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Jan 05 2018

We have all been that clumsy person, desperately working hands and feet immersing ourselves into a new culture, thus conversation with the locals. Needless to say, learning a new language can be a real challenge. How do we improve our day-to-day Spanish, in a fun and playful manner? Today, Radman Stone, from To the Streets with Spanish in Sayulita tells us about his innovate and fast track way to learning a new language.

Radman, you were born in Hawaii and have lived all over the world before settling in Mexico. How did you go about learning new languages, and what challenges arose?

For me personally, the challenge to learning a new language was to learn the subtleties and the deep profound meanings. While my grammar and vocabularly were good, I still seemed to miss those subtleties that make a language truly come to life. Learning more about a country's culture and history, and interacting with the locals, helped me understand both the language and the way the country works better.

You have developed an innovating language learning program. How would you describe this method in a nutshell?

In a nutshell, the method is leading by example, and showing how a language works on a day-to-day basis, on many levels like gestures and body language. Although we do incorporate theory lessons (or a pre-Spanish course for the real beginner), it is not only about studying in a classroom. It is about learning through experience.

'Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, and you feed him for a life time'.

This is where To the Streets with Spanish is born from.

(old Chinese proverb)


What does an average To the Streets with Spanish in Sayulita class look like? 

The average class starts at a meeting place of the client's choice, from there we walk through the beautiful town center, and explore the rich variety Sayulita has to offer. We stop by local restaurants, art galleries, cafe's, and any suggestions or interests the client may have. We engage in conversation with locals and learn from real life situations in a playful way.

To the Streets with Spanish in Sayulita is more than just a language class. It also is a cultural experience. Would you say culture and history are a vital part of learning a language?

Yes, I would definitely say so. The culture and history of a country is often overlooked when learning a new language. In my opinion, language is dynamic, not static. Therefore, we learn best when immersing ourselves in the true identity of a country/culture.

I am only here on vacation, surely this program is not for me?

To the Streets with Spanish in Sayulita is not only a Spanish course, it is also a tour of Sayulita itself. When the course is finished, you will know where to find the best restaurants, the hidden jewels of the town, and the surrounding beaches and coves that are not always easy accessible. So yes, it's for everyone, and everyone is welcome. There are no beginners, only starting places, like in life itself, right?

Radman, we live in a new era, yet the educational system, the way we learn, has mostly stayed the same. Do you consider your approach on learning a pillar for future education?

I would like to humbly say, that in my eyes, this is a step in the right direction. With this course, I would like to open doors and windows to new ways of learning. I would like to emphasize that not all classrooms have four walls.

Besides Spanish classes, do you also offer other (language) services?

Yes, at this point we offer both Spanish and English courses. Needless to say, both courses welcome all ages and levels.

How can we reach To the Streets with Spanish in Sayulita? 

Please feel free to contact me via the Sayulita Life contact form to ask questions or arrange your Spanish lessons. Our hours are flexible, and we are happy to get you started as soon as possible.





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