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Chica Locca

All-Inclusive! Open or Private Tours Available
With unlimited destinations to choose from
Perfect for a fun day under the sun
Kayaks, Paddleboards, Waterslides, On-board Massages and More!
Gourmet Food and Premium liquors
Day and Sunset Tours


Chica Locca in Sayulita promises you an unforgettable adventure on Banderas Bay for you, your spouse, family & friends. So if you are looking for extreme comfort, fun and adventure then our choice of yachts has it all. These are the best all-inclusive tours in the bay & number 1 on Trip Advisor!

Our trimaran includes an impressive 1,800 sq. ft. deck, waterslides, tanning deck, open dance floor, inflatable banana boat and giant splashing lounge nets. This all-inclusive tour comes with unlimited food and drinks, tons of onboard experiences like snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, diving, whale watching, exploring hidden beaches and SO MUCH MORE! All for one unbeatable price!

Come see why Chica Locca has the best value out of all the other tours in the area.

We offer a wide variety of tours that will guarantee exceed your expectations including: choice of trimaran, yacht or sailing boats, group or private tours, day and sunset tours, and destination or open tours anywhere in the Bay including top destinations like Marietas, Yelapa and more!

What to expect?

• Delicious gourmet food and continental breakfast

• Open bar

• Maximum comfort (Hammocks, pillows, cushions)

• 2 water slides

• Banana water tube

• Kayaks with all the safety gear

• Paddle boards

• Fishing area with fishing gear

• Snorkeling equipment

• Licensed massage therapist

• Second deck sun tanning area

• Open dance floor

• Outdoor fresh water showers

• Great sound system

• Giant Lounge nets for sun & splashing water on the front and back

All of our tours are All-Inclusive! Enjoy your day and let us pamper you with an amazing array of wonderful foods and upscale beverages, snorkel with amazing marine life, kayak or paddle board, fish or just relax in comfort on the deck and enjoy the whales and dolphins.

If you prefer a private charter, the Chica Locca is the ultimate for charters up to 80 people comfortably. Great for weddings, birthdays, reunions and just a get together with friends. A day with Chica Locca is all about YOU!  Let us plan your perfect event so all you have to do is enjoy your day!



Destination or open tours anywhere in the Bay including top destinations like Marietas, Yelapa and more! 

The Marieta Islands (Spanish: Islas Marietas) are a group of small uninhabited islands a few miles off the coast of Nayarit, Mexico. They are very popular tourist destinations because of the abundant marine life populations due to the islands being protected from fishing and hunting by the Mexican government.
The Marieta Islands were originally formed many thousands of years ago by volcanic activity and are completely uninhabited. The islands are about an hour long boat ride west-northwest from the coast of Puerto Vallarta and are visited daily by hundreds of tourists, yet no one can legally set foot on the islands. In the early 1900s the Mexican government began conducting military testing on the islands because no one lived there. Many bombings and large explosions took place on the islands causing amazing caves and rock formations to be created. After a massive international outcry, started by scientist Jacques Cousteau in the late 1960s, the government eventually decided to label the islands a national park and, therefore, protected against any fishing, hunting or human activity.

Nestled in the southernmost cove of the worlds 7th largest bay, lies the peaceful village of Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico. Chica Locca will be making the small quaint village a regular stop each week for all of our customers that would like to try a new destination.
For many years, this tiny fishing village of Yelapa was the getaway of Bob Dylan, Dennis Hopper, and other cosmic caballero types who gathered in search of lonely beaches, good tequila, and quiet tranquility. 
Yelapa beach is covered in a blanket of golden sand and is a superb place to swim, snorkel and lounge. The are numerous restaurants along the beach and the Chica Locca tour will include lunch on the beach at the best restaurants on Yelapa beach, plus one cocktail is included.The slow cruise to Yelapa takes about a 2 hours ride with a stop along the way to one of the many great spots for snorkeling. 
Once arriving in Yelapa, you can choose your activities, stay on the boat and play with the all the toys that Chica Locca offers, utilize the waterslides and enjoy the comfort or spend time and have lunch on Yelapa beach.One of our experienced guides will take a walking tour to the waterfalls. You also have the option to rent a horse if you do not feel like walking. This is separate and totally up to our guests. The walk to the falls is about a half hour to 45 minutes.
You can go back to the boat at any time you want and transportation will be offered back and forth for all of our guests so you are in control of your schedule and what you want to do while visiting Yelapa. 

INCLUDED in MARIETAS ISLANDS & YELAPA TOURS: The whale season runs November/ December till April/ May.!!!
The Chica Locca whale watching tour is the most comfortable on the Banderas Bay. Instead of plastic  chairs and a small overcrowded boat, the Chica Locca offers pure comfort to all the guests. We always see plenty of whales throughout the trip. Sometimes the whales are almost closest enough to touch. Generally the whales will perform for you by jumping and breaching. They really are an incredible site. Every customer gets very excited about the number of whales that come close to the Chica Locca. Whales are attracted to positive energy and the Chica Locca brings plenty of that.
Whale watching is just the beginning of your trip which happens generally in route to the Marietas Islands or Yelapa. 

It is sure to be a highlight of your vacation, there is not another tour like the Chica Locca anywhere in the world!


Chica Locca Tours is a family-owned and family-operated charter. The owner travels with you on most tours to ensure that every guest has a great time and always has everything they need. Chica Locca Tours offers an unforgettable experience for your vacation in Banderas Bay!

For more information on our new Chica 55 ft Yacht VIP click here! Make sure to check also our Chica Locca Sailing Adventure page here!

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from 143 reviews
Loved the tour. The staff was amazing and attentive and the boat is beautiful. The food/snacks/drinks were great! We watched whales, snorkleled, and enjoyed the day on the water! Life is good!
[Read more]
Experienced: January, 2018
Awesome experience!
I highly recommend Chica Locca adventure to the Isla Meritas. The crew was super awesome, so friendly and helpful. They made our large group feel so comfortable and safe. The food, drinks, snacks were bottomless not to mention delicious. Our group had a few people that were not very good swimmers. The crew took the time and patience to make us feel safe and stood with us the entire time we spent in the water. It was a fun time. The snorkeling was such an awesome experience. If you are visiting Sayulita, I highly recommend you give Chica Locca a call and joined them on their adventure tours.
[Read more]
Experienced: October, 2017
What a fun day, can't wait to return!
The Chica Locca trip was so fun, and a highlight of our Sayulita vacation!! Beautiful sight seeing off the top deck, cold beers, amazing sea life, and an all around rad experience. I will definitely do this again when I return to Sayulita!!
[Read more]
Experienced: September, 2017
Geat for the price
We paid 1,300 pesos,
We got: Breakfast (fruit and bread) Lunch (baguette + pasta + salad) Snack (chips + ceviche) and Open Bar all day long
The activities were super fun (paddeling, swiming to one of the islands, snorkeling, kayak, etc) and the crew was super fun
Will be back, definitely
[Read more]
Experienced: July, 2017
Not so great.
Chica Locca was one of two boat tours we experienced while in Sayulita. Pretty disappointing. Crew seemed very bored. I get that it's low season but still......Our other sail had a fun and communicative crew that made it fun. The crew on Chica were not so much. And the food was marginal. Not to mention we were told to be downtown at 7:45 and had to wait 45 minutes for our transportation to arrive.
[Read more]
Experienced: July, 2017
Super Fun Day!
We took the Chica Locca boat to the Marietta Islands. We have 3 kids, 11 and 4 year old twins- the crew was soooo good with the kids! They interacted, helped out, were playful and attentive. The crew really made the day fabulous! They kept everyone personally safe, gave personalized service, and were very attentive and available. We left the boat with big smiles and great memories! When we go back to Sayulita, we will definitely do it again!
[Read more]
Experienced: June, 2017
Private Charter gone wrong but made right!
We could not be more grateful for the service, class, and willingness of the staff and Chica Locca owners for making their critical business mistakes right! Let me explain... we chartered the Chica Locca boat several months in advance as an excursion for our wedding guests to participate in in April 2017. Later, we receieved a phone call letting us know that our date had been double booked. Rather than canceling our smaller groups excursion, Dave & Gil made things right and provided a nicer, fully staffed, larger boat for our guests to enjoy as we sailed to Yelapa! The boat was WONDERFUL as was the staff and the gourmet food! Gil & Dave also arranged for the pictures of the excursion to be shared with us immediately as a wedding gift and giving us the opportunity to share such wonderful memory-making pictures with our guests! We can't wait to return and sail with them again. Lots of destinations to see :)
[Read more]
Experienced: April, 2017
Great Day and Crew!
My friend chartered the boat for the day(Gabe and Monica Wedding). We all had a blast! The crew was amazing, entertaining, and gracious.
Thank you!
[Read more]
Experienced: April, 2017
Great Crew
Had a blast on the boat tour to the Marietta islands! The crew is fantastic, we loved Javier! He was professional and yet made sure we were having a great time! The boat was very spacious with plenty of room for a comfortable ride to and from the islands! The food was fresh and the drinks cold! The captain even took some time to let us do a little whale watching! We would definitely recommend Chica Locca!
[Read more]
Experienced: March, 2017
25 of us went out on the Sunset cruise with these guys and I will tell you it was THE MOST FUN part of our trip! The service was beyond amazing, we never had to ask for a refill, they made sure we had our next beverage before the first was done! The whole crew made sure we were all having the best time! They played whatever music we wanted and even let us do some fun karaoke. The boat was seriously PERFECT! We went on the waterslides, paddleboards, and lounged around on the deck! We can't wait to go on this cruise again! We are also so thankful they took so many pictures, they are super fun to look back on! Thank you guys so much!!
[Read more]
Experienced: February, 2017
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