Dr. Lopez in Sayulita

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Notes: Available 24/7
  • Available 24/7 for Any Emergency
  • We Sell package for IV treatment
  • IV & Hydration treatment
  • Open Wound Stitching
  • Diabetes Control and Treatment
  • In Home Services

Dr. Lopez in Sayulita is an established local doctor who is dedicated to the care of his patients - locals and tourists. Consultations are made in patients' homes, treatments, prescriptions, COVID testing, and more.

Dr. Lopez is available 24/7 for any emergencies, in any place at any time a day. If you feel unwell, dehydrated, have an insect bite or you need immediate medical assistance, send your location and Dr. Lopez is always happy to help as soon as possible


  • Emergencies at home
  • IV Therapy (Hydration, Pain, Hangover)
  • Application of sutures
  • Otic wash
  • Disease control  (Diabetes, Hypertension)
  • Medical certificates
  • Weight control
  • Cure and drainage 
  • Prescriptions
  • Misting

For inquiries or questions please use the contact form OR send a Whatsapp message (mention Sayulita Life)

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  • In-Home Service
  • Kid Friendly
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    • English
    • Spanish
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Gold star medical attention by Dr. Carlos Lopez!
My teenage son became severally I’ll and required immediate medical attention. Dr. Carlos answered my call within 1 hour, and made a house call with no hesitation 30 min after. He arrived exactly when he said he would and administered an IV, sat talking with my son patiently and always with a smile and laughing (where appropriate). Dr Carlos is an expert in his field, and provided the best medical support we’ve ever received!! THE BEST! It was a very scary and serious situation for all of us and he offered his WhatsApp to answer any questions we had, and told us to contact him any time with questions, which we did, and we were blown away by how quickly he responded. We required 2 house calls, IVs, medication and hours of support and Dr Lopez never seemed bothered or rushed. If you are ever in the unfortunate situation of requiring doctors attention, I promise you, you will be in good hands!!
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Experienced: April, 2023
Amazing care
Doctor Carlos was so kind and helpful. Can’t imagine our trip without him!
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Experienced: April, 2023
Amazing care!
Dr. Carlos Lopez was amazing and consistent, checked in whenever help was needed and always respond with urgency. Gold star care
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Experienced: April, 2023
Kind & Knowledgable
Dr.Carlos Lopez helped us through a very difficult time and went out of his way to do multiple home visits. He was patient, kind and knew exactly what to do. He saved us from having to go home early from our vacation and gave excellent care. Highly highly recommend!
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Experienced: April, 2023
Friendly and helpful medical attention
During my stay in Sayulita, I started to feel sick and wasn’t sure who to turn to. Dr. Carlos was extremely kind and knowledgeable. He helped me determine what the issue was (food poisoning) and provided the medical care I needed to feel better. He stayed with me during treatment and was very helpful and attentive. I highly recommend him.
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Experienced: December, 2022
Great Service if you need a doctor
Hurt my knee to the point I could not leave my house. I called Dr Lopez and within an hour he came to my house and treated me. Got a shot for the pain and inflammation and with a 2 hours I have able to move around with major reduce to my pain. The next day I was back to normal. He order lab work and medicine and was able to diagnose my problem within days. He has me on a plan to get better. Great bedside matter and professional. Totally visit was a low price and he followed up several time after. I highly recommend
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Experienced: November, 2022
Response from Owner/Manager on 11/18/2022

Thanks to use our services 🙌

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Dr. López Arrived with us, because me and my husband got Food poisining and He helped us with IV treatment very fast, we are very grateful with the service of the Dr. López.
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Experienced: August, 2022
Very grateful !
My daughter experiences a panic attack during her travel to Sayulita and became very ill, throwing up everything she tried to drink. she got dehydrated and needed IV fluids to avoid hospitalization. Dr. Lopez was able to help within an hour of our call and we were so impressed by his bedside manner and competence. Within a couple of hours, she was rehydrated and administered medications to address her nausea and vomiting. If we had been in the USA she would have waited hours in an emergency room and w would have been all exhausted. We are so grateful for Dr. Lopez and his house calls
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Experienced: August, 2022
Best Dr. in town!
Dr. Lopez is very sweet and passionate about his job. In any case where I feel sick, dizzy, or need a bit of general medical advice he is the guy to call! He was very attentive, polite, and filled with knowledge
Gracias Dr. Lopez!
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Experienced: July, 2022
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Dr. Carlos in Sayulita Mexico
Dr. Carlos
Bio Please mention SayulitaLife
Dr. Lopez is a local Doctor, passionate about serving the people of his hometown, and its visitors as well. He is the only Doctor in his family. He dedicated his studies to understanding why and how people get sick or cured. The connection and trust between a patient and a Doctor are what he appreciates the most and motivate him to help whoever he can. If you have any emergency, please send a WhatsApp message