property in Sayulita?

Within one day spent in Sayulita, we instantly fell in love with the colors and vibrancy of the small town. We also quickly saw the business opportunity the town has as a holiday destination for visitors from around the world.

This property has an interesting history. Will you tell us about that? 

An American built the original property, but due to personal circumstances, he decided to shut the gates and walk away right before building was finished. We found it 10 years later, overgrown in jungle, and in much need of repair. It was certainly ambitious, but we saw the potential and knew we could add a lot more to this property and could finally turn it into a resort.

How would you describe this Sayulita property? 

Upmarket Boho chic.

How would you describe the location of Villa Valentin in Sayulita?

Villa Valentin in SayulitaPerfect! The proximity to the town center is just close enough to join the liveliness Sayulita offers, with numerous restaurants, bars, and clubs, but allows you to quickly escape the noise in the serenity of the property.

How many people does Villa Valentin accommodate to stay and how many people does it accommodate for events?

The property has 8 double bedrooms of which one has a double bunk and king bed to accommodate 4 people in the one room. We can have up to 120 guests for a wedding, including accomodating that many guests for a sit-down dinner.

What amenities are offered at Villa Valentin

We have two swimming pools, one for young children, which is heated in winter, a yoga/fitness palapa, exercise equipment, high-speed Wi-Fi, a fan and air-conditioning in every bedroom, complimentary breakfast, and a bar. There is night mood lighting throughout the property, we have a small retail shop where you can purchase locally crafted products, and finally, we have 24-hour security on the property, including security cameras.

Villa Valentin in Sayulita, MexicoWhat types of events are ideal to be held at Villa Valentin

Weddings, retreats, and family groups.

How would you describe the ambiance at night versus the day?

The property is breath-taking during the day. With our pool and other amenities overlooking the lush jungle and ocean, it allows you to feel completely relaxed and connected with the natural beauty of Mexico. Within meters off the property, you can find many walks throughout the jungle via the local beaches and into town, where you’ll see an array of native birds and other spectacular wildlife. The same tranquillity exists during the night, with the palm trees and palapas lit by small fairy lights, which surround the lounge/eating area. However, it can quickly turn into a fun place to dance and socialize with our lighting and sound system.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The best thing we see from our guests staying is seeing them arrive stressed and then leaving after their stay feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.