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Most Recent Reviews
Casa De Mombo Vacation Rental in Sayulita Mexico
We chose to go back to Casa De Mombo for the second time after our great vacation last year. How nice it was to be greeted by Jewel the property manager once again. During our stay Jewel answered all our questions within minutes and better yet ensured service was delivered immediately. This is referenced by a plumber coming out for just a dripping faucet. Amazing!The property is well maintained, how nice that Estella in housekeeping, is still working hard at keeping the casita clean and fresh every day. We just need to be more respectful and learn Spanish.What was our only problem?HAVING TO RETURN 10 DAYS EARLY!! (Due of course to the virus)Casa de Mombo is just a few blocks from Sayulita’s quaint downtown in a quiet location.Will we go back?ABSOLUTELY!Thank you again to Jewel and the owner for another fabulous vacation.
Sayulita VIP Transportation in Sayulita Mexico
Paid for a round trip when were picked up at the PV airport. When it was time to head back to the airport we were picked up no problem but once we arrived at the airport the driver demanded more money. We tried explaining over and over again that we paid for a round trip (we had the same driver for both trips). The driver, Fernando, refused to give us our luggage until we paid again. Will not use this company again.
Junto Al Rio Beachfront Bungalows & Suites Vacation Rental in Sayulita Mexico
Especially the location!! Highly recommend
Sayulita Childcare in Sayulita Mexico
Georgia was wonderful. She was timely & sweet. She also was able to get both my 3 yr old & 4 mth old to bed. We will absolutely use Georgia next time we are in Sayulita
Playa Amor Weddings in Sayulita Mexico
You have to stay at Villa Amor! Beautiful rooms to gorgeous views. We found this place through a friend and we decided to have our wedding here in Sayulita. We had most of our family and friends stay at Villa Amor so we got to check out most of the rooms. I stayed at Bonita - which has a huge balcony, Personal kitchen, and great ocean views. My brother and his wife stayed at Pacifico - 2 bedroom, personal pool, Huge living room for hosting, and ocean views. Highly recommend this spot. 

So first off, if you’re planning your wedding here please get in contact with Karen Ruezga, she is the best at what she does. You can email/call Villa Amor and they will get you in contact with her. She is super responsive and very professional. Down to budget sheets to last minute requests. She is on top of it all!! 

My wife and I got to Sayulita a few days before the wedding. We wanted to get a few days in before the wedding hosting had to start. Sure enough the morning (7am) before the wedding rehearsal my wife is sick and has the stomach bug. I make it to the local pharmacy and get her drugs with hopes of it working and then head to the wedding rehearsal to meet Karen. Once there and I explain to Karen what is going on she immediately tells me she’s going to take care of it and calls a doctor to head to our room. It felt like a weight taken off my shoulders cause I knew Karen would come through , and she did. Doctor showed up / Bed Nurse for 10hrs- 3 bags- and few injections later my wife was good to go by 6pm. It was incredible! 

The wedding the following day was amazing. We did it on the beach at Junto al Rio (5-10min golf cart ride from Villa Amor). This is the place to do it at if you want a beach wedding. Dancing on the sand and drinking it all in. The whole place had lights dangling from the trees and the Sayulita flags as well. Wish I could do it all over again. 

Wish you the best! Cheers!

Punta Mita Hospital in Sayulita Mexico
I cannot thank the hospital, staff, community enough for the care and consideration during my visit to Punta de Mita this January 2020.
Villa Robalo Vacation Rental in Sayulita Mexico
My family and I spent a marvelous week in the Robalo B apartment which is well appointed, elegantly designed and comfortable. The maid kept it impeccably clean and well stocked with coffee, towels, water, etc., and both Eric and Ben were very solicitous and helpful in providing tips and addressing our needs. The compound in which Robalo B sits is ideally situated in the more quiet north end of town, with a pool, deck chairs and access to a beautiful stretch of beach. It was great value and made for an unforgettable holiday. We will definitely return and have recommended it to friends.
Mi Otra Casa Vacation Rental in Sayulita Mexico
We LOVED our stay at Mi Otra Casa! Just a few seconds from the town plaza, it feels secluded once you’re on the property but takes no time to walk to grab food or drinks. The rooms are sparkling clean and the maids will clean every day, and the communal spaces are beautiful. We made breakfast and coffee every morning in the beautiful, fully-stocked kitchen. And after surfing, the upper deck is a lovely place to use the WiFi and get some work done. The only thing I would note is that if you are light sleepers, the music from town can definitely be heard in the room. It wasn’t a problem for us but I could see it being one for certain people!
Casa Las Hermanas Vacation Rental in Sayulita Mexico
Our experience staying at this beautiful home could not have been more incredible. Alexandra the owner, sent the most amazing list of info for the area that we used as the holy grail for the town of San Pancho. Her lovely house manager Laura could not have been more accommodating and also super quick to respond to any questions, and we had more than a few! The house is better than the pictures and that’s saying a lot as you can see from the pics it’s heaven! Very comfortable, incredibly good taste ( and we have high standards). Their home was a joy to stay in. We miss it and San Pancho very much and will def be back. Thank you for making our stay amazing, your home is the best ... by far the best place vacation rental we have ever stayed in. Zoe, Marco, Cosmo and Birdie xx
Dr. Adrian Malja Dentist & Orthodontist in Sayulita Mexico
Dr Malja is an amazing dentist and, if possible, a better person. He has worked on family members for over 25 years. This man has a big heart. But go there because he is a great(!) dentist!
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