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  • 25 Years of Expertise in Sound Healing & Musical Arts
  • Heart Opening Cacao Ceremonies
  • Perfect For Couples, Groups & Large Corporate Events
  • A Gateway to the noetic sciences & heart brain coherence
  • Intuitive Sound Healing Sessions
  • Can be experienced at your Home, Rental, Retreat, Beach/Outdoors, Yacht/Boat.

Wave Elements Sound and Healing in Sayulita is your premier destination for transformative healing experiences. Specializing in Sound Healing, Reiki, Cacao Ceremonies, and Heart Coherence meditations, Wave Elements offers personalized sessions designed to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.

Discover the Power of Sound Healing:

At Wave Elements, we believe in the profound effects of sound on human wellness. Our sessions combine intuitive sound healing with heart coherence meditations, infused with Reiki and guided by visionary cues and intentions. Whether it’s a personal session, group setting, or a corporate event, we bring the magic of sound healing to you, creating a meditative acoustic sound concert that activates the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Our Expertise:

  1. Intuitive Sound Healing: Engage in sessions infused with heart coherence meditations, Reiki, and visionary cues tailored to your intentions.

  2. Experienced Musical Artistry: Benefit from over thirty years of expertise in the healing and musical arts with an eclectic array of instruments—including singing bowls, feather medicine, and medicine songs.

  3. Deep Brainwave Restoration: Our sessions are designed to slow down your brain waves to deeply restorative states, opening doors to noetic sciences that rejuvenate the brain-heart connection and unlock inner wisdom.

  4. Cacao Ceremonies: Experience the transformative power of heart-opening cacao ceremonies combined with sound healing and energy work, all focused on harnessing the power of prayer and intention.

  5. Customizable Sessions: Suitable for any special occasion, our sessions help move energies, connect you to your inner wisdom, and provide empowerment and education for corporate wellness events.

  6. Personalized Teaching: Learn how to engage with sound healing on a personal level, either online or in-person, including how to connect with your singing bowls and voice.

  7. Workshops: Now booking Ocean Confidence Intensive Workshops. View Here for information. To reserve a spot use the contact form or WhatsApp

How It Works:

Prepare for a session like a meditative acoustic sound concert. You'll lie down comfortably with a pillow and blanket, and as I play various instruments, you'll be guided through breathing and color healing techniques to enhance the clearing of blocked energies and promote deep healing. The combination of sound and vibrational therapy works to slow brain waves to a state where the subconscious mind activates the body’s innate self-healing capabilities.

Book Wave Elements for Any Occasion:

Our sessions are perfect for any special occasion, from personal retreats and special events to corporate wellness days. We aim to move energies, connect you to your inner wisdom, and empower you through education in sound healing.


  • Reiki Practitioner

  • RYS 300 Hour Yoga Alliance at MokSana Yoga Center

Elevate your Sayulita experience with Wave Elements Sound and Healing. Book your session today and embark on a journey of profound personal transformation and discovery. To learn more about me read my bio under my profile picture. 

For reservations and inquiries please use the contact form or WhatsApp (+52-322-136-3763)
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Life Changing Experience
My boyfriend and I came to Sayulita for relaxation, to celebrate my 40th birthday, and him - soul searching. We both have addictions to certain things that we’ve been working towards moving through. We wanted to do a cacao ceremony/sound healing! So grateful I found Natacha through the web! She is nurturing, safe, knowledgeable, caring and her energy wraps you up in a blanket! She came to our hotel and accommodated all of our needs! It was so beautiful, thoughtful and clearing! Her voice and music so touching. For me a remembering. It’s been one week since and there are no words to describe how transformative our experience was. My boyfriend has stopped smoking cigarettes and I’ve had a change in my taste towards food. I could go on and on! Do yourself a favor if you are looking for a more spiritual Sayulita experience and check her out!
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Experienced: May, 2024
Absolutely Incredible
Wow. Natacha is just the most wonderful. We didn’t even know we wanted a sound bath; I WhatsApp’d Natacha - after seeing her on Sayulita Life. She not only responded quickly; she was actually available! We were and are so lucky. Natacha arrived and we had the space set up for her to get herself comfortable and ready. She talked us through some basics - and did some beautiful breathing, and then we dove in. Her sound healing carries you on a journey. Gorgeous, spiritual, powerful, calming, clearing and loving. What a gem and a beautiful healer. If you can make time and space for yourself - connect with Natacha. 💙🙏
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Experienced: April, 2024
unlike any other sound bath that I've experienced
Natacha of Wave Elements led a magical sound bath for my group during a retreat at Haramara retreat center in Sayulita, Mexico.

Her sound bath is unlike any other that I've experienced, with a symphony of different sounds and instruments that invoke an immersive experience that touched the soul of each individual in my group.

Natacha's sound bath was a surprise treat for my retreaters, and was one of the favorite experiences for my members of my group. s and play with the bowls and instruments after the practice. I cannot wait to plan another sound bath experience with Natacha for a future retreat.
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Experienced: March, 2024
Highly Recommend Natacha
Natacha is exceptionally talented. She performed a sound bath for me and my now husband on our wedding day. Such a beautiful way to reset our energy and connect. Her voice and instruments allowed the chaos to wash away and we were able to recenter ourselves on what the day meant to us. Natacha was easy to communicate with and a joy to meet. We were blessed to have her be a part of our special day. 💖
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Experienced: March, 2024
Highly Recommend Natachas Workshops
I can't highly recommended Wave Element's Hypoxic Training workshop enough. As a surf photographer wanting to push myself and learn underwater breathing techniques for my job, I found Natacha workshop's extremely informative. It was hands on, putting everything we learnt into practice, leading us with her patient and calm nature. She made me feel extremely comfortable but also knew when to push, getting the best results out of each individual in the class. I highly recommend this workshop with Natacha if you're looking to improve or learn underwater breathing techniques.
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Experienced: February, 2024
A Wonderful Session
A wonderful session of sounds, accompanied by the warmth of Natacha that invites you to transport yourself inside your being and establish that reconnection with the I Am of each of us.
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Experienced: February, 2024
The most memorable birthday experience
Our group had such a memorable experience with Natacha as she led us through a magical cacao ceremony and sound bath for my birthday celebration. Kind, thoughtful and attentive…she puts so much love, good energy and detail into her work! Would highly recommend attending one of her sessions or hiring Natacha for your own private tailored experience.
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Experienced: October, 2023
100% Recommend
I loved the entire experience, very professional treatment from Natacha and the facilities of another level, 100% recommended
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Experienced: September, 2023
Do yourself a favor and book a session with Natacha
Natascha creates a beautiful experience for everyone. Whether you’re new to sounds baths or an old pro, she mixes instruments & incantations with her lovely voice, weaving a mystical journey of sound healing. Book her today and you’ll be in for a treat!
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Experienced: June, 2023
Magical and Grounding
We had an incredible sound healing session, it was so magical and grounding. We were so lucky to be able to experience this in Punta Mita and I cannot recommend this enough!!!
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Experienced: May, 2023
Menus & More
Natacha in Sayulita Mexico
Bio Please mention SayulitaLife
Hello dear friends I’m Natacha, raised in a blend of cultures with a French mother and Serbian father, surrounded by diverse languages from a young age. This rich background nurtured a unique library of sounds within me, guiding my approach to music—not through the perfecting of sheet music, but through the feelings and emotions the sounds evoke. This intuitive bond with sound has shaped my career, taking me on a global journey of musical exploration, from the melodies of the East to the vibrant rhythms of Cuba and Tahiti. To now over 14 years in mexico where my passion for "cantos medicinales" - medicine songs, continue to flourish and bloom. My philosophy on sound is deeply influenced by the idea that just as environments shape our personalities, soundscapes influence our well-being. Einstein’s vision of sound frequencies as a future medicine, deeply resonates with me reinforcing my belief in the healing power of sound. With my body as my instrument, I have learned from life itself, the greatest teacher. My draw to sound healing was made when I discovered the power of mantras 15 years ago it became a true calling and has enabled me to find my voice and inspire so many others to find there beautiful voices as well. Going within and finding all of our inner wisdom connecting the the feild is the energy I love empowering people with. My journey through sound is my way of connecting with the world, guided by the belief that the human body can channel healing through unique sonic expressions. Integrating noetic sciences, which study the mind’s potential and its interactions with the physical environment, deepens this connection. Noetic sciences explore how consciousness relates to the world and can manifest physical and emotional healing. A crucial aspect of this field is heart-brain coherence meditation, which demonstrates the power of aligning our emotional and cognitive processes to foster overall well-being. This practice not only enhances personal health but also connects us deeply with others. This is what I bring to the world: my sound, my essence, aiming to embrace souls from the inside out with a healing resonance.