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Dec 22 2017

Please note that no current trash routes have been eliminated and some have been added.

Centro: Daily 6-9am

North Side: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am-12pm

South and East Sides: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 9am-12pm

Trash Drop off: GIRSSA truck will be waiting at the end of Calle Revolucion and Punta Mita Highway daily between 11am-2pm

Other Important Information:

  • There will not be a dump in town (remember, those are illegal).
  • Please take out your trash can on the day of your pick up only. Please put trash in a covered container in a sealed bag.
  • Mexican laws prohibit you putting out garbage on days when there is no pick up and fines will begin shortly.
  • GiRSSA does have a special pick up for building materials. You can arrange this with them directly. This will have an extra cost of 500 mxn per truck.

Please call GIRSSA directly for questions or suggestions at 329-296-5454 or 329-296-6091.